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my beloved child nothing will be lacking

in your home know that I desire to meet

all your needs for I am a god abundant

in love and provision my Prosperity goes

far beyond what the world can offer not

limited to money or social position true

prosperity in me is having an unwavering

faith and complete trust in my ability

to care for you in all aspects of life

when you trust me with all your heart

you find a peace that surpasses any

material concern fear not for I know

every detail of your life and know what

you need even before you ask I promise

to be by your side supplying your needs

according to my perfect will may your

trust in me be like an anchor that keeps

your heart steadfast and secure even

amidst life

storms do not be shaken by the

uncertainties of the world for I am your

loving father who cares for you with

infinite tenderness be assured that

nothing will be lacking in your home for

I Am The God Who abundantly provides for

those who trust in me walk in faith

knowing that I am always by your side

guiding and supplying all your needs

according to my riches in glory be alert

I want you to be vigilant and attentive

there is an adversary seeking your

destruction the devil therefore it is

crucial that you stay alert and do not

allow him to find openings in your life

seek guidance in my word pray constantly

and be in tune with my will when you

stay close to me the enemy will have no

power over you stand firm against the

attacks of the devil and he will be

compelled to retreat in the face of my

presence in your life trust in me and my

protection and I will take care of you

at all times I give you hope I want you

to know that hope is a promise I always

keep through Jesus you find victory over

all adversities don’t let the fear of

the future paralyze you for I Am by your

side every step of the way in me you

find the strength to face whatever

challenges arise even in the toughest

times know that there is hope for I will

never abandon you let the certainty of

my presence Comfort your heart and

Inspire your faith in every challenge

remember that I am greater than any

circumstance and that my love for you is

unshakable find comfort in the assurance

that the future is in my hands and that

I will lead you with wisdom and love

cling to the hope I offer for it is the

anchor of your soul firm and secure I

have the power of healing my beloved

know that the power of healing resides

in me I am the only one capable of

restoring and healing wounded Hearts my

word is a bomb that brings healing

Liberation and strengthening to your

soul invite me to enter your life and

bring the healing you so desperately

need trust in me for I have the power to

turn pain into hope and sadness into Joy

don’t hesitate to seek my presence and

to cry out for my healing I am always

ready to hear your cry and to extend my

merciful hands upon you by surrendering

to my will and trusting in my word you

will find peace that surpasses all

understanding Let Me Be Your Divine

physician restoring every part of your

being and guiding you to a life full and

abundant I give you true

peace I want you to experience true

peace that transcends any situation or

problem in this life I don’t want you to

live distress and disturbed by the

difficulties you face I offer you a

peace that surpasses all human

understanding this peace is a gift of my

love delivered directly from my heart to

yours I invite you to draw near to me in

prayer trusting fully when you place

your fears and concerns into my hands I

turn them into Serenity and confidence

no matter how challenging the

circumstances may be know that I am

always by your side calming your heart

and strengthening your faith let my

presence in your life be the source of

peace that sustains you amidst the

storms let your trust in me soothe the

afflictions that try to disturb your

soul every day renew your faith in the

transformative power of my love and in

the promise of peace that I grant to all

who trust in me with me you can find

true and Lasting peace that transcends

circumstances and fills your heart with

tranquility and hope dear child I love

you know that the love I have for you is

immeasurable since the beginning of time

I have cared for you with all my heart I

know every detail of your being every

joy and every pain my love for you

transcends any human understanding I am

always by your side guiding and

protecting you every step of the way

never doubt my love for you for it is

eternal unconditional and infinite you

are precious to me and I will always be

here eagerly awaiting you I calm your

soul my child know that I am always by

your side caring for you in every moment

trust in my constant presence and in my

unfailing love when you feel Restless

know that I am ready to hear your

prayers and calm your soul do not worry

about what tomorrow may bring for the

future is in my hands and I deeply care

for you if your heart is troubled seek

refuge in me and share your concerns I

am here to comfort you and guide your

steps with wisdom through direct

connection with me find peace and Solace

for your soul allow my presence to

envelop you with love and Tranquility

for I am your heavenly father who

tenderly cares for every detail of your

life do not hesitate to trust me

completely for I am worthy of all your

trust let the Assurance of my constant

care calm your heart and renew your hope

each day you are never alone alone for I

am always here ready to listen and take

care of you all things work together for

good know that in all circumstances I am

working for your good even in trials and

challenges your faith is strengthened

and your journey is directed towards the

goal which is my will every obstacle you

face is an opportunity to grow in faith

and experience my glory more deeply

nothing happens by chance for I am in

control of all things trust in me for I

know what is best for you even when

situations seem tough know that I am

working behind the scenes to turn every

difficulty into a blessing let your

faith be strengthened by the power of my

presence and let my glory be revealed in

every aspect of your life when you

acknowledge my care and sovereignty all

things align for your good and for my

glory remain steadfast in faith for I am

always by your side guiding you towards

the purpose I have for you trust me in

all things for my love for you is

eternal and unshakable I am your loving

father who tirelessly works for your

good and for my glory there will be no

more suffering I have a wonderful

promise for your life one day all the

suffering pain and sorrow you experience

will come to an end I understand the

weight of the trials you carry and I

want to assure you that it will not be

forever in moments of distress remember

that I am by your side ready to comfort

and strengthen you you even when the

pain seems unbearable know that I am

working to bring Redemption and

restoration to your life the suffering

you face now is not in vain it is part

of my plan of love and mercy for you

trust in me for I am your loving father

who desires your

well-being one day every tear will be

wiped from your eyes and you will

experience the fullness of my eternal

peace and joy stand firm in the hope of

my promise no knowing that suffering

will come to an end and that my grace

will sustain you until the last day

continue to trust in me for I am your

safe refuge and your unshakable strength

be assured that the love I have for you

is greater than any pain you may face

and that one day all suffering will be

transformed into

Glory my beloved child I am with you

never forget that I am always by your

side in every moment of your life even

when you face difficult and challenging

ing situations know that you are not

alone I never abandon you on the

contrary I am present at all times

caring for you with love and tenderness

trust in this unshakable truth and find

comfort in the certainty of my constant

Presence by your side when you feel that

the difficulties are too great to Bear

remember that I Am with You

strengthening and upholding you with my

incomparable love do not let fear or

doubt separate you from me instead stand

firm in faith and trust in my

faithfulness I am your God who never

fails and my love for you is eternal

today tomorrow and always I am here

ready to guide your steps and Surround

you with my unconditional love may the

certainty of my presence transform your

heart and strengthen your hope amidst

adversity fear not for I am your safe

refuge and your unshakable strength

trust in me for I am with you in every



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