God Says: Listen Now This Is Urgent | God’s Daily Message | God Message Now

today we can be so concerned about

expressing our thoughts and opinions

that we don’t listen closely to others

or even to God if we’re not careful

distractions and busyness can drown out

the voice that matters most in our lives

the voice of our heavenly father the

good news is that you can learn to tune

out the negative noise of the world and

start listening for God’s voice for

hopeful positive faith-filled thoughts

thoughts be receptive and listen for his

still Small Voice on the inside of you

God speaks not only through the Bible

but also through Godly counsel and His

holy spirit all it takes is a simple

prayer like the one Samuel prayed in

Samuel when he said to God I am

listening then be ready to listen for

his answer a prayer for today God thank

you for answering my prayers give me the

wisdom and discernment to hear your

still Small Voice through the loudness

of this world in jesus’ name amen like

if you believe in


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