God Says: I’M IN YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW, DON’T IGNORE ME ⚠️‼️ God Message Today | God Message

my dear child imagine Jesus speaking to

you like this beloved one feel my love

right outside your door right at the

door of your heart you might think

you’re not good enough for me to come in

but your humility and Faith have caught

my attention I don’t just want to come

into your house but I want to step into

the special place in your heart there I

will speak words of healing with a

gentle touch of my hand the chains

holding you back fears doubts and pains

will break setting you free from despair

I’m here to ease your pain to bring

light where there’s darkness and calm

where there’s fear my voice strong and

powerful commands not only the Earth but

also the heavens above I long to see you

happy and feel the warmth of my presence

In My Embrace you’ll experience the

depth of my love a shield against all

evil this is my special gift for you to

cherish throughout your life today I

invite you to have unwavering faith in

me to welcome the blessing I have

prepared for you my holy spirit’s

healing and transformative power are now

yours to claim don’t dwell in the valley

of Despair any longer reject the lie

that you are destined to Bear the scars

of your past sins yes you may face

trials in this world but remember I have

already triumphed over it I see your

tears and I understand your confusion

your heart aches for me and your spirit

Longs for my presence without me all

efforts seem in vain life may feel like

it’s slipping away but I am here to

reveal the root of your sorrow it’s a

deep innate yearning to return to my

embrace your heart longs for me and I’m

here to fill it with my love I have

purified your home from impurities and

filled each room with the Breath of Life

my voice clears away the dust of your

trials you are now cleansed and forgiven

Embrace this truth I don’t expect

Flawless Perfection you’re my child

loved unconditionally battles will

continue but with my guidance daily

seeking and loving me wholeheartedly

I’ll always be there to support and

uplift you I understand you’ll face

enemies trying to bring you down but

always look towards me I forgiven

uplifted and prospered you no one can

stand against you when I’m with you even

if you fall I’ll raise you again this is

my unwavering promise to you and your

family you’ll come to know me in a

profound and Supernatural way reach out

your hand to me and prepare for Triumph

I breathe the breath of life into your

heart bestowing fresh blessings upon you

while Others May fear you stand as a

valiant Warrior ready for the battle

ahead walk under my protection during

the day and as you rest at night I’ll

whisper divine secrets to your heart

your Revelations will keep you from

stumbling on treacherous paths and

hidden enemies won’t overpower you you

will leap over obstacles with unwavering

resolve trust and believe in me for you

will overcome even in moments of

faltering I’ll be there for you I

understand you hunger for peace restful

sleep Awakening joy and love my love is

yours today embrace the faith that

sustains you today I call upon you to

place un wavering faith in me to welcome

this blessing and embrace the strength

I’ve prepared for you my holy spirit’s

healing and transformative power are now

yours to claim do not worry any longer

in the valley of Despair reject the lie

that you are destined to Bear the scars

of your past sins you may live in a

world of Trials but it’s a world I have

already triumphed over as a beloved

child of the almighty God this promise

resounds for you in each step through

the trials of this world trust in

believe in me for you too will overcome

I see your tears often shed in the

depths of confusion let me reveal to you

the root of this sorrow it is the Deep

innate yearning to return to My Embrace

Your Heart AES for me your spirit Longs

for my presence knowing that without me

all efforts are in vain life may seem

like it’s slipping away and the peace

and joy you’ve been yearning for remain

elusive as those dear to you drift

further listen closely to my words I’m

right beside you offering The Waters

from the Fountain of blessing drink from

this source and let it wash away your

sadness you shall never thirst again

this is my promise to you your faith has

borne fruit today I have brought you

healing by opening your heart’s door

you’ve welcomed me in and I shall dwell

with you blessing and watching over your

family the blessings I bring are beyond

your understanding today open every door

and window of your life to my holy

blessing which brings Solace to your

soul and rest to your heart yesterday I

purified your home from all impurities I

filled each room with the Breath of Life

