God says:- Ignoring Me closes Heaven’s doors | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

speak to you now not with thunderous

Roars or Celestial displays but with the

gentle Whisper of a loving parent for

too long I have watched over you

yearning for your presence longing for

the warmth of our connection

yet in the vast expanse of time and

space you have drifted farther and

farther from me I have seen the

struggles you face the burdens you carry

and the tears you shed in solitude I

have witnessed every moment of your life

every Triumph and every defeat but still

you remain distant hesitant to seek

Solace In My Embrace know this my

beloved child you are never alone I Am

With You Always even in the darkest of

nights and the fiercest of storms my

love for you knows no bounds and my arms

are always open ready to welcome you

home but I understand your hesitation

your doubts and your fears the world can

be a daunting Place filled with

uncertainty and pain yet it is precisely

in these moments of doubt that Faith

becomes most vital trust in me and I

will guide you through the trials that

lie ahead I have sent you this message

as a gentle nudge a reminder of the path

that lies before you it is time my child

to return to me to seek refuge in the

sanctuary of my love visit the church as

a symbol of our bond a sacred space

where you can lay bare your soul and

share your burdens with me do not fear

judgment or condemnation for in my eyes

you are perfect Flaws and All release

your worries your doubts and your pain

and let me bear them for you together we

will find strength and adversity hope

and despair and light in the darkest of

nights remember my child that you are

cherished beyond measure and nothing you

do can ever change that you are a beacon

of light in a world consumed by Darkness

a testament to the boundless Power of

Love so keep my call my dear one and

come home to me let us walk hand in hand

through the valleys and the Peaks United

in our love for one another for in that

sacred Union you will find the peace and

fulfillment your heart so desperately

craves amen

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