God says:- Ignore If you Choose the Hell | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

my dearest child I speak to you not with

words of judgment or condemnation but

with the Eternal language of love that

transcends the boundaries of time and

space as the creator of all that is I

have watched over you since the dawn of

your existence and my love for you is

boundless and unconditional today I

reach out to you in a message that

carries the weight of heavenly concern

and Divine guidance in the tapestry of

your life threads of light and shadows

intertwine and I see the struggles that

you face my purpose in addressing you is

not to instill fear but to offer you a

beacon of light amidst the encroaching

Darkness it has come to my attention

that the forces of Darkness led by the

adversary seek to divert your gaze from

the path of righteousness and love

the devil with cunning and deceit is

waging a battle for your soul attempting

to lead you astray from the boundless

Grace that awaits you my

child understand that the devil is a

master of Illusion and deception he will

present enticing paths that seem to

promise pleasure power and fulfillment

yet these are mere Illusions crafted to

distract you from the true purpose of

your existence to know and embrace the

love that I have for you and to share

that love with the world around you in

times of struggle it is crucial to

recognize the subtle Whispers of the

adversary attempting to divert your

attention the Devil May exploit your

vulnerabilities insecurities and doubts

seeking to create a Chasm between us but

do not despair for my love is unwavering

and I am with you in every step of your

journey to counter the forces that seek

to lead you astray I implore you to

Anchor yourself in the foundations of

Faith love and virtue strengthen your

connection with me through prayer

contemplation and acts of kindness by

nurturing the flame of divine love

within your heart you create a shield

against the darkness that seeks to

engulf you remember my child that the

devil prays on the fragmented aspects of

your being Embrace self-reflection and

self-love as tools to heal and integrate

The Broken Pieces within as you strive

for wholeness you become less

susceptible to the snares of the

adversary in moments of Doubt turn to

the scriptures and teachings that have

been bestowed upon you the wisdom

contained within these sacred texts

serves as a compass guiding you through

the moral complexities of Life seek

solace in the company of fellow

Believers for in unity you find strength

against the forces that seek to divide

the Devil May tempt you with fleeting

pleasures and momentary satisfaction but

remember the enduring joy that comes

from a life lived in alignment with

Divine principle

true fulfillment is found in Acts of

compassion love and service to others

when you extend kindness to your fellow

beings you mirror the love that I have

bestowed upon you my child do not

underestimate the power of forgiveness

release the burden of resentment and

grudges for they serve as fertile ground

for the seeds of Darkness to take root

in forgiveness you free yourself from

the chains that bind you and open your

heart to the transformative power of

divine love I am aware of the internal

struggles you face and I offer you the

gift of divine grace to overcome them

when you stumble do not allow guilt and

shame to distance you from me instead

turn to me with a contrite heart and you

will find forgiveness and redemption in

my boundless Mercy the battle between

light and darkness rages on and your

soul is the battlefield choose the path

of Love virtue and faith and you will

emerge Victorious the Devil May persist

in his attempts to divert your attention

but with unwavering trust in me you

possess the strength to resist his

Temptations I am with you my child in

every moment of your existence

the love that I have for you is a flame

that can never be extinguished Embrace

this love and let it guide you through

the trials and tribulations of Life The

Devil May seek to entice you but

remember that the power of divine love

transcends all Darkness may your heart

be filled with the radiance of my love

and may you walk the path of

righteousness with unwavering Faith type

in men for blessings from Jesus

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