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my precious dearly beloved child I gather you close to my heart today to

impart some of the deepest Revelations from the boundless vastness of my eternal love for you open up the eyes of

your heart and gaze upon the unfathomable depths of affection I have for you my treasured child it is an

endless ocean with no bottom that you could never exhaust no matter how far you dive down from before the

foundations of the world my dreams for you burned brightly Within Me you have

existed in the joyful meditations of my heart since the beginning all of creation itself was crafted to be a

stupendous reflection of The Magnificent Beauty order and intimate love I have

always envisioned for our relationship every single detail was intentionally fashioned according to the

Eternal purposes and desires encoded upon your Scrolls in heaven when my spoken word brought forth

light from darkness and carved out the cosmos with brilliant Majesty I was painting on a cosmic

canvas of spectacular portrait of you my beloved the shimmering Stars scattered

like glittering diamonds across the expanse served as sparkling orbs to mirror the glory I purpos to radiate

through your life as you walk in your full identity and Destiny as my child the swirling galaxies and light bending

around massive Celestial Creations reflected the depths of mysteries I Delight to unveil and Heavenly

Dimensions I have prepared for us to explore together throughout eternity as Land and Sea took shape and

burst forth with vibrant diversity of life my heart overflowed with joyous

expectation for I delighted to create a wondrous living tapestry intricately knit with

Majesty wisdom Beauty and the rich interconnected harmonies of nature as

but a glimpse into the intimate Oneness I’ve designed for you and I to share every delicately formed creature and

vibrant landscape reflected another revelatory facet of the cherished child I had in my

vision the Lush Garden showcased but a foretaste of the paradise we will one day co-create and explore together

without end as father and child United in perfect communion but my most elaborate Masterpiece of all

exemplifying the Apex of my creative genius was Humanity itself the crown of

my Creation in which I poured the fullest and most Vivid Reflections of My Own image and likeness there I fashioned you my child

as a Divine mirror to reveal the infinite Radiance of my glory to all creation in a unique and profound way I

knit you together in your mother’s womb as a Priceless array of my most understandable tangible and intimate

disclosures of who I am through every intricately designed detail of your existence from the moment of your first

breath your life has been the greatest of all my dreams from before the dawn of time I beheld you with Indescribable Joy

satisfaction and Delight as the joyful culmination of all my creative works for in you my beloved all things find their

purest reflection of my form in a powerfully personal way you were the ultimate canvas upon which I lavished

and embedded the deepest Revelations of my character emotions thoughts and ways in you I

ordained to display the unfathomable wonders and infinite expressions of my perfect love in human flesh it is in

your eyes my child where I find the most powerful revelation of my dreams for our

Eternal Union together those spiritual windowss to your soul were fashioned to be brilliant diamonds glistening with

the full Radiance of my glory from within peering deep down into those endless pools provides me a portal

through which I can unlock Hidden Mysteries and impart Intimate Secrets eternally sealed in the joyful affection

of my heart towards you oh how I have delighted simply to lock eyes with you my beloved and reveal

in that wondrous moment the unsearchable vastness of The Inheritance I’ve prepared for you in your eyes I can

lovingly unveil the unending Heights depths lengths and breadths of my lavish

affection that will forever burn after you in that singular precious gaze I

behold the awe inspiring vision of you reigning by my side as a radiant coair of all that I am and have made when our

eyes meet I peer deeply within you and witness the expansive Universe of potential and Authority I have invested

in you as my beloved child in that sobering yet powerfully

affirm ing moment I see the unclouded image of my Majesty might and glorious

Radiance mirrored perfectly through the essence of who I created you to be Majestic

Unstoppable brilliant Regal and cherished beyond measure my loving gaze

reflects back to you the unwavering truth of your Everlasting identity as my own son or daughter through the infinite

affections burning in my eyes toward you I reveal that you are fully seen

delighted in fiercely pursued and passionately loved by your creator from Everlasting

to Everlasting in ways too vast to comprehend I find my dreams being walked

out when you return my loving gaze with joyful trust confident assurance and unwavering

hope in the Magnificent inheritance and eternal purposes I have pre-ordained for Your Life Before Time

began it is in your unblinking steadfast focus upon me my

child child where I find the Fulfillment of all my desires for us those precious

moments when you look to me alone are when I impart to you rivers of tangible Revelation knowledge of all that I am

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return my dear child receive my love and affection tell me now do you accept it

with joy and Faith after hearing me I want you to feel deeply cherished you don’t need to walk with weary

disheartened steps I love you and today you will feel it profoundly I will show you in many ways

touching your soul with tender affection and declaring my love through my mighty words you’ve taken me by surprise you

have a beautiful soul I admire your essence and am pleased with the feelings you evoke when

you talk with me when you close your eyes oh how I treasure your Beating

Heart pulsating with joy and filled with the Divine happiness I give you when you

come to hear me in the morning I bless your day with peace Serenity

strength and wisdom I have been listening to your prayers I Delight in hearing your heart

tell me you need me if anyone tries to bring Strife to you today you will

immediately feel my Divine love surrounding and protecting you if any situation tries to distress you my arm

will shield you from all sorrow and your soul will stay full of joy your family

and friends will be amazed and ask what has changed in you while you glow so brightly your enemies will flee in fear

feeling powerless because you did not fear them or let them cause you pain around you there is a supernatural wall

of divine protection thousands of Angels camp out outside your home guarding your family

day and night today you have come to listen to me in this secret place here you are

deeply loved just as you are I know you are not perfect I see the true

repentance in your soul you are working to change change your character your attitudes your way

of thinking and how you treat others I have chosen you to be greatly blessed

you have endured hardships but you will no longer bear such sadness and pain for my Holy Spirit

and my word are giving you Supernatural and marvelous wisdom you are learning to make sound decisions not to be swayed by

those ill-intentioned companions who in truth are thieves for they steal your

peace your faith and your security that won’t happen anymore you’ll stand strong

in any conflict today you’ve come to me because you need me and from this point

you’ll rise stronger my authority will be evident in your expression the sparkle in your eyes will

show your happiness and you’re thankful cheerful demeanor will open many doors for you chains will break I will shower

you with blessings in abundance stand up and start your day you won’t be walking

alone I’ll bring good people into your life those who won’t judge you and who will strengthen your faith fostering

more Harmony and unity at home but be cautious of those who try to pull you away from your loved ones those who

