God Says, “MY CHILD!! YOU HAVE TO HEAR THESE WORDS”🫵God’s Message Toda


one I am Jesus your lord and I bring you

a message of guidance and

hope please don’t pass by this message

for Within These

wordss you will discover the compass

that can lead you through life’s Ever


Waters life of often resembles a vast

and turbulent sea with storms of

uncertainty and waves of

Doubt but know this you are not a thrift

and you are not

alone I am here your guiding star your

not star to help you find direction and

purpose amidst the uncertainities that

may surround you

you in the midst of life’s


it’s easy to lose your way to be swept

away Along by heghts of doubt and

fear but I offer you a compass a source

of unchanging truth in the form of my

love and

teaching just as a ship relies on its

Compass to navigate the open se you can

depend on the compass of my love and

wisdom to steer your

cuse your true nor lies within your

innermost self the essence of your being

that connects with the

Divine when you align your life with

this true nor you find your purpose and

meaning it’s here in the depths of your

soul that you will find guidance and

strength even in the face of daunting

uncertainty in your journey through the

Sea of

uncertainty Faith becomes your

anchor trust that the currents of Life

are part of a greater

plan even when the waters are

tough remember

that I am the calm in the the

song The

Lighthouse guiding you safely to the

shore your faith in me will be your

greatest asset as you navigate the

unpredictable Waters of

Life embrace the power of presence and

mindfulness am made

uncertainty it’s easy to become

overwhelmed by worries about the future

or regrets about the past

however by staying present you can find

the peace and guidance you need for each

moment as you sail through the Sea of

uncertainty do not be discouraged by the

clouds of Doubt or the faves of

fear in it let the light of Hope guide


way man my love shines like a beacon on

the horizon leading you to future filled

with purpose and

fulfillment I am your true n the cast

and in the midst of change the

unwavering presence in the sea of

uncertainty trust in my guidance and you

will navigate life’s challenges with

Grace and

courage your journey may be

unpredictable but with your faith in me

You’ll Always Find Your

Way Type A man in the comments and share

this message with your friends and

family if you need blessings


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