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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child in this Earthly realm

where trials and tribulations abound it

is easy to be ens snared by the Allure

of success as the world defines it the

pursuit of wealth power and Fame yet uh

I your savior come to you today to

reveal that true success lies not in the

fleeting Applause of the crowd but in

the arduous yet fulfilling Journey

itself when I walked among you in human

form I did not seek the agulation of the

masses I did not crave worldly riches or

political power instead I embraced

humility compassion and

service my path was marked not by

outward Acclaim but by the

transformation of hearts and the healing


souls as you navigate the complexities

of Life dear child remember that your

worth is not determined by external

validation the true measure of your

success lies within the depths of your

own heart in The Quiet Moments of

reflection when you commune with the

Divine it is in The Crucible of

challenges that your character is forged

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so that God can help you your resilience

is strengthened and your faith is

deepened Embrace these trials not as

obstacles to be avoided but as

opportunities for growth and

transformation when you stumble and fall

do not despair arise dust yourself off

and continue your journey each misstep

is a lesson learned each setback a

stepping stone toward Greater Heights

learn from the wisdom of the ages from

the teachings of the prophets and wise

ones who have come before you seek

knowledge not for its own sake but as a

means to illuminate your path and guide

your actions strive for excellence in

all that you do not for the sake of

impressing others but as an expression

of your love for God and your fellow

beings let your work be a reflection of

your god-given talents and a source of

blessing to the world be mindful of your


relationships for they are the anchors

of your soul nurture your connections

with family and friends and let love be

the guiding force in all your

interactions in a world that often

values possessions over people remember

that true wealth lies in the richness of

your experiences the depth of your

connections and the impact you make on

the lives of others seek not the easy

path for it is often the path of least

resistance embrace the ch challenges

that come your way for they are the

catalysts for your growth and the fuel

for your


ultimately my beloved

child success is not about reaching a

distant destination or achieving some

external goal it is about the journey

itself the choices you make the lessons


learn and the love you share along the

way when the evening Shadows Fall and

the curtain of Life draws to a close may

you look back on your journey with a

heart filled with gratitude and a spirit

overflowing with joy for it is then and

only then that you will truly understand

the meaning of true

success remember my child You are not

alone I am with you every step of the

way guiding you supporting you and

cheering you

on trust in my love embrace the

journey and let your life be a beacon of

light for all who cross your path go

forth my beloved and be the change you

wish to see in the world let your

journey be a testament to the

transformative power of love

compassion and Faith

amen if you believe that God will help

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you do not believe feel free to leave

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