plant doubts and Division in your heart it’s true you have faith and some

in your family may still be struggling to believe not yet having given their hearts to

me yet I want to use you to show them my love and to deliver a message of hope

I’m giving you the strength and courage to uplift everyone in your home I want you to recognize your need to come into

my presence and to immerse yourself in my word and my Holy Spirit if you ever feel too discouraged

to continue remember you live in a challenging world but there will always be hope for you and your

family along with the sure promise of protection love

guidance and Abundant Blessings for your entire household believe this deep in your

heart the love I have for you is real not an illusion it is as tangible is the

air you breathe more powerful and beautiful than any Miracle you could request my love surrounds you fills you

with joy this is the greatest blessing you can receive

thus I value your grateful heart each morning when you wake thanking me for your life and

entrusting your destiny and your days to my care you are a model of Faith even if

others mock you for believing in an omnipotent God whom you cannot see but you know well that I am real that I

watch over you attentive to your needs with the faith you possess you will rise

living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the universe moving with

immense Assurance in every step you take your face radiant with happiness you’re

steadfast a grateful heart so pure moves me deeply you’re welcome here again

tomorrow I await to embrace you once more with my love in the early hours of the day before the sun

rises here I will be for you I love you

tell me now do you accept my love receive my

strength answer me with the sincerity of your heart tell me that you will not leave my presence yet I warn you even if

you desire to leave and though the adversary seeks to snatch you from My Embrace I will not let you stray

wherever you may wander I will be with you with my hand I will grasp you and

bring you back to me the adversary of your soul might claim that you are forever alone and that I have abandoned

you because you are not perfect but that is not true I will never leave or forsake you nothing can separate you

from my love not shame rejection failure

or condemnation I love you deeply and unconditionally

you already know this I am repeating it to reassure you your heart is starting

to burn with the flame of my eternal love you can feel it I am instilling in

you a desire to live and despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges the

huge obstacles and the attacks you’re facing today from this day forward Everything

Will Change you will be transformed you have welcomed me into

your heart you are completely changed inside the past the

bad everything that was troubling you is left behind today you are reborn

today you will start to receive the inheritance I have for you there is eternal life with me and my

holy spirit is filling you now giving you the strength you need to live in this world when you feel this fire in your

soul you will be moved to praise at last you will understand the

greatness of my power I will take your hand and raise you up you will sing joyfully to me all the burdens that

weigh you down will be lifted you will see yourself as I see you a unique and

valued person I am raising you up to triumph over your struggles and to enter a new realm of

blessings you do not belong to those who are negative who are ashamed to believe in my word those who wake up up and

instead of embracing the light of day hold on to Darkness and lies feeling

abandoned by their own choice they have rejected my love and affection thinking

they must be perfect to receive my grace but I ask only for your simple sincere

faith if people try to steal your happiness do not welcome them in do not

accept their gifts do not plead for their friendship choose the company of those

who support and uplift you who do not try to control your life or interfere in your family’s decisions do not let the

enemy control you reject words of defeat and disdain surround yourself with people

who respect you who do not interfere in your personal matters or spread rumors about others appreciate those who

genuinely encourage you without expecting anything in return your faith is a personal Journey between you and me

I want to communicate with you to share what I plan to do in your life if you want to grow closer to me come and meet

me early in the morning take time when others are asleep to present your prayers to me dear beloved would you

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your support listen carefully to what I tell you every day trust in me I will respond

in various ways blessing you and your family call out to me and I will answer

I will reveal wonders through dreams and visions and make my plans known to you I am preparing you to experience

Supernatural Miracles Embrace and spread these words with faith and great blessings will

envelop you I don’t want you to worry or feel upset or discouraged about anything

I hear all your prayers I’m making a way for you in the desert and from my Throne flows a mighty river that washes away

all your troubles leaving your soul clean calm and at

peace ready to be filled with faith hope and

Tranquility stop letting those negative thoughts pound against your mind let me into those Corners where painful

memories hide causing you sadness I am your lord and savior I have forgiven

your mistakes so there’s no need for you to torment yourself with doubts and guilt if you truly love and believe in

me stop thinking that there’s no solution to your problems I don’t want

you to live in tension and distress it’s not my desire for you to spend your days looking down lacking the faith to look

up to the heavens I want you to be free from all worries today you live in a

world filled with challenges but you were chosen for such a time as this you

were born in the right place and at the right time no matter how tough things have been it’s all part of my plan to

ignite your faith today through your struggles you’ve gained the humility

needed to receive the wisdom and blessings I’m ready to give you your financial troubles will ease when you

let go of your attachment to material things your family health and future are

much more valuable if you know I love you you should also love yourself gently and

kindly don’t demand Perfection from yourself as it only leads to confusion

everyone makes mistakes everyone sins but I am with you and I

understand the pain you feel when you stray from my teachings and act out of emotion doing things you later regret

however there is always forgiveness and Grace for those who truly repent each New Day brings fresh mercies from me

directly to you I will personally wake you shine a light on your face and

reveal the depth of my love for you now is the time to trust in me completely

you have a destiny to fulfill a purpose to achieve dreams to Chase and a family to

nurture all I ask for is your respect and loyalty your heart is already mine

but you must take your journey to Freedom seriously I didn’t give you life so you could waste it being tossed by the winds

that crash you against harsh waves don’t blindly trust Fairweather friends who raise you up only to let you fall when

you’re at your Peak they then blame you for everything and mock your struggles and you find

yourself believing them once more don’t fear being alone hold on to my love to

my care here give me your pure childlike

faith and trust in my deep love for you I will watch over you and make sure you’re never alone when you’re

struggling I will provide health and strength giving you the perseverance to carry on without giving up allow

yourself to feel loved do not be afraid let go of those who do not truly support

you and don’t beg anyone to stay I will be your companion during those lonely

nights when all you need is some encouragement a comforting hand and a

listening ear someone who understands and doesn’t judge I will provide for you when you come to me humbly and

sincerely not just because I ask but because you truly love me show me your commitment and

loyalty I’m not interested in how well you perform I’m not impressed by just outward displays of faith I do not

listen to those who pretend to love me in public but then speak ill of my faithful followers behind their backs I

will reward your loyalty your faith and your commitment I will answer your

prayers when you approach me with a sincere heart you know how deeply I love you and I don’t need to say it again

from today onward your fear fears will disappear I will strengthen your resolve

and we will walk together towards Victory your heart will be at peace and your soul will be wrapped in my love and

