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if you love God don’t skip this video

because God has something to say to you

stick around and watch Until the End God

is saying to you today find peace in the

beauty that is your life many get

focused on what they think is not

manifesting and don’t see the miracle

that is already unfolding in the Journey

of life it’s not the challenges that

hold us back but rather our belief in

our own abilities each of us possesses

the tools needed to lead a fulfilled

life brimming with joy and purpose today

take a moment to recognize your progress

and embrace the Divine guidance that

surrounds you as you cultivate a mindset

rooted in positivity and Trust You pave

the way for blessings to unfold join us

in affirming Faith celebrating growth

and embracing the path ahead

you have been looking for peace love and

happiness yet miss that the existence

shakeup is cleansing what’s not serving

you stop resisting let go and welcome

all that you need to thrive type if

you trust in God today’s message for you

people are afraid to climb not because

they fear the mountain but because they

do not trust they have what what it

takes to succeed everyone is given what

they need to live a life of Happiness

trust that you can find Joy by using

what you already have yes you have

stumbled but you were always supported

and never fell off take a second today

and celebrate your progress today’s God

message for you the answers to your

prayers are always given in seeds plant

them be faithful and stay patient as

they grow let go of the need to rush the

process by projecting your doubt with

when and how time is your test for the

worthiness of the reward your magic will

materialize when you spend the time

invested in the work not watching the

clock type if you believe this God

says improve your life by learning to

control where your attention goes what

you concentrate on will expand so focus

on the positive don’t get distracted by

situations that don’t uplift you value

your time and direct your energy toward

creating the life you desire never be

afraid to start from where you are and

go for your all trust that you are

supported and protected Angel says today

you don’t always have a say in when

things happen but you can always decide

to stay optimistic while you prepare for

better things to happen you can feel

defeated or motivated to build more

whichever one you focus on controls your

mindset and becomes a choice regain

control by looking for the Silver Lining

through life’s twists turns highs and

lows there is power in positivity stay

confident that your blessings are on the

way type

if you believe this today message

is for you put the right effort into

your healing by remembering your

wholeness everything you’ve been through

is preparing you for a breakthrough a

doubtful mindset will slow your progress

once your beliefs and your possibilities

change everything will transform with

them only you can develop the thoughts

that align with your thriving flourish

in the happiness you are creating for

your life universe says today step back

a bit regroup and figure out how to

intentionally move forward sometimes you

need to stop recharge then return wiser

and more determined with a solid plan to

manifest your dreams you don’t always

have to be on the go today shift into

neutral and tune in to see where you

need to make your next turn welcome the

Divine guidance always available type

if you agree this God says today

things are always in a constant state of

transformation be gentle with yourself

as you transition through the phases you

have never experienced before take time

to get grounded with gratitude and

reflect on where you have been and stay

hopeful for where you are going trust

every step you take is walking you into

the life you have been building forgive

yourself for the moments you feel like

quitting forgive yourself for feeling

like you aren’t worthy of more forgive

yourself for thinking things need to be

perfect before you find happiness

forgive yourself for not knowing better

in the past forgive yourself as many

times as you need forgive yourself take

a breath and focus forward subscribe to

our Channel if you love God God is

saying to you today take a moment to sit

and envision what you are trying to

manifest look at your efforts and

observe what they are producing look at

your thoughts to understand what you are

believing are your beliefs and actions

getting you closer to what you desire

remember what you believe is related to

what you can create type amen if you

believe this you are what you think all

that you are begins with your thoughts

your confidence sets the tone for what

you can accomplish the right mindset can

build momentum to magnificent

manifestations life is not only about

finding yourself it is about creating

yourself through your choices and

beliefs mind set determines what you can

build what you believe is what you think

you can create know the difference

between your wants and your needs take

the time to understand what you need to

bring you Joy make you smile set you

apart and inspire you to create more get

to know who you are by focusing on how

you want to feel let that fuel your

unlimited possibilities the most

rewarding relationship you can have

begins with yourself take the time to

know yourself and give your soul what it

needs to thrive type I am God’s child to

affirm this to yourself today’s God

message for you do you truly understand

how blessed you are sometimes you get

distracted looking at what others have

that you miss what you gained everyone

has a specific path with different

arrival times don’t get distracted by

someone’s temporary blessing and miss

the permanent blessing that is trying to

come into your life Welcome your win

type amen if you believe this today’s

message for you recognize iiz that you

have been supported shielded guided and

loved supported with what you need to

get to your healing shielded from

struggles you could not survive guided

to what you needed to thrive and loved

deeply because you have been winning

today take a moment to celebrate your

progress and divine protection today’s

message for me this week my faith is

rooted in hope I will be confident in my

ability to overcome what holds me back

and eager to go after what I want thank

you for showing me that I can expect

better than what I currently see as I

confidently work at my happiness I

joyously expect that amazing things are

always working out for me type if

you believe this as you reflect on these

messages remember that you possess the

strength and resilience to overcome any

challenge celebrate your progress and

Trust in the Divine guidance that

surrounds you stay focused on the

positive cultivate a mindset of

abundance and believe in the power of

your own thoughts to shape your reality

embrace the blessings that are already

present in your life and move forward

with confidence knowing that greater

things are yet to come type Amen to

affirm your faith and commitment to

living a fulfilled life say thanks to

God if you believe in God subscribe this

channel for more God messages and

prayers thank you for watching amen

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