God Says :”I’M NOT ALLOWING YOU TO SLEEP BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS” | God message jesus | God Tells |

he is watching you make sure you watch the whole video and don’t forget to

share this message with your loved ones God is saying to you today my beloved

child in everything you will succeed I’ve already promised this and I

will make it happen why worry when my powerful hand Shields come Comforts and protects you

do not fear do not be troubled do not faint do not be

disheartened the love I have for you is so immense and wonderful that if you could see it with your own eyes you

would jump with joy a thousand times and Cry tears of happiness please listen to

me let me speak first then you can share your

heart but before we continue I have great news tomorrow when you wake up start

your day with gratitude for your life and let me put a radiant smile on your

face I want you to begin your day with my words on your lips singing spiritual

songs praying with the songs and at night close your eyes

feeling thankful for all the blessings and even the challenges you face that

day rest your head on that pillow that has seen your tears but now let Joy

emerge from your heart the joy I am instilling within you turning it into a

song of Praise I love you believe and understand that my love

goes beyond your past experiences I know many have let you

down and left you feeling alone you expected love from them but

instead you faced deceit and saw your hopes trampled yet I reached out lifting you

with tenderness like and share the video if you have trust in the words of the god

subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus you confessed your mistakes and

sins and I forgave you my forgiveness is

forever I will not change my mind even if you fall alter again I will not bring

up your past mistakes for by the power of my blood

and my resurrection the chains that once held you are broken no addiction no bad habit no

negative emotion nor anyone or anything in this world can bind you

again they do not have the strength to undo what I have accomplished I forgave

you set you free took away your pain healed your soul and covered you with my

loyalty I lifted you with my love and now your heart is pure and innocent

3 thoughts on “God Says :”I’M NOT ALLOWING YOU TO SLEEP BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS” | God message jesus | God Tells |”

  1. Dearest God,
    I have some unfortunate w to share. I fell in my room yesterday and twisted my right ankle. We got xrays but we don’t know the results yet. They are taking good care of me here. I’m very frustrated but I must remain patient.
    Your best companion,


  2. Thank You Lord For Always Loving And Protecting Me I Am So Grateful And Blessed For All Your Blessings I Love You And Still Need You Amen ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Three of my heart surgery I’m patiently waiting for to be healed and I’ve had strokes that the lord has saved me from. I love you God with my heart and soul


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