filled with my peace this has always been true is true now and will always be

true a wonderful blessing is about to come your way accept it for you truly

deserve it your remarkable faith and your courage despite many challenges have shown that you do not give in to

fear you are a person of great courage and steadfast character only the sweetness

of my love and divine affection can touch you so deeply that you are moved to tears you have a profound spiritual

sensitivity aware of my presence around you and alert to the spiritual adversaries who try to battle against

you but you do not cower or flee like others might what lies ahead for you is

Magnificent the blessings coming your way are Monumental I have shown you my love in

countless ways through tough days bitter moments and nights when I tenderly comforted your heart giving you

divine peace that made your spirit stronger the next day helping you see your wonderful purpose and beautiful

destiny your remarkable faith is why I am sending a downpour of spiritual Revival into your life and your family’s

lives now is the time to heal to come into my presence and lay down all Grievances and any

unforgiveness it’s a time to set aside differences and embrace a beautiful Union

if you accept this blessing let me use you I will grant you wisdom to

strengthen your character deepen your knowledge of my word oh and help you

guide those you love dearly many in your household may not yet follow me but they will change their

minds when they see the Transformations that my love and power are bringing about in you do not fear you will not be

embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to trouble you treat them kindly because I will handle it

keep complaints away from your speech instead embrace my teaching immerse

yourself in my word nourish your soul and love and respect yourself as I do

you show the same patience to your family and everyone else that I have shown you act now and soon you will see

the Miracles you’ve been hoping for those who were stubborn will change those who were lost will find their way

back home when they return I want them to see you as an examp example to never

be afraid to come to you but to feel your love knowing they will find compassion and not judgment from you as

if they were prodigal children returning in Repentance go out to greet them and

they will run towards you in tears welcome them with open arms replace

their worn clothes with garments of Love forgive their wrongs completely even if you don’t agree with

their choices their mistakes or their habits

remember you are not to judge I haven’t sent you to punish but to love just as I have loved you you’ve

made mistakes many times but I have never shamed you for them I have been

patient and have forgiven you repeatedly and I will continue to do so because that is who I am my loyalty is vast my

grace endless I always forgive you but remember your mistakes can lead to pain

so be more careful you’ve learned this lesson realize that you are alive and

forgiven by my grace and love due to the patience I’ve shown you I’ve never

punished you as harshly as your errors might warrant come to me every morning let me fill you with peace and give you

the wisdom you need to achieve a stature that earns the love and respect of your family you will lead them to my holy

path and eventually they will all know me because you have lovingly conveyed my message and shown them through your

actions how much I care good and faithful servant get ready to enter a

period of joy and blessings seeing how your whole family has come to recognize me as God and

Lord I want to express my admiration for you it brings me immense joy to see how

you’ve learned to avoid the Trap set by the enemy I love you marvelously and I’m

eager to bless you I will bless you abundantly with peace and joy for every moment you spend with me each day let’s

make a promise to each other dedicate your MNS to me and you’ll experience my love in extraordinary Supernatural ways

throughout your day no matter where you go you will hear my voice and feel the

warmth of my words I love you deeply tell me you love me too I’m entrusting

you with great blessings and Powerful promises I will bless your finances and

help you thrive so much that you will be free from all your debts I will lift you up so high that

even those who Envy you will look at you and not recognize you my child type Amen

in the comment box my word offers you priceless advice to increase your wisdom and expand your understanding enabling

you to make smart choices and avoid the Trap set by your enemies remember I am

also your friend my greatest wish is for you to trust me above anyone else in the

universe I give you immense strength and open your eyes to see the deceit of those who plot against you in secret

those who try to harm you will not touch you for I am protecting you my angels

encircle you shielding you from all danger I foil the plans of the wicked

and all who try to pull you down so I watch your enemies with anger their

plots unravel each time they attempt to attack you do not fear them for I will bring them down one by one move forward

in your life with calm and confidence knowing that I am with you you you don’t

need to be afraid for I am your protector and I watch over you your

children are safe in my care and I have already thwarted any plans to harm them

I’m guiding each of your children’s steps making sure they don’t stumble and are always safe In My Embrace continue

to pray and kneel daily this will strengthen your faith and you will see my powerful actions changing things and

solving problems that concern you live knowing everything will turn out well

and take decisive steps towards the wonderful future you envision go forward with joy and a smile sharing my words my

light and my love this will confuse and defeat those who wish to harm you causing them to

give up and seek forgiveness you are my chosen one and I will not let you be

defeated they may try but you will see them ashamed and overcome by their

negativity while you speak words of faith Faith and Hope ignore lies slander

insults and fake news you can reach the place I have prepared for you but you must not listen

to those who try to lead you into darkness my plan is for you to be blessed and it shall indeed happen in

your life take this seriously as the time has come you can only fulfill Your

Dreams by holding on to my hand and if you let go and stray you will be

defeated because you know that without me you can do nothing I want to see you always Victorious never facing shame or

defeat stay under my shelter and protection many distractions will come

but my spirit will protect your heart keeping you from feeling discouraged

confused or depressed if you ever feel disheartened take some time alone to talk with me I

know it troubles you but I want you to express your feelings and lay them before me I will turn your mning into

Joy your sadness into happiness and I will fill you with strength taking away all your weakness

let’s fight this battle together you are not alone in this be assured and move forward without fear even through dark

paths you are brave and nothing can scare you I’m happy to see your courage and

your Victorious spirit I enjoy our shared victories they prove your loyalty and love for me there are are many

important responsibilities I want to entrust to you because you have been faithful in smaller matters therefore a

greater blessing is coming your way offer me your worship and praise I want

to be the most important part of your life at all times I will show you incredible things you’ve never heard or

seen because you take our relationship seriously and it will continue this way

you’re stepping into a new era of Supernatural abundance remove all fear from your

heart heart and mind I help you succeed I will support you in overcoming challenges if you trust in me I ask you

do you believe in my promises you say I believe you with all my heart I’m the

only Divine and Supernatural solution for all your troubles I’m your God your

guide the one who opens doors and makes way for you I’m your provider your

protector your life and future are in my hands you and your family are wrapped in my love

today you feel my presence in a real and Powerful way you’ve been waiting for me to speak to you coming with a humble and

thankful heart ready to hear me so cherish these words I give you walk

forward with confidence and Faith even though you can’t see me with your physical eyes you can feel me and

you can believe in me trust deeply in the Miracles and wonders I can perform in your life and in your family’s life

