God Says, “I AM CALLING YOU BECAUSE TONIGHT…..”?God’s Message Today

my precious

child it is I your lord Jesus Christ

speaking to you with the depths of my

heart I have called you because from

tonight you don’t have to be a victim of


emotions listen closely to your ones

many have fallen into the Trap of

believing they are bound to their

emotions saying I can’t help

it my emotions control

me if this sentiment has ever resonated

with you let me share a profound

truth you can find stability and

maturity in


you need not to be a hostage to your

emotions andly

it I gifted you with emotions to taste

the breath of joy and


yet I never purposed for these emotions

to steer you

course with my Divine counsel you can

educate your mind will and

emotions you can trans for a steadfast

mature follower of Christ who aligns

with my part rather than yielding to the

capricious nature of passing

feelings take courage for I have endured

you with the capacity to master your

emotions it is a master of the choice a

decision to submit not to the chaos of

emotions but to the divine order of my


embrace the spirit of discipline I have


you remember dear ones I never intended

for you to be enslaved by your

emotions my desire is for you to

navigate life using the campass of my

word and the guidance of my

spirit rise above the misconception that

your feelings dictate your fate with my

grace you can carve a path of stability

maturity and unwavering

faith in the sanctu of my

love discover the strength to govern


emotions to soar above the turbulence

and to radiate as a beacon of stability

and maturity on your Journey of

Faith trust in me for I am the Ang

anchor In This Storm of emotions

providing a solid foundation for a life

Guided by my eternal

wisdom so take hurt you are not meant to

be controlled by your emotions but by a

purpose God has assigned to you with his

love and

wisdom may you be blessed in his name


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