my voice clearing the accumulated dust

of your trials you are now cleansed and

forgiven Embrace this truth I do not

expect Flawless Perfection or immunity

to Temptation you are my child loved

unconditionally yet human the battles

will continue but with my guidance if

you seek me daily love me wholeheartedly

and surrender your life to me I will

always be there to support and uplift

you even in moments of

faltering I understand that you will

face enemies who seek to drag you down

and mock you in your moments of weakness

yet always look towards me I have sent

you into this battle and it is my role

to cleanse strengthen and forgive you

again you must persevere despite the

challenges your adversaries are

Relentless and ruthless envious of the

victory I bestow upon you they will try

to shake your newfound security hear my

voice understand my message you love

your family and yearn for their success

which requires struggle labor and

unwavering faith in my promises you will

be greatly blessed and your enemies are

aware of this they underestimated your

strength and never anticipated your

turning to me in your weakness and sin

therefore I have chosen to forgive

uplift and prosper you I am with you

daily no one can stand against you

humiliate defeat or overpower you and if

you fall I will raise you again this is

my unwavering promise to you your family

and even Those Distant from you will

come to know me in a profound and

Supernatural way reach out your hand to

me and prepare for Triumph into your

heart I breathe the Breath of Life

bestowing fresh blessings upon upon you

while Others May shiver in fear you

stand as a valiant Warrior clad in

bravery ready for the battle ahead by

day walk under my protection at night as

you rest I will whisper divine secrets

and guidance to your heart my

Revelations will keep you from stumbling

on treacherous paths and falling prey to

Hidden enemies I will hold your hand

shielding you from the wicked lifting

you high in my arms to a place of safety

and blessing those who trust in me are

like Eagles soaring high with unwavering

focus and certainty aware of my love and

Trust in them with courage and

confidence they spread their wings

piercing through the clouds rising to

the supernatural realm they will find

renewed strength and an unbreakable

Invincible Faith Divine and spiritual on

the Mountaintop returning to their nests

they are filled with resolve continuing

to seek and serve me trusting in the

Majestic word that gave them their

Mighty Wings a world different from the

ordinary awaits you if you place your

trust in me where others see scarcity

you and your family will be sheltered

your tables always abundant with

nourishment the gifts I bestow upon you

I will also multiply I am planting in

you and your loved ones a Faith

unimpeded by any obstacle go forth to

harvest extend your hand with authority

and gather the fruits the owner of this

Orchard is your heavenly father leave

behind fear excuses and pretexts you are

no longer bound by mere sight your

perception has been heightened should

conflict arise seek solace in my word

kneel and bow your soul in silence I

wait in Stillness and my holy spirit

will speak to you offering Solutions

answering prayers and clarifying

doubts no Army of evil or Iron Wall can

intimidate or detain you you will leap

over obstacles with unwavering results

the Vigor of your youth will return to

your limbs you will overcome your

adversaries not with physical might but

through the powerful anointing of my

Holy Spirit your battles are not won by

force or outcry seek me in your room in

your heart I am there call out to me and

I will respond strengthening you with my

grace and love you can achieve all

things your foes will flee in dread you

have prevailed through the beautiful

faith that fills your heart I speak now

of a thousand new blessings that will

come knocking this isn’t about luck or

strength I bless whom I choose I am not

measuring your achievements or comparing

you to others I come to converse and

bless you out of love unchanging and

true While others perform acts to gain

my favor lacking genuine Faith you

possess an honest and sincere belief in

my reality you know you can walk through

fire unharmed cross Seas of trust

trouble without sinking and calm the

storms of confusion these storms will

obey you I have given you authority to

express my love with kindness to

everyone you meet when you reach out

with gratitude and humility willing to

help and do good Miracles will

occur my power doesn’t manifest in noise

or spectacle in the quiet of your room

as you seek me I will reward you as you

go into the world Miracles will follow

you showing all that I am with you have

you heard this message hear it feel it

embrace it let your faith and desire to