let me take your hand gently guide you on a sacred path of love where my will

prevails the storms quiet down and the Seas calm when they hear my voice you

are enveloped by a shield of protection such great peace and security are yours that the sounds of the night cannot

scare you do not be misled by the confusions of this world never let go of

my hand or divert your focus each day is a precious chance to keep fighting leave

behind the stumbles the discouragements and the complaints of the past remove them from your mind you

don’t need to carry a burden that prevents you from refreshing your mindset start with your words don’t hurt

yourself with negative self-talk don’t plant seeds of defeat in your own life

let wise words flow from your lips let them nurture growth and Build You Up do

not let the enemy convince you that you cannot change that your future is doomed to failure and hardship and that your

destiny is mired in Despair and forgetfulness remember with me nothing

is impossible hold on to this truth no matter the situation consider your life your future

your personality your finances your marital status your family disputes no

matter how challenging they may seem I can change them if you ask me I can

start right away I’m not saying it will be easy but I promise my help my support and my

strength I love you and want your Everlasting well-being the miracle you seek I want

to perform it believe me the suffering I endured carrying the cross on my back

was purposeful enduring the worst torture on a cross was not pointless I knew I would

face a path of suffering and Scorn you have suffered greatly at the hands of

others but today I will remove all all sadness and frustration from your heart

I have suffered died and risen for you so that you might have a chance at a full free and joyful eternal

life believe in my words so that your mind can be truly transformed allowing pure thoughts to

flow where confusion once rained where there was sorrow Let There Be Joy where

there was despair let there be a strong desire to live

love and forgive yourself I have long forgiven your mistakes give me your

heart my child look to my ways you will journey and plant seeds in this world

where you are just passing through but receiving my blessing is your destiny I want your steps to follow the path of my

love I ask you again give me your heart today and I will fill you with joy

taking away the pain that darkens your face I will give you the strength to finally overcome the struggles that have

plagued you since childhood you know what I mean you understand I have always loved you just

as you are yet I have chosen you for victory to Triumph and Lead others to

their Destinies many will see how my will is accomplished in someone with a humble Heart Like Yours it might be hard to

accept such profound spiritual blessings what I offer you isn’t just superficial wealth accept it humbly and be filled

with courage for I’m about to make significant changes in your life I am your life let

me show you how I can completely transform you so much so that people will hardly recognize you they will be

amazed at your tenacity strength and joy

accept my invitation give me your heart today I start a powerful transformation

in you your family and you will be surrounded by Harmony peace and

blessings these words you hear aren’t by coincidence with me you will face no defeat or

failure we will confront the tough times together in moments of conflict I will

hold you close and strengthen your soul with my loving words your life and situation matter deeply to me as I’ve

repeatedly told you you live in a world full of troubles but remember I have

triumphed Through My Sacrifice on the cross and my resurrection I want to share this Victorious power with you I

want you to experience these ever-flowing Springs of Living Water refreshing your soul cleansing away

sadness removing all impurities and rejuvenating your tired

spirit always seek my presence whether it’s morning or night during hard times

or Good Times whether you have plenty or little whatever your situation that you

are not defeated my child like the video now

it’s not your destiny to give up and lose all the blessings you’ve gathered along your journey calm follows the

storm the waves might Roar and rage but the sea will become still as

you listen to my voice know that this peace you feel right now is a gift of my love embrace it don’t reject it or feel

Unworthy of this affection you are aware of the daily spiritual battles the enemy tries to shake and break you yet you are

not alone I am with you all I need is a little of your faith Faith choose now to

believe and embrace this everlasting love that follows you everywhere protecting you from harm when the enemy

strikes life can change instantly it’s okay to cry and feel down sometimes

releasing what weighs on your soul is good for you and helps you heal spiritually but never think that you’ll

be stuck in sadness forever that your tears won’t dry or that you’re doomed to constant

defeat your foes and Fairweather friends might say anything to keep you down to

stop you from getting up and fighting back but I have come to bring you life

to encourage you to look up and grasp my hand I want to fill you with immense joy and steadfast courage I understand your

feelings well sometimes you think there’s no point in continuing to fight

that it might be easier to just give up and wait for the end but I love you I have a great purpose for you and your

family you cannot give up do do not let go of your blessings do not return to a

state of despair that is not what I want for you I have come to give you a full and Powerful life your feelings or what

others say about you do not Define your reality if today you face problems and rejection listen to me I love you even

if suddenly difficult situations arise do not think that I have stopped loving you I’m etching these words into your

heart and you will remember them every day no matter what happens no matter the

challenges I love you more with each passing minute do not be overwhelmed when these emotions hurt you do not

isolate yourself thinking you are alone in this life that nobody cares that

nobody understands and who am I indeed I’m speaking to you and I’m not just a

figment of your imagination feel these words each one filled with love healing your heart who

am I to you tell me I want to hear it if you don’t see me as your friend or if

you want me to leave you alone be brave and say so but know this no matter what

you think I will not leave you even if you push me out of your life I will not

go away I open my arms to you and even if you turn away I promise I am not like

the others I truly love you and I will never abandon you my loyalty is eternal

and unbre breakable my decision to love you does not waver even if you tell me today to leave

I will still be here talking to you every day about this deep affection until you truly feel it in

your heart and I know that you can feel it today come let me embrace you with

Divine love and help you through this situation you are facing amen my beloved

child hear my voice calling out to you I have seen the sadness way heavy on your

spirit the grief that fills your songs of praise for too long you have

approached my altar with tears of Sorrow seeking answers to unmet longings

miracles for unhealed wounds each note of your worship has echoed the unspoken cries of your soul

and though my heart breaks to hear your pain I tell you your days of mourning

have reached their end a new dawn is stirring within you even

now I am kindling the Embers of joy that have laid dormant under the ashes of your grief reigniting a flame of Hope

and promise that no Darkness can overcome the shout of victory that is soon to pour forth from your lips has

been building in its potency from the first moment you chose surrender it has gained momentum With Every Act of trust

every Whisper of Praise swn through quivering lips when you had no song left to sing like a stream winding its way

through resistance carving out a course for its Waters your worship has been

making a way for this breakthrough even when you could not see the path

ahead just as I opened Hannah’s womb after years of barren weeping I am

opening up Springs of Life within the wastelands of your Circumstance the dreams I planted promises I penned over

