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my beloved I come to you in your time of

need I hear your prayers I see your

suffering and I am right here to help

guide you to a better path for too long

you have persevered through problem pain

and despair you have faced cruelty and

Injustice when all you sought was love

you have been made to feel small and

worthless by those unable to see your

actual worth but no more I inform you

now you are valuable you are so very

valuable to me I cherish you deeply just

as you are flaws and all you are Beloved

the burdens you elevate have become too

heavy too much for one person alone so

lay down those burdens if only for a

second and let me raise you up let my

strong hands envelop you and give you

respit Let My Words soothe your weary

Soul you need not suffer silently in

solitude anymore unburden yourself to me

without fear of judgment or reproach

talk your thinking endure your heart

voice your dreams I am here I am

listening and I understand better than

you comprehend for too long you have

dwelt in the past ruminating on all that

has hurt you you have been traversing

the Wilderness without realizing an

oasis lies just ahead I am your Oasis

cool calm lifegiving I am the bomb to

your your wounds and the peace for your

restless thoughts With Me the Way

Forward shall not burn so hot against

your feet the stones shall not cut so

deep my presence by your side will

sustain you and if you stumble I shall

catch you when you are ready we will

walk on together to better days I

promise you first drink deeply of my

Living Waters to cleanse Body and Soul

be still and know my love let it flow V

and around you infinite you need not

earn my affections they have always been

yours you are Priceless honestly because

I say you are important my judgment is

the only one that matters there are hard

truths we must talk about in Time tough

Chang is coming I cannot Shield you from

them but for now rest in the certainty

that you are safe here with me no one

can touch you no one can make you feel

less than whole without your consent

right here right now you are only love

when you are ready we will talk of Faith

yours has been shaken to many times

people have let you down or caused you

direct harm deliberately or not I

understand the impulse to Shield your

heart to trust no one but a life lived

in fear and isolation loses meaning we

must rebuild what was damaged when the

time comes this shall be our work for

today do not worry about material

matters lost or won do not measure your

worth in money possessions or reputation

symbols do not define you none of it is

real none of it LS but my love is real

and eternal I am all the protection you

need with me you shall never be in want

together we will cultivate the good in

your life and nourish your spirit I have

blessed you abundantly with talents and

Gifts unique to you we will explore them

together and find beautiful ways for

them to Blossom be proud of who you are

you have such wondrous contributions

still to make I see now that words alone

cannot soothe the depths of your pain

and repair the Damage Done we shall talk

again tomorrow when you are rested for

now feel my peace wash over your body my

love sink into your bones be still be

calm be safe I am here I shall remain by

your side Through The Night We Begin

Again with the dawn the choices made

today will set the course for the rest

of your journey and I will help guide

you to the outcomes you are seeking have

patience and Trust the sun always Rises

and your brighter days have already

begun the path you take leads away from

acrimony and resentment anger only

breeds more anger while forgiveness

clears the air for healing those who

have hurt you shall make amends in their

own time but you must let old pains go

to receive my blessing this is hard I

know for some wounds feel to Raw but

with me all things can be overcome in

time ahead you will find tests of

courage and resolve that cannot be

avoided the fire that temper steel is

never easy to endure but you shall

emerge renewed made better and stronger

for having passed through the Flames we

all can choose easy when hardship

beckons so have pride in your metal I

will never ask more of you than I know

in my heart you can give and I will be

near to lift and guide you when you

falter you need only reach out your hand

this too shall be our work together

nurturing courage and kindling

conviction when adversity arises you

must face it with square shoulders and

head held high the world may seek to

make you feel small at times people will

question and doubt you they may even

work against you out of jealousy or

misplaced Vengeance but their words lose

all power if you refuse to let them in

no one defines your worth but me take

note at always I want you to hold your

head high through trials I want joy and

fulfillment to permeate your days lefter

warmth light these should fill up your

life but they often feel Out Of Reach

when basic needs go unmet when the

future remains uncertain my friend this

too I shall help you address in my own

way and on my own time for I have seen

the truth in The Quiet Moments When you

think yourself unobserved and Beyond

judgment I have witnessed the kindness

and generosity you exhibit when you

expect nothing in return the care you

take patching up the those you find

hurting and lust speaks to your own

painful Road you seek for others what

the world has not given you and that is

a remarkable thing indeed no I have

beheld the beauty courage and compassion

within you and found it Divine We Begin

by peeling back the layers of untruths

foisted upon you by those Unworthy of

your trust only those capable of

recognizing true worth possessed

Judgment of any value so many have fa

fail even to see you let alone admire

your light do not carry the

misconceptions of others a second longer

allow me to renew your thinking so it

more perfectly reflects your reality for

you have endured a purification by firem

man to burn away all that held you back

from Transcendence but you chose only

the negative heat of the Flames not the

radiant light emerging from the forge my

friend you dwell in the fire but are not

consumed and what remains has been honed

to Great purpose this too we shall

discuss when you have regained more of

your Vigor there is vital work ahead I

have need of your unique skills and

perspective my beloved know that I shall

never abandon nor forsake you no matter

how profound the loneliness or difficult

the road I am ever by your side

sometimes carried inside sometimes

walking beside you you have only me to

reach out and I am there ready to share

every joy and ease every sorrow I will

help shoulder your heaviest burdens so

that your way forward stands clear

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