God Says: My Fake Followers Will Skip This Only | God’s message today | Jesus Affirmations

my child when you encounter a void

within your being it is often a poignant

indicator that your connection with me

has yet to be explored to its fullest


in this yearning void I offer you the

promise of abundant life and all I

request is your complete trust in me

coupled with the deliberate expulsion of

worries and anxieties from your mind

it is Paramount to grasp fat the source

of anxiety is not the adversities

themselves but rather the thoughts that

swirl around them the human mind can

become ensnared in a Relentless pursuit

to control situations and mold outcomes

according to personal desires

in this Relentless driving the profound

truth that I am the one in charge of

your life often becomes obscured

the antidote to this pervasive anxiety

lies in redirecting your Focus Shift

your attention from the problems

themselves to the comforting reality of

my ever-present presence in your life

release the heavy burdens of ceaseless

driving and you will begin to witness

the wondrous unfoldings that I have

ordained for you keep in mind that I am

perpetually by your side

and I am in essence the very embodiment

of Hope let’s delve deeper into the

concept of Hope and the significance of

placing trust in me hope is a potent

force that can shape our outlook on life

influence our decisions and provide the

strength needed to navigate challenging

circumstances it is the anchor that

keeps us grounded when the storms of

life threaten to toss us about in the

midst of life’s trials and tribulations

it’s not uncommon for Hope to waver or

even dwindle disappointments setbacks

and unfulfilled expectations can weigh

heavily on the human Spirit causing some

to lose their grip on hope when hope

falters life can lose its luster and the

future can seem Bleak type Amen in the

comments and get blessed today

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