know me merge and I will shower you with

my power keep your heart humble your

spirit grateful and abundance will

envelop you you need a miracle my hand

to free you from Pain confusion and

anxiety you hunger for peace restful

sleep Awakening joy and love my love is

yours today embrace the faith that

sustains you the promise I have made

I am your Advocate your Shepherd your

God your friend we will rejoice together

when the awaited blessing arrives expect

it for I guarantee it many things will

change let your thoughts dwell on my

promises for they will bring you healing

I yearn for you to transform your

mindset to change how you respond to

Life’s challenges when You Face

obstacles remember first and foremost

that I am always with you the trials you

endure may seem daunting filled with

pain and difficulty but find comfort in

my steadfast presence you are well aware

of my deep love for you how could I ever

abandon you my cherished child the

Abundant affection I have for you is

unwavering in moments of trial when the

adversary seeks to overwhelm you you

might feel drawn towards despair yet

deep within you know that you are never

alone never forsaken you are precious in

my sight my beloved child

and I remind you of this so that you

never forget hold fast to my promises

for they are kind true powerful and

steadfast my commitment to you is

eternal I will always be by your side

remember you are in my hands and here

under my watchful love I have been with

you always never leaving your side you

are passing through a difficult time but

this too shall pass sadness and doubt

may assail you

but Struggle No More and do not be

overly troubled I have everything under

control never forget this day the day I

loved you with an everlasting love

beside me you have the strength to rise

above sadness to fill your heart with

joy with me alone you are and will

always be happy should you face the dark

clouds of conflict outside trust in me

and let my word light your path your

enemies may claim your defeat but my

comforting word and my affirming lips

are with you fear not do not waver for I

am with you in the fiercest of storms I

will carry you in my arms and when you

feel the need to weep I will be there

waiting let out those tears you have

held back share your feelings with me I

am listening your life is of immense

value to me just as I have helped you

before I will continue to do so today

and every day I will show my love for

you in countless ways doubt will not

take root in your heart know that I’m

always by your side Watching Over You

defending you attentive to your needs

listening to your words and

prayers I command my ministering angels

to act and fulfill your

requests I find joy in seeing your

active Faith as you come to me with your

needs and desires if others have told

you not to seek me only when you need

something I tell you seek me with all

your heart as for the rest leave leave

it to

me there will come a time when you

realize that even before you speak I

already know your needs it is not in

vain when you ask of me I rejoice in

hearing the heartbeat of your faith I

see and treasure your patience

especially when my responses don’t align

with your expected timeline your ability

to wait and Trust in my wisdom reflects

a deep understanding that I am always

working for your best be filled with

courage for I’m wrapping you in strength

and fortitude the seasons of sadness are

fleeting and joy and faith will once

again flourish in your life and home my

love for you and your family is eternal

and I will bless you abundantly making

it evident to the world how dearly I

cherish you my love is beneficial for

you my grace knows no bounds and my

Mercy is Everlasting through these words

I hope you feel a profound sense of

security in your heart I am ever ready

to bless you with the desires of your

heart heart my plans for you are good

filled with hope and a future beyond

your imagination I am orchestrating

every detail for your well-being you are

like a precious flower in my garden and

I carefully tend to you Watering your

soul with love grace and mercy even when

you feel like a Tiny Seed buried in the

soil trust that I am nurturing you to

grow into a beautiful Bloom radiating

with the colors of Faith joy and peace

your journey may have its challenges but

remember I am the gardener who ensures

that each trial contributes to the

richness of your character in times of

drought when you feel parched and weary

lean on me and I will quench your thirst

with the Living Water that Springs forth

from my love I see the dreams that dance

in your heart do not be afraid to dream

big for I am the god of Limitless

possibilities your dreams align with my

purpose for you and I will guide you

every step of the way trust that the

