one of the most challenging emotions in

life is the art of waiting dear child of

God we all find ourselves in those

moments where we eagerly await so many

things and yet there’s something

uniquely disheartening when we must wait

upon the

Lord it may sound simple on the surface

but it’s far from that waiting on God

isn’t just about praying and waiting for

answers it’s about persevering through

the trials and tribulations of Life

enduring when nothing seems to go your

way sometimes the wait is so long that

doubts creep in and we begin to question

if God even hears our

please does he care about

us has he forgotten or abandoned

us in these moments we desperately

search for a sign a glimmer of hope that

should come from the Divine to ease our

pain we yearn for that encouraging word

from the Lord to give us

hope it’s at these times that our faith

is tested and some may even consider

giving up on

God but remember this God’s silence

doesn’t mean he’s

inactive just because you can’t see his

work right now doesn’t mean it’s not

happening while you’re waiting God is

tirelessly working behind the

scenes he’s weaving blessings

orchestrating plans and preparing

something wonderful for

you God isn’t a Punisher he’s a loving

parent with great intentions for his

children he has promised to lift you

when you’re down to lend a helping hand

when there seems to be none and to bless

and prosper

you though you may not see it yet it’s

unfolding he collects your tears in a

bottle and he feels your pain and

loneliness he’s not content when you

suffer his heart breaks when yours

does you are his precious child and if

you continue to do what’s right

everything with your name on it is on


way there are numerous blessings

reserved for you set to arrive on his

Divine schedule not

yours trust in

him believe that even when Heaven seems

silent God is diligently working behind

the scenes to fulfill his

promises Every Blessing earmark for you

will arrive and it will be more

beautiful and fulfilling than you can

imagine Don’t Waste Your Precious time

worrying about others opinions instead

focus on your

goals God has blessings in store for you

that you’ve never experienced

before be Resolute and set your sights

High when it’s your time to shine no

person or circumstance can stand in your

way keep your focus and believe that

everything is falling into place right


schedule no more delays your moment is


Near it will seem like a miracle but

believe it and get ready to receive

it as I offer this prayer may the Lord

Our God grant your every wish

today may he draw your blessings closer

to you with Swift and gentle

Grace may he Adorn your life with an

Irreplaceable smile and joy that no one


steal may he Grant you the strength to

conquer your inner battles and answers

to your every prayer

may your days be blessed and may your

journey be

illuminated in Jesus name I pray



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