God Says : It’s Over If You Ignore Me Today l God Message for You Today l God Says Me l

my child be assured that I am always

keeping a watchful eye over you there’s

no need to worry about feeling alone or


challenges I am fully aware of your

situation in difficult times it’s easy

to believe you’ve been abandoned but

it’s crucial to remember the truth

nothing can separate you from my loving

presence when this truth fills your mind

and heart know that I am ready to listen

while I empathize with your pain I am

there with you offering tender support

during tough times

the intimacy between us grows when you

invite me into your experiences without

resentment trust in me and relinquish

Reliance on your understanding

consciously lean on me and like leaning

on a sturdy Rock when tired I am the

constant presence where you find Solace

celebrate the companionship of someone

who stands by you with immense love seek

the best rest for yourself in the alone

where hope is found rest and hope go

hand in hand and I offer an abundance of

both both some seek comfort in various

things for a good night’s sleep but I am

the one who provides what your heart


desires rest assured I not only heal

your heart but also provide hope a

Lifeline crucial in challenging

circumstances keeping hope alive is

vital as it can make a difference in

life and death

situations I am unchanging with a

perfect love that brings life trust in

me and my love will never falter always

remember that I love you and will keep

my promises to you approach me with a

heart full of trust and gratitude and

you will find lasting rest hope and

peace Embrace each moment as an

opportunity to draw closer to me for

being with me heals your soul and

strengthens your spirit release all

worries and doubts letting the promise

of my unwavering love guide you through

every trial and

Triumph in life’s uncertainties turn to

me and rest in the certainty of my

promises I am the steady Rock in the

storms of of Life ensuring your soul

remains secure believe that I am always

there for you offering Comfort Direction

and boundless Grace when life seems

unclear find solace in what I have

promised I am the constant presence

watching over you with kindness and love

walk in faith surrender to my will and

blessings will surround you let my love

permeate every aspect of your life by

opening your heart to receive it may

your faith strengthen hope brighten and

love for me deepen each day know that I

am always with you guiding you with

wisdom and kindness trust that I am in

control of everything working it out for

your good find comfort in the fact that

my love is unwavering providing a secure

foundation for your life I Am With You

Always empowering you to face each day

with courage and confidence share this

message with others if you love me and

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