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my beloved child I am Jesus your closest

Confidant Always by your side ready to

offer Solace guidance and eternal

companionship I yearn to fill your life

with peace and joy fear not for today my

blessings pour upon you abundantly I am

here to heal your body mind and soul to

erase the Pains of your past and

brighten your future my words are a balm

to your SP spirit I have for you despite

the Tempest that may rage around you I

wish for you a day of unparalleled

blessings and content and meant a day

unlike any you’ve experienced before my

words are designed to heal to breathe

life into your being to soothe and

uplift you they are my Divine caress to

your ears I promise to deliver and

liberate you from spiritual battles and

the deep-seated pain that robs you of

life’s Joy Joy embrace the freedom I

bring from the crippling fears that have

hindered your journey I am here to

shatter the chains of Despair that block

your path forward unshakable in my

presence in your life I am a constant

companion never to abandon you my love

for you is immeasurable and I stand with

open arms ready to extend grace and

patience eager to lift you up should you

ever choose to wander far know that you

can never stray beyond my reach my

acceptance of you is

unwavering today I lay before you the

sign you have longed for a promise to

unveil my deepest genuine emotions to

your soul you are uniquely crafted and

soon you will come to realize your

exceptional place in my design

anticipate a transformation in your life

a change that only I can orchestrate the

restoration I have promised will be

yours in overflowing measure do not

lament over past losses I vow to

compensate you doubly adversity and harm

intended by your foes will be

miraculously converted into blessings

your joy will be multiplied your dreams

rejuvenated and your heart will brim

with Newfound confidence and Delight

dedicate time today for personal

communion with me let us discuss your

aspirations the concerns that disrupt

your peace

do not lose sleep over debts or

commitments I am here to provide for

your needs should you ever find yourself

in a moment of Despair overwhelmed by

exhaustion plagued by shortcomings and

lacking motivation do not be

disheartened or feel guilty my

compassion for you is boundless remember

I sacrifice my life for you and the

power of my resurrection is your

Assurance against defeat and despair

fear not the Perils of this world you

are equipped to face challenges with

courage you are not one to retreat I

know your heart you are precious to me

worthy of my trust always committed and

diligent in your spiritual journey

preparing for what lies ahead type Amen

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