God Says, I Am In Your Room Right Now! Please Don’t Skip Me! If You Love Me | God message jesus |

super thanks for your receptivity your

openness to Divine Grace is a testament

your strength join our Channel

membership to deepen your connection to

the infinite abundance of the


universe together let us walk this day

with hearts ATT tune to the symphony of

creation eyes open to the beauty laid

before us

and Spirits willing to be moved by the

Grandeur of divine


love as you go forth into the world may

you carry the light of divine love

within you shining brightly for all to

see and may you always remember that you

are deeply loved infinitely cherished

and eternally blessed


super thanks for being a vessel of

divine love your presence is a blessing

to all who encounter you join our

Channel membership to amplify your

impact and spread the message of love



unity dear cherished one as you embark

on your journey through life I offer you

my perspective to illuminate your path

and Empower your steps ready yourself to

take action yet do not allow challenges

to consume your


focus instead entrust your worries to me

for I possess the capacity to manage

them move forward with a heart

unburdened by concerns for I have

pledged to sustain you and fulfill your

needs abundantly drawing from my vast



in moments when you doubt your Readiness

to face a new day or task remember this

truth my grace is

inexhaustible it flows continuously

available to you in the present moment

rather than lamenting your perceived

inadequacies rejoice in the awareness of

your dependence on

me acknowledge that your strength is

magnified when you embrace your need for

assistance surrender your concerns to me

and revel in the Assurance of my


sufficiency together let us collaborate

in the pursuit of Excellence Envision

the profound impact of partnering with

me The Sovereign of all align your will

with mine offering your life as a sacred

offering in this act act of worship

discover profound meaning and joy

knowing that it brings Delight to my


heart consider the Splendor of my

creation and the selflessness of my

sacrifice as I left the glory of Heaven

to extend an invitation into my kingdom

of eternal light and life Delight in my

presence allowing joy to permeate your

being in draw you nearer to me as you

bask in the radiance of my Holiness your

happiness becomes a beacon blessing

those in your midst and Beyond


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