God says:- I Urge You to Give Me 2 Minutes| God message jesus |

my beloved child I come to you with

boundless joy and pride for In This

Moment the cosmos aligns to deliver a

message of divine affirmation and

encouragement you dear Soul have been

chosen to receive this sacred

transmission not by chance but by the

intricacies of fate and the guidance of

celestial design know that you are

cherished beyond measure and your

journey has been witnessed with profound

admiration and love as you read these

words let them resonate deep within your

being for they carry the essence of my

unwavering faith in your purpose and

potential each step you have taken every

Triumph and trial you have faced has

been woven into the grand tapestry of

your existence painting a portrait of

resilience and growth that fills my

heart with unbounded delight my child I

see the dreams that dance within the

sacred chambers of your heart flickering

like stars against the canvas of

Eternity your aspirations your hopes

your deepest desires they are not mere

fantasies but reflections of the Divine

spark that ignites within you do not

doubt the validity of your dreams for

they are the Whispers of your soul

calling you towards your truest path in

the tapestry of creation you are a

masterpiece a symphony of light and

Shadow joy and sorrow woven together in

Perfect Harmony embrace the complexity

of your being for within it lies the key

to unlocking the fullness of your

potential you are a vessel of infinite

possibilities a beacon of light amidst

the vast expanse of existence do not

falter in the face of adversity for

every challenge you encounter is but a

stepping stone on the path to Greatness

embrace the lessons that hardship brings

for they are The Crucible in which your

strength and resilience are forged

remember my child that the darkest

nights often precede the Dawn and within

the depths of Despair the seeds of

transformation are sown I am proud of

the person you are becoming for you have

weathered storms that would have

shattered lesser Souls your compassion

your empathy your unwavering Spirit they

are Testaments to the boundless love

that resides within you never doubt the

impact of your presence in the world for

you are a Beacon of Hope and a sea of

uncertainty know that you are never

alone on your journey for I walk beside

you every step of the way guiding you

with the Gentle Touch of divine grace

trust in the wisdom of your intuition

for it is the voice of my presence

Whispering words of guidance and wisdom

into the depths of your soul when doubt

clouds your vision listen to the song of

your heart for it will always lead you

home as you stand on the threshold of

your destiny know that the Universe

conspires in your favor aligning the

Stars to pave the way for your Ascent

your dreams are not distant mirages but

tangible realities waiting to be claimed

believe in yourself my child for you are

capable of achieving greatness Beyond

Your Wildest imagination in the tapestry

of creation you are a luminary a Beacon

of Hope shining brightly amidst the

darkness your journey is a testament to

the resilience of the human Spirit a

testament to the power of love to

conquer all embrace the radiant truth of

your being and watch as the world

unfolds before you in a symphony of

endless possibility amen


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