you in ages past are ripening into manifestations before your eyes what was

once Hollow is being filled what was once Barren is yielding forth fruit

where you have wept now you will dance where you have labored under the weight of

impossibility now you will bask in the lightness of Victory and accomplishment I know the moments of your deepest

dismay when every Ember of Hope grew cold and dark I saw the temptation to

doubt to give yourself over to resignation or despair more times than you could ever know I caught the words

of accusation before they could pass your lips words that said I had left you had forsaken you when all along I was

there carrying you shaping you loving you into

wholeness if only you could Glimpse the scope of my Providence how intricately I have

choreographed your story how custom I have crafted your journey not one moment of your suffering

has gone unseen or unfelt by me I know the sting of every wound the ache of

every disappointment I know them because I bore them on your behalf I have tasted the bitterness of

every grief you were spared because I intervened I have shouldered Sorrows intended for your back though storm

clouds gathered above you I commanded angels to hold them back until your roots grew deep in my

love I have charted the course of your life through suffering and lack because I saw the astounding Masterpiece it

would shape your soul into the cries that tore through your defenses broke my heart but but even

they were necessary tiny deaths had to precede the expansive life I envisioned for you you likely did not feel my

presence in the darkness but you will see my fingerprints all over tomorrow’s Dawning what the enemy meant to destroy

you with will become the very materials I use to launch you into higher places of influence and freedom words spoken

over you that sought to limit and diminish will fuel a messaging that frees countless captive Hearts the

losses meant to bankrupt you only serve to clear away lesser desires that I might entrust you with true Eternal

riches the tragedies you wept over laid foundations for miracles that will Ripple through

generations my beloved nothing has been wasted soon all will stand in awe at the

Mastery with which I take the dust of your past and reshape it into a destiny Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams the certificates of impossibilities that limited your identity rerouted your path closed doors

of opportunity soon I will use them to Light My Fire of blessing and prosperity in your

life what you have endured has qualified you for more than you can fathom your small seed of willingness planted in the

desolate soil of disappointment is about to burst forth into a magnificent tree of influence discipleship and

fruitfulness listen for the sound of shifting on your behalf the walls erected against your purpose are

beginning to crack and crumble systems will soon open up to welcome the giftings I have nurtured in you people

of affluence and influence will extend hands of favor and partnership welcoming your vision into

rooms of increase breakthrough that you pleaded for is now searching for you and

when it finds you you will suddenly awake to a realm of more than enough more open doors than you have gifts to

fill more resources than you have projects to fund what you have gained in obscurity will endow you with

credibility for larger spheres the boundaries of impossibility that hemmed you in on every side have now

become launching paths for demonstrations of my glory beloved child the meaning behind

your suffering is about to come full circle as I lead you out of this Wilderness leaning upon your beloved you

will never again doubt my faithfulness or my goodness you will look back at all you have overcome and your joy will be

unwavering in the knowledge that I was with you through it all never leaving

never for forsaking crafting Beauty even in your Valley of Shadows I am calling your name

my beloved Warrior I am rousing your spirit to Awakening lift your head above the fog

of battle weariness open your eyes to see all that has been prepared for this moment your extremity has become my

opportunity as you abandon yourself and Trust once more to my faithful Flawless

leadership I am taking your pathway marred with stories of impossibilities and awing the heavens

with the Epic Saga I am weaving through your Surrender Your season of weeping has passed already I am clothing you in my

robe of righteousness as you emerge from the grave clothes of your former identity the shouts of Praise that are

now rising from your innermost being are the very Keys unlocking this new realm

though the Revelation Dawning in your spirit overwhelms you with its vastness do not shrink back do not withdraw draw

into smallness out of self-doubt do not diminish what I am pronouncing over you with joy you will

draw water from the wells of Salvation I have opened up to you as you walk forward in confident trust the old

limitations will fall away like shackles that have lost their hold no longer will cacophonies of lack compete with my

melody of Plenty resounding through your soul no longer will you cower in the corner of self-protective fear when

boldness and courage are yours for the taking inside you swells a song that will shatter strongholds of Injustice

release captives from oppression and awaken Destinies that have laid dormant for ages do not hold it back step

forward into the vastness I have prepared for you with Palms open to receive the outpouring I have stored up

open your mouth for the sound that will unlock prison doors and topple Thrones of iniquity I will heal wounds decades

old and steer my children clear of the snares that have held back their Elders Heaven stands pois at attention

awaiting the high praises from the lips of those who know their God is mighty to save beloved there is a shout arising

from the internal Chambers where I have hid you protected you empowered you and

holy exchange of suffering into Glory the song contains such power and

life within it that all of Creation groans in anticipation of its release I will lead the harmonies of saints and

Angels past and future as my glory Anthem crescendos through surrendered lives like yours my child if

you could see what I see how I yearn for that first note of Victory to burst from your lungs to set all my plans and

purposes for you into blazing motion you were seated for such a time as this you

were created to unlock your destiny from the Catalyst of worship detonating the old limitations off your own life the

key to birthing breakthroughs dwells within you I I have ordained praise to break forth from your lips that will

shake the foundations of darkness and Usher in eras of Awakening that Ripple throughout your life as you release

control and surrender to my will you will witness wonders beyond imagination picture yourself free from

the burdens of the past stepping into a future illuminated by my radiant

Joy I have watched your struggles and felt your pain and now I am ready to

transform your tears into overwhelming gladness rise beloved for our Unity is now your

strength together we shall recover the Realms Redeemed by My Sacrifice the times of longing are over

the rivers of blessing I promised are now flowing directly to you your faithfulness in the darkest hours is

about to be rewarded with glory and success in every Endeavor no longer will you see only in part you will know me

fully as I have always known you in your total surrender to me the power of my

spirit IR will work mightily I have been waiting for this moment when your faith resounds like a

thunderous Anthem declaring the shift of all things under my righteous rule the deceits that whispered defeat

are silenced you will harness divine power and overcome all opposition as you dedicate yourself a

new to my vision and ignore the taunts of your adversaries you’ll open the flood gates

of Heaven’s answers what seemed impossible will become your reality the hidden strength

I have placed within you is ready to emerge a mighty arsenal of Miracles set to Spring forth as you Proclaim my

victory prepare yourself for an outpouring of Wonders as you stand in my anointing the time is now and you are my

chosen instrument for this miraculous era I ride forth now to bestow upon

you my child mercies ever knew that will Grace your life you shall emerge

Victorious at every turn as I have decreed over you remain in perfect peace unswayed by

contradictions and rest in the knowledge that recompense for all the enemy stole will suddenly overtake you to the cheers

of saints and Angels let the song In Your Heart rise once more shouting in confidence of my goodness and the

protective favor I wrap you in your season of testing and training has borne fruit endowing you with Spiritual

