God Says : I’M GOING TO TOUCH YOUR HEART | God message jesus |

my child calm your heart try to relax

your mind by handing over all your

worries to me your part what you can

control I give you strength and wisdom

to face to overcome to find a solution

and to move forward as for what you

cannot control give it to me because if

you keep worrying wearing yourself out

over things that are not in your hands

it will only harm you and won’t help the

problem will continue to disturb your

mind but I want to say that I am here my

beloved a child I came to tell you that

now is the time for you to unload all

this weight and open up to me for I will

help you in this journey of Trials you

have been going through I will do

something today that will leave you

renewed from this message surrender

completely to listen to my words until

the end when you finish you will feel a

positive energy a Divine vibration

through my presence and you will tell me

the feeling you will be experiencing at

the moment firstly you must understand

that faith is not just empty belief but

a deep and personal connection with me

your creator it is not an anchor that

ties you to the past but a wind that

propels your sails towards the future I

have planned for you to reach me you do

not need Grand rituals or elaborate

words instead seek me in the Silence of

your heart in the Simplicity of your

daily life find me in those around you

and in the smiles of those you love for

where there is love there I am I see you

not only as you are now but as you can

be I am certain that you will be proud

of the person you will become in the

future the future that I your God am

preparing for you there is a road ahead

of you a road that leads directly to the

center of my love to the fullness of my

presence but this road is not paved with

gold or adorned only with Earthly riches

no it is marked by love truth and

unwavering faith my beloved at times

life will confront you with doubts and

questions do not hesitate to bring them

to me for I am always ready to listen to

you and guide you remember that true

faith is not the absence of questioning

but rather the result of a sincere

search for truth as you look around you

you will see opportunities to serve to

love and to make a difference in the

world do not forget that you are my

instrument a living witness of my love

and grace therefore do not shrink back

in the face of challenges but move

forward with courage knowing that I am

with you today I will lead you to

experience my presence in a tangible and

transformative way in your life begin by

cultivating the habit of gratitude give

thanks for every blessing for every

challenge that strengthens you for every

person who crosses your path for

gratitude opens the doors of the heart

and allows my light to shine in your

life even more more brightly next seek

to live in communion with me through

prayer and meditation on my word

dedicate daily time to be in my presence

to hear my voice and to allow me to

guide each step of yours furthermore do

not forget the power of communion with

brothers and sisters in faith seek out

people with whom you can share your Joys

and struggles where you can receive

encouragement and mutual support for

where two or more are gathered in my

name there I am in the midst of them and

do not neglect the care of your body and

mind for they are temples of my Holy

Spirit never forget the most important

commandment to love your neighbor as

yourself look for opportunities to serve

to reach out to those in need to be a

light in the midst of Darkness for it is

in loving and serving others that you

will truly find me true change begins

within you do not seek outside for what

can only be found deep within your heart

listen to The Gentle voice that Whispers

within your being the voice of your own

intuition for therein you will find the

guidance you seek stay with me and feel

your heart opening to me I want to

restore all that was strong in you and

that today is more like it used to be

allow me to ease the pain Weighing on

your soul and to dispel the melancholic

thoughts that haunt you know that the

peace you are feeling now only I can

give you no one else can offer

trust me with your heart allow yourself

to be loved my words have a deep

purpose I am here to uplift your spirits

to bring a smile to your face every

morning as you seek me know that I love

you truly and deeply I wish for you not

only to know and believe but to feel

this Sacred Love within you so that you

may find happiness again you are

protected in my

hands place your trust in me completely

my my arms are always open to you I

listen closely to your cries and prayers

every new day as you open your eyes take

a deep breath and feel my comforting

presence when you pray for yourself and

your family it fills me with joy for it

is of great

significance I know you desire good not

only for yourself but for all those you

love I want you to rest assured knowing

that you can seek solace in me when you

feel overwhelmed and surrounded by

conflicts I am Your solution never leave

me nor lose hope in me each new day is a

valuable opportunity to keep moving

forward leaving behind the problems

Falls disappointments and complaints of

the past get rid of them you don’t need

to carry a burden that hinders the

renewal of your

thoughts start with your words don’t

hurt yourself with what you say don’t

defeat yourself with foolish words that

can ruin lives and tear families apart

leading many to sorrow let wise words

come from your lips words that promote

growth and strengthen don’t let the

enemy convince you that you cannot

change that your future is doomed to

failure and problems that your journey

is marked by sadness and Oblivion I

desire to protect you day and night do

not allow despair to take hold of your

soul for I love you deeply and want you

to receive my peace and find lasting

happiness do not forget that all aspects

of your life be transformed and if you

seek me I can start this transformation

today I do not promise it will be easy

but I promise my assistance my support

and my power I love you and wish you

well the miracle you need I desire and

can accomplish believe in me trust in

me today I want to remove all

discouragement and frustration from your

heart believe in my word so that your

mind undergos a true change where there

was confusion now there will be Clarity

where there was sadness there will be

Joy where there was

discouragement there will be a strong

desire to live in

love and trust me with your heart and

allow your eyes to turn to me I want

your steps to follow the path of my love

I earnestly ask you to give me your

heart and I will fill it with joy

removing the troubles that sadden your

face and giving you strength to overcome

difficulties it may be difficult for you

to accept such spiritual wealth but what

I offer is not empty accept humbly and

be filled with courage for I will make

many changes around you I am your life

give me the chance to show that I can

transform you completely to the point

where many will not recognize you

admiring your perseverance strength and

happiness accept my

invitation entrust me with your heart

today and I will begin a powerful

transformation in you and your

family amen now I ask you to tell me

what feeling these words brought to your

life and if you believe in these words

leave your Amen in the comments

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