God says, it’s time to say Goodbye if u ignore me ? God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God message for you today God says this

is your season for ruling and

reing God has given this to me over and

over for you the days of

mediocrity and slow descend into

struggle and disappointment are over I

know your heart says God this day you

are no longer being suffocated by fear

but are now launching into a year long

increase of the intensity and break

through in my

glory face to face Encounters in my

shakina keaboard whiteness are coming

they are here now open ey Visions like a

TV screen in front of you are

manifesting as the heaven

roll back as a scroll and on your altars

I am answering by fire I see an altar of

consecration being built in your life in

June I see an altar of

Confrontation like elizab with the

prophets of Bal talking place in

July in the fall of the year I see an

altar of consummation

erected with a great visitation of

angels and the power of my spirit

present in

September the Turning of the year is a

turning of the tide for you things are

going to different says God can you

spell different it is spelled

unprecedented outcomes in your life and

situation the five of my glory is coming

bodily translation as in Philips the

Evangelist Cas will be visited upon you

you will be taken from one encounter to


encounter and Eno and Eliza will

accompany you on the

way time and happon stance are yelding

like butter sliced throw by a hot knife

in a moment of time the parameters of

what you have learned and what you think

you now are being shaken to their

Foundation is a fresh fire and


outpouring of Glory are coming to bring

you to the high places and cause you to

ride in prosperity beyond what you have

ever known the days of not knowing

whether you are in the body or out of

the body have come third heaven excess

is granted you will be caught up as the

man child and present yourself at the

portal of third Glory the angel

custodians will see me looking at them

through your face and say

granted boying themselves to user you

into those precincts of my

habitation where Destinies are forged

and miracles are

dispensed as a rain of fire and manifest

Glory wrap your faith around what I am

saying says the Lord your God mix your

joyful expectation with the mandate of

your faith and you will not be denied

the skeptic he is

excluded the mocker he is expelled the

sarcastic he will fall into the pit of

pish that he dug to snare those who

believe and take me at my word you are

not disqualified says

God I call you qualified and I call you

righteous for I have washed your

garments in the shed blood of Calvary

and you now stand before mebed in white

and Shining as the dyon

snow the weight of your harvest the

blessing and the favor you have cried

out for our coming with the full Con in


ear and the angel rers bringing the

Harvest of my fullness into my storage

places that you might flow

out and now the transfer of the wealth

prospered and now the transfer of the

wealth professed of all and brought

forth in full many estation in your life

you are not the possessor of limited

resources to your own greater need for I

have made you a conduit of riches wealth

and blessings as a river flowing out the

initiatives of my kingdom say to the

Well Spring up say to the river flow you

will not go unheard

it is a new day and new time and I call

you a

participator in the shift that I am

bringing upon the Earth vision is

renewing and dreams long forgotten are


reconstituted there is no shut down in

the economy of my kingdom there is no

social distancing by those who stand

here by me as the sons of God sang For

Joy at the founding of the under laments

of the earth so you are my witness

standing beside me as I do a new thing

that men have not seen or experienced

since the days I brought my people out

of bondage under the leadership of

Moses Moses leaders are standing up

leading Nations to Freedom the pharaoh

desports and

elitist Mal factors and Crim and

criminals are being

exposed my Holiness is standing up and

all the principalities and their powers

and those who serve them in darkness

will fall growling at the feet of my

holy ones change is at hand the enemy is

fading and the glory is coming I say to

you come out from among them and now

that from this day you are a stranger in

a string land go into the house of

Heaven I have made you to be and put the

blood on your door parts for I am

passing through the ranks of the Godless

oppressors if you trust in God please



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