Authority and anointing influence if you could see how your Earthly struggles lead to Epic bre breakthroughs in the

Heavenly Realms as you lift your voice in praise and decree my goodness you

activate endless Fountains of blessing your song sets forth dictations for outcomes of Hope as you focus on me

your strong tower and helper I raise up Cities of Refuge and embolden witnesses to guide others away from

destruction through every era your perseverance through questions of Injustice and adversity ignites a

revolution in your life ushering in a new New Era of Glorious Advance under my

guidance beloved your attentiveness to my Whispers has rallied Angel armies to

Readiness on your behalf your tenacity and endurance in seasons of trial

choosing trust when emotions wor against reality of my goodness has Unleashed spiritual forces poised to clear paths

and open doors with blazing speed my impartations through our times Alone Together have matured into Divine

resilience and steadfastness ready to withstand the coming onslaughts as you wield with

confidence the weapons of our Warfare you will witness walls crumble that long resisted my advances through

bloodline legacies with roots of Darkness seeking to choke out Destinies but now at last the poison

gives way to cure besiegement to blessing unrestrained the night of tears and

travail births children of unfettered identity breaking Every Chain the bruising battle was worth the reward Now

quickly overt in you my child lift up your voice with strength and stamina the

wealth of mind will and emotions now aligning to mine as you emerge to take

your place on Center Stage in my Spotlight breakthrough on an unprecedented scale will now become your

new normal as reparations for Injustice and inequality come flooding into your

storehouses straight from my throne of grace sing out the victory chant my love

fill the atmosphere around you with praise Declarations of my goodness now cascading all around you as you lift

your gaze to meet mine leaving behind the limitations and losses of nights now passed Into Dawn Green Pastures and

clear Still Waters now rise to meet you beside restorative streams I have prepared for you in the presence of

enemies trying to hijack your destiny I spread the feast I have been preparing through hardship a banquet

table of abundance spilling over with Rich Fair the oil and wine of Joy restoring your soul now overflows to

anoint you from rest I lead you now to walk with me beside refreshing Waters

and Pathways of righteousness moving ever forward into the true identity I purchased for you streams in the

Wasteland give way to rivers in the desert of exponential increase and bountiful Lush Landscapes as miracles of provision meet

needs nourish talents and gifts expanding influence

child lift your gaze to behold vast vistas of fruitfulness Shake loose the

grave clothes of lack and smallness attempting to constrain my vast resources where you felt enclosed on all

sides by limitation and lack now boundaries surge wide Vanishing into

distant Horizons of possibility the storehouses intended for commissioning your dreams bust at the

seams awaiting your stewardship to unleash their burgeoning bounty no more hunkering in fear over finances

or lack beloved only joyful obedience to take more ground for my kingdom where

you once saw clearly defined borders and perimeters I Am shifting perception now

to gaze upon Limitless vistas of potential and influence ever expanding to envelop more hungry Hearts Beneath

Your Feet unfolds a scroll of divine assignments unfurling down Destiny’s

Corridor if only you could Glimpse their grandeur sealed with Seven

Seals these strategies now begin to unveil themselves to you beloved one as

you yield to my wisdom that time beloved child has

dawned and you are the centerpiece the moment moments that defined you broke you remade

you now culminate in this breathless hour of long awaited launch as you fix your gaze upon me Dark Shadow those of

all that sought to war against and limit my expressions of life through you now flee strongholds of Doubt dissolve as

you allow deep truth of my delight to Define you no more wavering between two

opinions when you behold my pleasure beaming upon you trust unfurls its leafy branches within you bearing Rich fruit

of boldness as my perfect love permeates every defense banishing

fears the sound of laughter and joyful feasting resounds through our Abiding Place together

as I call you to now Lean Back Into My Embrace allowing my nurturing life to

overflow into Barren places within and surrounding you in the warmth of My

Embrace you find strength renewed Vision clarified and purpose

reaffirmed no longer bound by the constraints of your past you step boldly into the radiant future I have prepared

for you as you surrender to my leading you’ll find yourself walking on Paths of

divine destiny Guided by The Gentle Whisper Of My Voice every step you take is ordained by

my hand every decision aligned with my perfect will fear has no place in the

heart surrendered to me for I am your everpresent help in times of trouble the

battles you face are not yours alone to fight I am your Mighty Fortress your shield and your Defender trust in me and

you will see mountains move Giants fall and walls crumble before you nothing is

impossible for those who believe in my power and walk in obedience to my word I have equipped you with everything you

need to fulfill the purpose I have placed within you your gifts talents and

experiences are all part of my divine plan to bring about transformation in the world around you Embrace who you are

in me for you are fearfully and wonderfully made destined for greatness

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams the journey ahead may be challenging at times but I

am with with you always guiding you strengthening you and upholding you with

my righteous hand when you feel weary remember that my grace is always

sufficient for you and my power is made perfect in your weakness so rise up my

beloved child and walk in the fullness of who you are called to be let your life be a testament to my

faithfulness a Beacon of Hope to those lost in darkness for in you I have

placed the light of my presence shining brightly for all to see as you continue to surrender your

heart to me you will experience a joy that surpasses all understanding a peace

that transcends every circumstance and a love that knows no bounds trust in my

promises and you will never be disappointed for I am faithful to fulfill every word spoken over your life

go forth now in the power of my spirit knowing that I am with you always even to the End of the

Age walk confidently in the path I have set before you and watch as I do

exceedingly abundantly above all that you could ask or imagine your best days are still ahead my beloved child trust

in me and you will see the miraculous unfold before your very eyes my beloved

ones I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end since before time

was was formed I am I stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the

Earth all things were created by me and for my glory I set in motion the stars

and galaxies flinging them through the vastness of space with but a word such

is my power and wisdom and yet with the same voice that calls worlds into being

I whisper your name you are the apple of my eye The Treasure of my heart I

Rejoice over you with singing I quiet you with my love do not fear the Gathering storms or raging Seas

the wind and waves still know my voice I permit troubles for a time to strengthen your faith and refine your character but

