God Says: I Don’t Want You To cry, My Child | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I have kept you from

dying in accidents stopped diseases

before they got to you messed up the

plans of Thieves and criminals and

scolded the enemy of your soul when it

tried to eat you I want to tell you

again how much I love you and that no

matter what happens you are still safe

and loved by me to be kind though I also

ask that you stop being upset or scared

when problems happen you told me you

would believe me and not care what other

people say know that I have wrapped my

arms around you and that no one else’s

lies or threats can hurt you as far as

Faith maturity and wisdom go you are at

the top of the list where I put you up

higher away from arguments and trouble

where they can’t hurt you they want to

know how you feel so they can take away

your peace of mind their plan is to make

your thoughts go crazy and out of

control so you might hurt people who are

in your way that’s why I want you to

accept my peace taking time in silence

no matter where you are is just a matter

of Faith say my word to yourself or to

someone else the power of my promises

will break your chains and I will stop

you from worrying about and getting

nervous about Lies when bad news comes

you shouldn’t lose your cool even if

it’s true you should look strong and

keep your head up you can be sure that I

will always be with you because as I

talk to your soul people who attack you

think that no one is watching out for

them and that what they say can hurt you

do not believe them do not let their

lies take over your heart and mind I

will give you the strength to beat these

enemies and if you mess up I will always

listen to your heartfelt apology with

love also trust me when I say that you

will be truly happy and blessed if you

stay away from error and those harmful

friends who do you want to believe I

know you are a person because I’ve asked

you this many times now you must

understand that I am God you have faith

and I have power you might feel weak

sometimes and I’ll always be here to

help you I have kept your family safe

from dangerous situations and will

continue to do so however I want you and

your whole family to seek me out trust

my word and receive all of my holy

promises talk to them please and let let

them know that I know about their lives

and need them to follow through with a

special plan tell them not to feel bad

or sad if they think they’ve lost

something like a friend a job or their

own plans that didn’t work out tell them

over and over everything happens for a

reason and our beloved God is in charge

things that look bad will turn out to be

good in the end look for me every day

and be thankful no matter what good or

bad trust me when I say that wonderful

Miracles will happen when your hearts

are full of Praise tell them not to

worry my message is with you everything

will be okay you and your family will

soon be blessed in a big way you have

stood strong and kept the faith in The

Quiet Moments of reflection let the

Assurance of my love wash over you like

a gentle tide bringing Serenity to your

heart the challenges you face are

temporary trust in my guidance and you

will emerge stronger resilient and

Victorious as you navigate the

uncertainties of Life remember that I Am

The Anchor holding you steady in the

storm providing unwavering support your

journey is intricately woven into the

grand tapestry of my divine plan where

every thread of hardship contributes to

the Masterpiece of your purpose release

the burdens of yesterday embrace the

opportunities of today and step into the

promise of a tomorrow filled with with

hope Grace and boundless

possibilities in the Stillness of prayer

let your spirit soar connecting with the

Limitless power that is always ready to

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