God Says: I Choose You To Join My Heaven, Don’t Ignore | Jesus message | God Message Today

my beloved child discuss your mistakes

with me and be open to the lessons I

wish to teach you I am here to help you

grow remember this My Chosen One You Are

Holy and dearly loved though you are not

without imperfections or sin I see you

through the radiant lens of my

righteousness you are clothed in my

perfect righteousness forever moreover

you are dearly loved let this profound

truth sink deep into your heart mind and

spirit beloved it is your truest

identity when you gaze upon your

reflection say to yourself I am my

beloveds repeat these words throughout

your day and before you sleep anchored

in the perfect love of the king of glory

you find a solid foundation for your

life with your identity securely rooted

in me you can extend compassion kindness

humility gentleness and patience to


knowing that the Holy Spirit within you

will help he Delights in living through

you blessing you and those around you I

will bless my people with peace This

Promise is for all who trust me as their

savior so when anxiety looms offer this

prayer Jesus bless me with your peace

this simple plea connects you to me and

opens you to my peace peace and trust in

me are intimately intertwined the more

you lean on me with confident dependence

the less fear will grip your heart if

your trust in me remains steadfast you

need not fear even in the face of

troubling news rest assured this world

may Harbor bad news but I am not ringing

my hands in helplessness I am constantly

at work even in the most dire situations

bringing good out of evil my kingdom is

about transformation and I invite you to

join me in this endeavor live as a child

of the light together we will draw

others out of darkness and into the

transforming light of my presence you

will find me when you search for me with

all your heart this task is both

delightful and challenging spending time

in my presence is a privilege reserved

for those who know me as Savior and Lord

to fully benefit from this precious

experience seek me with your whole heart

though your mind May often be Tangled

and distracted ask my spirit to guard

your thoughts and protect your heart

from distractions distortions anxieties

and other snares this will help you

unscramble your thoughts and calm your

heart freeing you to search for me

unhindered I want you to seek me not

only in moments of quiet but also in the

midst of your daily activities your

remarkable mind can focus on me even

amidst busyness the simple prayer Jesus

Keep Me aware of your presence can be

like soft background music playing

continually beneath your other mental

activities when your mind remains fixed

on me you will find perfect peace I will

restore to you the joy of my salvation

when you come to me with a humble heart

and confess your sins I gladly forgive

you but there is more I restore to you

the salvation of your soul is a source

of inexpressible and glorious Joy I

desire for you to experience the Deep

pleasure of a close relationship with me

once more I long to be your first love

in a world filled with distractions and

competing demands

it is essential to keep me first in your

heart when routines become tedious

duties pause and remember who I am the

king of kings the Lord of lords the

Creator the sustainer of this vast

Universe spend extra time in worship and

adoration before bringing your other

prayers and petitions this will awaken

your heart to the glory of my presence

and to the joy of knowing me share this

video with your contacts if you like

love me and also subscribe to the


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with my voice

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  1. Heaven my ALMIGHTY my jesus I want to see you hold my hands never leave my hands TOGETHER God you and me walking around the garden. Dreaming to happen soon. LOVE you jesus ALWAYS for EVER and EVER


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