seeds you plant today will bear fruit in

due time as you walk through the Garden

of Life be mindful of the choices you

make just as a gardener prunes the

branches to encourage growth I may

refine you through challenges shaping

you into the Masterpiece I have

invisioned Embrace this process for it

leads to a life that reflects my glory

your heart is my dwelling place and in

that Sacred Space I will deposit

Treasures of wisdom peace

and understanding listen to The Whispers

of my spirit guiding you on the path of

righteousness in moments of uncertainty

turn to me and I will illuminate your

way I desire to be not just a visitor

but a permanent resident in your heart

open the door wide and welcome me in let

our relationship be a daily conversation

where you share your hopes fears and

joys with me I am your constant

companion and together we can now

navigate the intricate Paths of

life you are not alone on this journey I

have surrounded you with a community of

Believers a spiritual family that shares

in your triumphs and supports you in

challenges cherish these relationships

for they are a reflection of my love

manifesting through the bonds of

Fellowship as you grow in faith and

understanding share the good news with

others let your life be a testimony to

my love a Beacon of Hope for those who

may be wandering in dark Darkness your

kindness and compassion can be the

sunlight that helps others Bloom into

the fullness of who they were created to

be remember my child you are fearfully

and wonderfully made your uniqueness is

intentional and I celebrate every detail

of your being embrace the love that

surrounds you both from me and from

those I’ve placed in your life in the

vast canvas of existence you are like a

precious stroke carefully painted with

love purpose purp and divine intention

every detail every color is a reflection

of the unique Masterpiece that is you as

the artist of your life I take great joy

in crafting a narrative that unfolds

with purpose and meaning the journey

ahead may seem UNC at times but fear not

for I am the author of your story I’ve

written each chapter with care weaving a

tapestry of experiences that shape and

mold you into the person I designed you

to be trust in the Nar ative I’ve

created even when the plot takes

unexpected turns just as a loving parent

guides their child through the first

steps I am here to walk beside you your

steps are ordered by my wisdom and

though the path may be challenging I am

your steady support take each step with

the assurance that I am leading you

toward a destiny filled with hope and

purpose in the vastness of the universe

you are seen and known by me your

thoughts your Joys your struggles they

are not hidden from my gaze Your

Existence is not a random occurrence it

is a deliberate Act of love you are a

cherished creation and your worth

surpasses the brightest stars in the

night sky when the storms of life

threaten to overwhelm you remember that

I am your anchor cast your fears and

anxieties upon me and I will be your

Refuge my love is a shelter in the midst

of the Tempest providing safety and

assurance that you are not alone in

moments of Solitude

when the noise of the world Fades away I

invite you to listen to The Gentle

Whisper of my spirit it speaks to your

heart offering Comfort guidance and

Assurance find solace in the Stillness

and let the Whispers of my love be a

balm to your soul I have equipped you

with unique gifts and talents each one

bestowed upon you with purpose use these

gifts to bring light to the world around

you your contributions no matter how

small have the power to to make a

significant impact shine brightly and

let the radiance of your spirit

illuminate the darkness as you encounter

challenges view them as opportunities

for growth just as a sculptor refines A

piece of clay I use life’s trials to

mold you into a vessel of strength

resilience and compassion embrace the

refining process for it is through

challenges that your true character

emerges your heart is a garden and the

seeds you plant will bear fruit Choose

Love kindness and forgiveness as the

seeds that will blossom into a garden of

beauty and Harmony water this garden

with the Living Waters of my love and

watch as it flourishes bringing forth

the fruits of the

spirit in the grand Symphony Of Life

your Melody harmonizes with the Melodies

of others embrace the diversity of

voices around you for each one

contributes to the richness of the

composition together let us create a

harmonious Melody that Echoes the love

and unity found in My Kingdom I am the

god of unending Grace and my love for

you is boundless in moments of Doubt

reach out to me and I will reassure you

of your worth now if you believe show it

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