I will never abandon you cast every Care on me precious one I am working all things

for your good shaping you into the Masterpiece I envisioned from the beginning dark Powers arise in this hour

seeking Dominion oppressing Nations and unleashing Chaos Wars

famines pestilences the Earth groans under the weight of swelling evil the

innocent suffer unspeakable atrocities the righteous cry out for justice I am

not deaf to their agonized prayers vengeance is mine I will repay the cups

of iniquity are filling to overflowing the restraint I have shown until now is not weakness but to allow space space

for repentance yet the wicked spurn my Mercy choosing rebellion and wickedness

all the more therefore Calamity is coming which they cannot Escape hear me

devil your evil empire shall be smashed like a Potter’s vessel I will shatter your idols and

drive you from your palaces your princes shall become poppers gring in the dust

the Wailing of your widows and orphans shall testify to your cruelty but even now if you repent I will stay my hand no

more will you sink Merchant ships to plunder their wealth no longer will you murder the innocent and devour their

flesh in your occult rituals your priests shall have no voice to invoke their vile Gods when my wrath

overtakes you flee now from your Islands while my Mercy endures for soon they

shall vanish beneath the waves hear me evil one eons have you practiced your

Abominations corrupting and oppressing Humanity I gave you seasons of Grace yet

you grew only more Brazen in evil Therefore your continent shall be rent asunder sinking beneath the ocean depths

the previous World perished by water when it would not heed my warnings through Noah but the present heavens and

earth I will Purge with fire all that offends my Holiness shall be consumed yet behold I prepare a new

heavens and earth where righteousness alone dwells fear not my righteous one you shall pass

through the fiery trials and emerge unharmed these light afflictions are but for a moment working in you a glory that

outweighs them all lift up your eyes from present woses your Redemption draws

near I am marshalling My Angel armies even now for the great day of battle

with blasts from their trumpets and bowls of Wrath we shall obliterate evil from the face of the Earth no devil no

demon no son of predition shall Escape my Fury streams of fiery judgment shall

Purge the planet of its corruption from the rising of the sun to its setting from pole to

pole all oppression shall cease no longer will violence and cruelty rule

the Nations never again will innocent suffer abuse for my Justice shall reign

supreme when I restore creation from its bondage to Decay predator and prey alike shall

dwell together in peace wolves and lambs will lie side by side babes shall play

unharmed near Serpent’s dens and working animals will enjoy their rest for the

old order of Cruelty and survival shall pass away the groaning Earth itself shall be renewed in an instant desolate

wastelands shall become abundant Gardens flourishing without toil or sweat even

Desert Sands will burst into vibrant life at my word the curse upon the ground is is

revoked all creation is reconciled to me once more and amidst this renewed Earth

Behold a dazzling City descends from Heaven arrayed as a bride for her

beloved see her foundations adorned with precious stones her light like gold

crystal clear as Jasper from her open Gates pour forth healing for the

Nations who walk by her light no son is needed the Lord God Almighty and the

lamb illuminate made her day and night here in joyous Perfection I shall dwell

with Humanity at last face to face every tear is wiped away forever

more in my presence all that was lost is restored every Brokenness healed no more

shall anyone instruct another to know me all will have fullness of intimacy with their God the leaves of the Tree of Life yield

Bountiful fruit and healing renewal for all the River of Life flows from my thrown through the city streets

nourishing trees on either bank with monthly harvests such Delights have never entered the heart of man all who

thirst come drink without price does this seem too wonderful to hope for my

promises are faithful and true not one will fail what I have spoken will surely

come to pass all creation yearns in expectation for the revealing of my mature Sons and Daughters hold fast to

this vision beloved ones allow its glory and joy to overflow your

hearts in the midst of Darker days you were made for more than floating idly down the river of time submerge yourself

instead in my purposes soon you shall rise up in Resurrection Splendor as the completed image of

Christ all your training and testing in this age produce in you an eternal weight of Glory the momentary

afflictions you now face are trivial compared with your radiant Destiny in Christ keep gazing at things unseen walk

by the vision I impart to you not your natural senses great reward awaits you

far beyond your dreams a pivotal hour is upon the world my loves chaos looms as Nations rage

against me powers of wickedness lash out in Fury for they know their defeat draws

near catastrophic shakings are coming which no earthly power can avert alas so

many still Slumber a obvious to the precarious season they have entered awaken oh

sleepers before it is too late cast off dull complacency which leads only to

spiritual poverty and destruction I sound forth my warning I

alert all who have ears to hear the great day of reckoning is at hand judgment shall fall swiftly upon all who

rebel against me no lofty position or wealth will deliver from my wrath repent

and and take refuge in my Mercy while it may yet be found soon shall the whole earth erupt in Wild lamentation and

panic as my decisive acts unfold yet many still will not repent and give me Glory they persist in Rebellion despite

all warnings therefore yet greater Calamity must come to break their pride

I derive no pleasure from such severity If Only They would turn from wickedness

I would bless them instead nevertheless rejoice

oh you righteous one lift your head as Deliverance draws near no evil shall

touch you no plague come near your dwelling while my wrath consumes all

god- haters catly smick shaking shall give way to streams of Revival and Awakening among the Nations you shall

have shelter and a Fountain of Life in the tumultuous days ahead many despair that the swell of

wickedness is Unstoppable in this dark generation but I shall Kindle the ience of my glory within my chosen in this

hour they shall confront the Demonic Spirit seeking the destruction of my people by fasting and prayer their

decrees shall topple the Sinister Powers ruling unseen I shall shatter the seemingly

unconquerable Giants of this age take heart and play your part with boldness do not fear the Rage of evil empires in

their death throws I am your shield and Defender no weapon formed against you

will succeed when you align with my purposes a Remnant prayer and worship movement now arises small at first but

swelling rapidly to Global proportions they shall be my agents to pull down strongholds of darkness and

unleash Awakening in the earth together we shall disciple redeemed cultures and Nations

establishing them as seats of my kingdom rule the hour of my Dawn Breakers is here they shall Herald the arising of my

light and glory in Dark Places demonstrating my power in signs and wonders by by their hands I shall

restore decayed cities from wastelands into Gardens of life and joy never again will violence and lack stalk these freed

communities I make all things new many cry in agony beneath oppressions yoke

desperate for relief but suddenly convicting fire falls on Tyrant regimes

from my intercessors in a moment their grip of Cruelty is shattered Beyond

recovery Swift and early Justice overtakes those who abused power now is the era of public reward for

righteousness and secret Devotion to me those who pursue Fame and agulation have already received their reward in full

but to Hungry ones who yearned for me in hidden places I now openly bestow honor and Vindication before the Gaze of all

their years of thankless service in my name yield Bountiful Harvest watch as mighty manifestations of my power and

