God Says : My Holy Spirit Surrounds You | God message jesus |

God is saying to you today it’s time to

stand up and stop living life on the

ground wipe the dirt from your face and

follow your goals you may already know

that life is difficult and that it will

break you down but I promise you the god

you serve is greater than any

difficulties you will face you serve a

God who will give you the courage you

need to face life’s challenges you won’t

need to beg borrow or struggle because

God will place you in a situation where

you won’t need to my beloved child today

I want to deliver a powerful word from

God to your heart are you prepared to

receive his countless blessings your

prayers for good health abundant wealth

romantic love and inner peace are about

to be answered by the infinite wisdom

and love of God yes you read that

correctly I promise you God is preparing

to put on an outstanding performance of

Grace and goodness in your life if you

are prepared to accept God’s promises

please take a moment to type Amen to

show your faith in him take a moment to

acknowledge and appreciate each step

you’ve taken on your journey

no matter how small because they have

all helped you get to this point say

thank you God and allow your heart to

overflow with gratitude now let’s take a

moment to reflect on the meaning of

angel numbers Angel Number serves as

a Remer to keep your confidence and

Trust in the angels and the Divine they

stand by your side at all times

providing guidance and support maintain

your connection to the Heavenly flow of

knowledge and be aware of your gifted

psychic abilities and insights that

permeate the world of angels type Amen

in the comments if you believe

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