God Says: “I AM BEGGING YOUR 1 MINUTE” |God Message Today | God’s Word Today

dearest child of mine I speak to you now

imparting Divine wisdom and boundless

love listen to The Gentle Cadence of my

voice as I unveil these Timeless truths


you it is my fervent desire that you

grasp the profound significance of

confronting the challenges that life

presents life my dear child is a journey

filled with challenges and

tribulations but never forget that I

have endowed you with the strength and

wisdom to conquer any obstacle in this

world you are capable of facing these

challenges headon finding Solutions and

liberating yourself from their

grasp don’t let them engulf you instead

let them be stepping stones to your


growth type yes if you

believe in a world where many are

preoccupied with impressing Newfound

companions it’s easy to overlook those

who have unwaveringly stood by your

side understand that not everyone is

meant to be a permanent fixture on your


journey some Souls cross your path

briefly offering valuable lessons and a

treasury of

wisdom Embrace these lessons and hold

dear the memories for they mold your


growth sadness often lurks in the

shadows unnoticed until it transforms

into anger leaving you unfairly branded

as the

transgressor but I encourage you to

personify ify true

maturity you have the capacity to

retaliate and inflict harm upon those

who have wronged you but I beseech you

to choose a different

path inhale deeply take a step away and

trust that life will take care of the

rest release the burden from your weary

shoulders and place your faith in my


Justice type to affirm your

belief faith and prayer my dear are the

sustenance that nourishes your

soul just as your body craves essential

vitamins for health your spirit thrives

on the fortitude derived from faith and

the communion of

prayer without them you may feel

spiritually depleted and


Embrace Faith as the Bedrock of your

existence and allow your prayers to

evolve into a sanctuary where your soul

finds profound

Solace if this message resonates within

the depths of your being I extend an

invitation for you to respond with Amen

in the comments

below by doing so you swing wide the

door for my abundant blessing to Cascade

into your

life embrace the wisdom I bestow and

know that I am ever at your side guiding

you toward a life brimming with purpose

joy and boundless

love may your faith remain unwavering

your prayers a Wellspring of Solace and

my divine grace your constant companion

on your extraordinary

Journey thank you for joining me today

my dear

child until we meet again may you be

blessed with the strength to face life’s

challenges the wisdom to cherish your

relationships and the grace to choose

maturity over



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