Glory pour upon tender-hearted ones seeking my face as their sole ambition while self-absorbed ministers guard

their platforms new voices shall arise from obscurity humble in heart yet

walking in unprecedented Supernatural Authority the celebrity-driven church now collapses under the weight of its

own corruption and idolatry but behold in its place a Grassroots movement

erupts untamed and untainted by greed these Kingdom communities thrive in

villages where each member ministers to the rest in Simplicity and spontaneity by my spirits WI wind here

my living presence dwells unhindered a great transfer of spiritual

anointing influence and wealth unfolds in this hour old systems of religious control

wither as my life flows into fresh wine skins established leaders who repent

walk joyfully in this new era of humility and freedom but the stubborn and unyielding are swept aside by the

mighty River now spreading worldwide through yielded hearts even secular

their powers bow and yield the ground they held too long for increased Kingdom Authority pours upon my faithful ones in

this season of fulfillment that which seemed impossible in former times shall be accomplished quickly and easily Now

by my spirit’s power in you stand up boldly favored ones possess the fullness

of the land I am giving you within limitations my glory now breaks forth in

small measure but soon all restraints are removed as you step further into a Eternal realm Dimensions with me

glorious possibilities increasingly open to you ask me for the Nations as your

inheritance no need is too great for my Limitless Supply through those who know they can do nothing apart from my power

working within I call you higher still why remain Shackled to Earthly ceilings of expectation and Circumstance

transcend all human limitations now nothing remains impossible to you who believe all I have described awaits its

perfect fulfillment in due time meanwhile a progressive unfolding of my Revelation from age to age produces

increasing light and Glory until my fullness dwells openly among men the coming move of my spirit far surpasses

all previous Works in power and scope it initiates the age of Limitless Kingdom Advance across the Earth and you shall

be part of its glorious Inception the humblest servant carrying

just a cup of water in my name plays their Irreplaceable role in this climax drama now engulfing the Earth all Heaven

awaits an eager anticipation for my arise through yielded members within my body on Earth each must do their unique

part to launch this Great Awakening none is too small or weak to change the course of

history so beloved ones watch and listen closely for The Whispers of my spirit

within I bring timely Revelation to equip you for seizing each opening in the tightening net of

fulfillment great reward awaits those who hear and respond swiftly to my initiatives in each pivotal season truly

I tell you eyes have not seen ears have not heard the Wonders I have prepared for those who love me with undivided

devotion even in your wildest dreams you cannot imagine the Delights I yearn to

freely share with you Pleasures forever more at my right hand all this broken

World offers cannot compare with the infinite abundance pouring from my Open Hand of love the former hardships only

heighten the overwhelming joy and beauty of the age now opening before you take courage and come Comfort one another

with this certain hope I am with you through it all molding your character for highest Kingdom

Purpose your happily ever after has no end and it begins now unbreakable one

you shall surely see the final Victory with your own eyes in due time until

then lean hard into me alone take no confidence in human strength or

schemes much false Comfort is found in aligning with popular movements and highly visible personal alities but

truth seldom dwells loudly in the Public Square My Chosen voices often arise from

uncultured obscurity yet speak with pure Kingdom Authority unattainable by Earthly Pursuits my wisdom confounds the

worldly wise of each generation but Hearts fully yielded to my childlike Faith unlock every door to

my Heaven’s treasury Vault strength for each day is given not on the basis of Talent OR background but

according to desperate hunger and dependence feed ceaselessly on my bread of life beloved ones draw Supernatural

Supply only from the vine himself abide in me alone and you shall bear fruit

that remains forever now is the time to harvest full abundance long prepared beneath

superficial surface soil patient enduring has tested and refined you as Choice silver but complain no more of

lingering trials beloved your set season for unveiling and release is here what I

birth in hiddenness soon burst visibly into broad daylight the labor pains you once cried out under yield at last to

overwhelming joy and celebration for all the world to see I openly reward my faithful persevering ones lift your gaze

higher still my vision for each of you both individually and corporately

remains much higher than you currently walk in never settle for mediocrity when I have called you to walk as champions

in Grace and power the path Narrows as you climb higher but the views surpass any Earthly

Mountaintop there you shall find your life’s highest fulfillment and joy in me alone the extent of my love for you

remains largely unexplored precious ones its limits are unknown for all eternity as you yield

more fully to its transforming power old ways of seeing and understanding will fall away making room for the Glorious

revelation of my love’s depth and breadth embrace the Journey of Discovery with childlike Wonder for I have

prepared wonders beyond imagination for those who love me in the days ahead as the world trembles under the weight of

its own Rebellion you my beloved ones shall stand as beacons of Hope and

vessels of my love your lives will testify to the transformative power of

my grace drawing others into the Embrace of my Mercy do not shrink back in fear

or doubt for I Am With You Always empowering you to walk in Victory and Proclaim my kingdom boldly

though the darkness may seem overwhelming at times remember that the light of my presence shines brightest in

the darkest night take heart for I have overcome the world and in me you are

more than conquerors trust in my promises cling to my word and let your

lives shine as reflections of my glory even now I am preparing you for the

challenges and opportunities that lie ahead stay close to me abide in my my love and you will bear

much fruit that will glorify my name do not be discouraged by setbacks or

obstacles for I am the god who makes a way where there seems to be no way as

the world reels from the impact of its own sin and Folly you will be a source of strength and stability pointing

others to the hope that is found in me alone Rejoice my beloved ones for the time of

fulfillment is at hand and I am doing a new thing in your midst look to me trust

in me and together we will usher in a new era of my Kingdom’s Reign on Earth

be strong and courageous for I Am With You Always even to the End of the Age go

forth in the power of my spirit and let your lives be a testimony to the transforming power of my love the world

may Shake but you stand on the sure Foundation of my word and nothing can

ever separate you from my love continue to walk in faith my beloved ones for The Best Is Yet To Come

I am leading you into a glorious future filled with hope and promise keep your eyes fixed on me and together we will

overcome every obstacle and bring about my Kingdom’s purposes on Earth rest in my love abide in my presence and let

your lives shine as beacons of Hope in a dark and troubled world for I am the Lord your God and I will never leave you

nor forsake you trust trust in me and I will make all things new my child

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