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my beloved child you have been reborn

into a Living Hope through my

resurrection from the dead I willingly

laid down my life on the cross to pay

the penalty for the sins of all who

believe in me however had I remained in

the grave your faith would be in vain

and you would remain spiritually dead

burdened by the weight of your sins but

I as the Living God could not be

defeated by death as I declared clearly

to those who questioned me I and my

father are one my resurrection is a

well-documented historical fact and it

paved the way for you to experience New

Birth by confessing your sins and

placing your trust in me as your savior

you have become one of my own journeying

along a path illuminated by Living Hope

my loving presence radiant and

unwavering shines upon you even in your

darkest and most challenging moments

look to me beloved and let the

Brilliance of my love Pierce through the

darkness filling your heart with joy

those who look to me radiate with a

Divine Light I am the Eternal Sun

shining perpetually even when your

circumstances appear dire and your path

is shrouded in darkness because you know

me as your savior you possess a source

of light that transcends the darkness I

designed you to reflect my glory and you

do so by turning your face toward the

light take moments of Stillness in my

presence turning your face heavenward to

bask in my Radiance the longer you

linger in this light-filled atmosphere

the more I can bless and strengthen you

consider Whispering the words of Jacob

surely the Lord is in this place I am

present everywhere and at all times

whether or not you sense my nearness

intentionally spending time with me can

heighten your awareness of my presence

pres and enable you to shine my light

into the world radiating my love to

those around you cling to me beloved for

my right hand supports you when you hold

on to me with childlike dependence you

demonstrate your commitment to our

relationship I use difficult times to

refine your faith and prove its

genuiness as you cling to me amidst

adversity your faith grows stronger and

you find comfort in knowing that I will

always be there to help you through

various trials you gain the confidence

that you can navigate future hardships

with my assistance and you come to

understand more deeply that I will never

fail to support you so in the darkest of

nights and the toughest of times

remember that my right hand upholds you

this hand that lifts you is both strong

and righteous offering Limitless support

when you feel overwhelmed do not despair

instead look to me in my strength be

assured that my powerful hand hand is

also just and all that it provides is

good do not fear for I will strengthen

you I will help you and I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand I am

your help and your Shield pay close

attention to the word your I’m not

merely a help and a shield I am yours

forever and for all eternity allow this

unbreakable commitment to strengthen and

encourage you as you journey through

life with me I will never leave you nor

forsake you you can depend on on me

because I am your help you need not fear

your own inadequacies when You Face

daunting challenges rejoice in the

knowledge that I stand ready to assist

you acknowledge your limitations openly

and Trust in my boundless

sufficiency together you and I can

achieve anything in accordance with my

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