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my beloved child I gently widen the path

Beneath Your Feet ensuring your steps


steady this is a testament to how

intricately I am involved in your

journey through life I know every twist

and turn that lies ahead and I am ready

to adjust your path to make it

smoother sometimes I reveal the ways in

which I have intervened on your behalf

while at other times you remain

blissfully unaware of the hardships I

have shielded you from in every instance

my work to ease Your Way Forward is a

testament to my deep and Abiding Love

For You I understand that from your

perspective my ways can often seem

mysterious I do not Shield you or anyone

from every trial and tribulation even

during my time on Earth I willingly

endured immense pain humiliation and

Agony on the cross all for your sake

there I experienced unimaginable

suffering when my father momentarily

turned away from me but it was through

this excruciating isolation that I

ensured you would never have to suffer

alone remember I have promised I am with

you always my presence is a constant

source of Joy available to you in every

moment in the present you can find an

unending Feast of Joy I’m teaching you

to rejoice in me at all times a choice

you can make Moment by moment

even in the midst of your most trying

circumstances I’m always near ready to

carry you through the toughest of times

consider the excitement of a woman

engaged to the one she loves most her

heart brims with joy at the mere thought

of her beloved when he occupies her mind

troubles Fade Into the background unable

to dampen her enthusiasm and excitement

similarly when you remember that I am

your Eternal beloved and that you are

pro promised to me forever you can find

joy in me despite life’s difficulties

the satisfaction you derive from my

presence enables you to interact with

others in a way that blesses them with

your joy do not let fear or

discouragement be your companions on the

path of the unknown when you gaze into

an uncertain future they eagerly await

your arrival fear and discouragement are

ever ready to accompany you if you allow

them but know this I am always with you

holding you securely by your right hand

because I exist beyond the confines of

time I am also present on the path that

lies ahead shining brightly beckoning

you forward encouraging you to keep your

eyes fixed upon me cling tightly to my

hand and confidently pass by the dark

specters of fear and despair keep your

gaze fixed upon my radiant presence

which radiates unwavering love and

boundless encouragement your con

confidence stems from the knowledge that

I am with you always and that I am

already in your future Paving the way

before you I call out to you with words

of wisdom courage and hope do not fear

for I am with you do not be dismayed for

I am your God I will strengthen you and

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand I am your savior

and no matter the state of the world you

can find joy in me

this world has been in a state of

Brokenness since the Disobedience of

Adam and Eve their tragic story marked

by the loss of their son Abel and Cain’s

subsequent murder of his brother Abel is

a stark reminder of the ongoing

consequences of Humanity’s Fall From

Grace this world remains fraught with

danger and uncertainty but your daily

challenge is to find Joy amidst the

Brokenness always remind yourself Jesus

is with me and for me nothing can

separate me from his is love pour your

energy into experiencing my presence and

seeking the goodness that still exists

in this world use your gifts to shine my

light into the places where I have

granted you access do not be afraid of

bad news for I am capable of bringing

good out of evil train your heart to

stand firm in trust knowing that I your

savior am with you share this video with

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