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my child in every moment of need may I

approach you with humble Faith uttering

Jesus help me amidst doubts confusions

and temptations during hours of

loneliness fatigue and trial and in the

disappointment of my plans and hopes as

well as in troubles and Sorrows I seek

your help be my support when others fail

me and only your grace can uplift me

Jesus I surrender to your tender love as

a father and savior when failure saddens

my heart and efforts yield no results

help me in moments of impatience and

when the weight of my cross bothers me

be my

assistance in sickness when my head and

hands cannot work and I am alone be my

comfort always despite weakness Falls

and shortcomings never abandon me Jesus

so be it oh Lord my God you are my

refuge and strength always ready to help

me in times of

crisis when my world crumbles and storms

engulf me take away my fear You Are My

Strength in weakness my refuge in

insecurity as I cry for help remind me

that you are always with me never

leaving or forsaking me through Jesus

Christ Our Lord so be it Creator God

whose hand threw Stars into space and

reaches out to me with a gentle touch I

lack the strength to face my current

situation handle me with your Godly

right hand in moments of UN certainty

help me for you are my God and your

presence is with me through Jesus Christ

Our Lord so be it Heavenly Father You

Are My Strength and S regardless of

circumstances I praise you as I reflect

on the death and resurrection of Jesus

the greatest Victory achieved on my

behalf grant me Faith in that Victory

help me live my life in the light of

your love no matter the external

circumstances through Jesus Christ our

Lord so be it Eternal God you never fail

to help your people behaving lovingly

toward your children throughout history

in this time of Crisis give me a steady

mind and fill me with peace I trust in

you and with my feet on you the Eternal

Rock I will stand firm through Jesus

Christ Our Lord so be it Eternal Father

who knows my past present and future

calm my fears about what lies the head

assure me that you go before me and I

will never be alone your promises of not

betraying or abandoning me are faithful

replace my fear with faith in your

eternal love through Jesus Christ Our

Lord so be it oh Lord my rock and

deliverer you know everything about me

as I go through life storms you are with

me I am yours freed from sin and called

by name trusting you I will not drown or

burn help me to trust you in every part

of my life through Jesus Christ Our Lord

so be it Lord Jesus Christ The Prince of

Peace you breathed upon your disciples

and gave them your peace in this time of

Crisis grant me your peace when anxiety

Creeps in remind me that I need not

worry but should pray to you your peace

surpassing all understanding will guard

my heart and mind grant me that

peace through Jesus Christ Our Lord so

be it

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