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God message for you

today today when everything feels crazy

I want to give you peace my peace

doesn’t depend on what’s happening

outside but on your connection with me

the one who made

you even when life gets really tough my

peace stays with you it’s like a beam of

sunlight that shines through even the

darkest times

my peace doesn’t mean there won’t be

problems but it does mean you won’t face

them alone when you come to me you’ll

find comfort and

strength instead of battling the chaos

choose to find my peace it’s a decision

to focus on me and in doing so you will

find deep calm and

understanding thank thank you God for

always being there with your love when

you trust me you’ll feel peaceful

because you’ll know I’m in

charge when everything feels crazy take

a moment breathe and let my tee fill you

up you don’t have to go through this

storm by

yourself if this message makes sense to

you comment thank you Lord

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