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my beloved child I hope this message

finds you in a moment of Peace amidst

the Whirlwind of thoughts that often

seem to engulf your mind I know that the

journey you are on has not been easy and

the burden of overthinking weighs

heavily on your spirit I am writing to

remind you that you are not alone I am

here with you guiding you and offering

my eternal support first and foremost I

want you to understand that overthinking

is a common struggle among my children

the intricate way of thoughts that

weaves itself into your Consciousness

can be overwhelming causing unnecessary

Stress and Anxiety I see the toll it

takes on your well-being and I want to

assure you that I am here to help you

overcome this challenge it’s important

to recognize that overthinking often

stems from a desire for control and

understanding my ways are Beyond human

comprehension and sometimes the

uncertainty of the future can trigger an

endless stream of thoughts I want you to

embrace the beauty of uncertainty and

Trust in the divine plan I have set in

motion for you let go of the need to

control every outcome and surrender to

the flow of Life take a moment to

breathe deeply and feel the presence of

my love surrounding you in the Stillness

of your heart you will find a sanctuary

where the noise of overthinking begins

to fade trust in the process of life for

I am orchestrating a symphony that is

uniquely tailored to your Soul’s Journey

when the Mind races with worry anchor

yourself in the present moment and find

solace in the knowledge that I am with

you every step of the way remember my

child that you are not defined by your

thoughts your true Essence lies beyond

the realm of the mind it is the radiant

light of your spirit that emanates from

within when overthinking threatens to

Cloud your inner Brilliance connect with

the core of your being through prayer

meditation or simply sitting in

Stillness you can access the Tranquil

Sanctuary where my guidance Whispers to

your soul I invite you to cultivate a

practice of mindfulness be fully present

in each moment allowing the worries of

the past and the uncertainties of the

future to dissolve in the Simplicity of

the present you will discover a profound

sense of Peace engage your senses feel

the warmth of the sunlight listen to the

soothing sounds of nature and appreciate

the beauty that surrounds you this

mindful awareness will anchor you in the

present alleviating the grip of

overthinking what the waves of

overthinking threatened to pull you

under call upon me in prayer pour out

your heart share your fears and release

the burdens that weigh heavily on your

shoulders I am always here to listen to

comfort and to provide the strength you

need to navigate the complexities of

Life trust that your prayers are heard

and I am working behind the scenes to

weave Miracles into the tapestry of your

existence my child it is essential to

recognize the power of self-compassion

be gentle with with yourself for you are

a work in progress just as a gardener

tends to the blossoming flowers with

care nurture your own growth with love

and understanding release the need for

Perfection as it is through imperfection

that the light of my grace shines most

brightly embrace the lessons that

overthinking presence for they are

Stepping Stones on the path to Spiritual

Awakening seek the company of those who

uplift your spirit and radiate positive

energy surround yourself with love

kindness and understanding share your

thoughts and feelings with trusted

friends or family members for they can

offer perspectives that transcend the

limitations of the Mind in the communion

of Hearts you will find the strength to

overcome overthinking and embrace the

serenity that comes from genuine

connections as you embark on this

journey of overcoming overthinking

remember that my love is an unwavering

Beacon of light guiding you through the

darkest moments trust in the Divine

wisdom that orchestrates the dance of

the cosmos and surrender the weight of

overthinking Into My Loving Hands You

are not alone and together we will

transcend the limitations of the Mind

unveiling the boundless possibilities

that await you May the peace that

surpasses all understanding envelop your

heart and may the clarity of my guidance

illuminate your path type amen if you

want blessings from Jesus

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