God Says, Ignoring Me Closes Heaven’s Door Seriously | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

y dearest child I am ever Vigilant

watching over those I hold dear with

boundless care every trial that crosses

your path shall be transmuted into a

Wellspring of blessings I will keep at

pay those who consort with malevolence

seeking to derail your destiny and

thwart my Divine

Design they are blinded by their own

delusions of grandure ignorant of the

Fate that awaits them know this they

hold no sway over the boundless power of

your heavenly father whose love for you

knows no

bounds stand firm in your faith and

wavering amidst the cacophony of critics

and adversaries Focus your heart and

mind on preparing for the abundance of

blessings I have in store for you I am

your true parent the one who loves you

unconditionally each Dawn I eagerly

await our meeting yearning to envelop

You In My

Embrace let these words resonate deep

within your Soul feel my presence as you

read them bow your head in reverence

allowing a moment of Stillness to

envelop you close your eyes and

surrender to the Embrace of my love let

your tears flow freely washing away

doubts and despair that cling to your

spirit rise my beloved cast off the

shackles of yesterday years and reach

towards the heavens with without

stretched arms let your triumphant cry

Echo for victory is yours as you forge

ahead never forget the victories of your

past for they shall serve as stepping

stones even greater


triumphs you have usted me with your

life submitting to my will know that I

cherish you deeply infolding you in a

warm and affectionate Embrace with me by

your side you shall neither be defeated

nor overwhelmed fill your spirit with

courage declaring your unwavering belief

in me for your faith ignites the very

essence of our

connection amen just as these words

resonate deeply within you may may they

also touch the Hearts and Spirits of

others if you have felt a connection a

stirring within or have been inspired by

today’s message take a moment to

manifest your affirmation your support

spreads the message to those seeking

Solace and the

encouragement furthermore if you wish to

embark on more profound Journey

together join us in Daily

manifestation share your thoughts

Reflections or personal experiences

remember one cannot serve to Masters do

not be consumed by worries of material

wealth for True abundance lies in

Treasures of the

spirit Embrace humility for those who

exalt themselves will be humbled while

the humble will be exal exalted follow

me and I will lead you to cast your nets

wife drawing souls to the light believe

in the power of prayer for whatever you

ask for with faith you shall

receive as you stand in prayer forgive

those who have wronged you so that your

heart may be cleansed of bitterness

share this message with others

spreading the love and light that

emanates from within


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