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dear beloved child of God everyone faces

challenges and difficulties in life if

you are going through a Valley today

know that you are not alone God is with

you he is working behind the scenes on

your behalf and He will carry you

through remember your challenges didn’t

come to stay they came to pass don’t get

stuck in the valley by allowing your

setbacks to become the focus of your

life Jesus endured the pain of the cross

for the joy that was set before him and

when you focus on your Victory you will

be able to keep walking through your

Valley too shake off bitterness and

self-pity today and be determined to

press forward with God on your side no

weapon formed against you shall prosper

as you keep an attitude of faith and

expectancy your challenges will become

easier and you will move forward and

live the life of Victory God has in

store for you a prayer for today Father

father thank you for your faithfulness

to me thank you for giving me strength

during the difficult times I trust that

you are with me today and I choose to

focus on the victory you have in store

in jesus’ name amen like if you believe



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