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son no matter how challenging life may

be I’m here to offer you my refuge and

provide the answers you’ve been praying

for today I ask you to keep absorbing

daily teachings from me as they’re

filled with powerful promises that offer

peace strength and courage trust me to

share your concerns and fears my grace

and compassion are endless as your

loving father I’m here to help you you

are my beloved Son never doubt that

you’ve opened your heart to me showing

your love which fills me with joy if

you’re overwhelmed tired seek safety

under my protection under my guidance

offered with all my love feel free to

communicate with me without fear the

answers you seek are near soon I will

speak to your soul revealing my plans

and offering Solutions draw near to me

in prayer I’m eager to hear your words

and offer you comfort and guidance

know my son that my promises will

sustain you through all trials your

efforts will be rewarded at every step

as your quest for wisdom will be

enriched and blessed even in the face of

opposition stand firm in your faith for

my angels surround you I understand you

may question why your prayers seem

delayed I understand the reason for the

pain and the cause of the uncertainties

but trust in me for I your heavenly

father am tirelessly working in your


I haven’t forgotten I’m not indifferent

to your cries on the contrary I’m

preparing the opportunities and

victories that await you in due time I

ask you to free yourself from resentment

as it weakens your soul despite past

injustices remember the deep love I have

for you those who have wronged you will

eventually acknowledge their mistakes I

am ready to compensate for your losses

and lead you to success turning

challenges into

victories my son listen carefully to

this passage from my word recorded in


for I know the plans I have for

you declares the Lord plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope in a future This Promise is not

just for the Ancients but for you as

well for today I have plans for you

plans full of Hope and future surrender

to me your burdens your fears your

emotional wounds do not allow yourself

to be trapped by the bitterness of the

past nor let resentment consume you

towards others instead turn to me seek

me in prayer in meditation on my word in

communion with my Holy Spirit I am the

balm that heals your wounds the source

of peace that calms your troubles the

comforter who wipes away your tears do

not seek Solutions in the fleeting

pleasures of this world nor in the empty

promises of men I am the answer to all

your needs when you feel lost when you

don’t know what to do remember me I am

your safe Refuge your unshakable

strength your faithful guide trust in me

with all your heart and do not lean on

your own understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will make your path

straight do not be afraid for I am with

you in me you will find strength to

overcome wisdom to discern and Grace to

forgive surrender yourself into my

loving arms and let me take care of you

for I will give you everything you need

in the right time trust me and stand

firm for your journey is under my

control I am always by your side ready

to sustain you until Victory do not be

shaken by negativity stay focused on

strengthening Family Ties and managing

your thoughts spirituality and actions

devote yourself to prayer and reflection

avoiding wasting energy on feal worries

believe in my promises for they are your

guarantee of Triumph move forward with

courage for each step strengthens your

journey toward what you seek I am with

you in every moment offering guidance

and support stay connected to me finding

strength in the light of each new day

together we are invincible always

remember my love and the blessings that

are to come great Miracles are on the

way surpassing any adversity trust in my

care and ignore the negativity around

you even in tough times your growth and

success are assured under my protection

do not worry about the past focus on the

present and the future I have prepared

for you your life is secure in my hands

I will take care of you and your family

pray daily seeking me with joy and faith

knowing that I am always available to

you no matter how you feel I am always

here for you come to me even in moments

of doubt and I will give you comfort

your sincere words are precious to me

and I attend to your needs with love and

compassion receive my peace and accept

it with faith for only I can provide

true peace of mind know that I am always

listening to your prayers and guiding

your path trust in me for I am preparing

a path of renewal and peace let me enter

your mind and soul bringing healing and

serenity trust in me to alleviate your

worries and uplift your spirit together

we will face any challenge for your

faith is enough to move mountains the

true Treasure of life lies in communion

with me in the deep and intimate

relationship we can have more than the

material blessings I grant you more than

the victories I reserve for you the

greatest gift I can offer you is my

constant presence in your life when you

come to me in Worship in gratitude in

search of my face you will experience a

fullness of joy that no earthly success

can provide in my arms you will find

Solace for your weary Soul comfort for

your troubled heart and a peace that

surpasses all

understanding therefore do not neglect

your time with me do not let the

concerns of this world draw you away

from the source of Life devote yourself

to prayer to reading my word to

communion with other brothers and

sisters in the faith for it is in this

spiritual atmosphere that your faith

strengthens your hope renews and your


deepens I am protecting your life and

those of your loved ones with my shield

of protection

I will guide you along the paths of

goodness and love freeing you from

worries doubts and fears I love you and

care for you and your loved ones

tenderly and

affectionately open your heart to all

the love I have for you I am declaring

that doors will open clearing away

negativity and correcting what went

wrong I am cleansing you of your sins

and removing all weariness and timidity

strengthening you to grow stronger every

day show your faith by trusting in my

word and firmly rejecting negativity do

not let any discouraging word pass

through your lips and prevent anyone

from planting negative thoughts in your

mind always remember I am with you I

love you with an eternal love and I am

always ready to receive you with open

arms entrust me with your burdens trust

in my loving care and allow me to guide

your steps along the path of a special

life I have prepared for you I am the

god who gave you life your future is in

my hands and my will shall be done I

desire that from now on upon Awakening

every morning you face each New Day

first with gratitude and then with the

determination of a winner I am

instilling in you the longing to

overcome challenges to make changes in

your life and to revitalize your body

and mind be brave be confident for I am

with you until the end of time and

always remember this truth I will give

you everything you need at the right

moment and that moment will be soon amen

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your life thank you

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