God Says: I Am Angry Because You Always Skip Me | God Message Today |

my beloved Child come closer and hear my

voice as soft as The Whisper Of The Wind

yet as steadfast as the ground Beneath

Your Feet let me wrap you in words of

Eternal Assurance for I have much to

share with you understand this that your

life is not a series of chance

happenings but a tapestry woven with

Divine Purpose every thread represents a

moment a decision a heartbeat of your

existence I know each one for I am the

Weaver your Joys your Sorrows your

triumphs and your trials are known to me

Rejoice not just because your name is

etched in the celestial book of life but

also because I have sculpted your days

with loving intention you see in My

Kingdom time booze to Eternity and so

your life a fleeting wisp of vapor here

is securely anchored in the forever that

I hold you are Justified yes through

faith in me as your Risen Savior but you

are also glorified the glory is not just

a future promise it is a present reality

subtly infusing your being with a

Radiance that the shadows of this world

cannot diminish Joy oh sweet joy it is

the melody that plays in the background

of your soul a constant tune that can

swell to a symphony even amid life’s

fiercest storms This Joy is not of your

own making it is my gift to you a token

of my unending love it is the peace that

passes all understanding the

unquenchable light in the darkness do

you feel it it’s there within you

because you are mine come then at the

dawn of each new day stand before me

with hands unfurled and heart unguarded

whisper to me Jesus I am here for your

joy and I will pour into you just that

joy unspeakable from the inexhaustible

Wellsprings of my grace let my presence

infold you let it seep into your very

bones fortifying you against the

onslaught of daily toils and worries

remember as you step out into the world

that I am never a distant deity I am as

close as your next breath as intimate as

your most private thoughts you need not

shout to gain my attention a murmur even

a sigh draws my gaze and my response

come back to me as often as you need for

a touch a word a smile there is no

rationing in my economy of abundance my

stores of Joy are boundless ever for

your need never forget the profound

mystery that you are seated with me in

the Heavenly Realms though you walk the

earth your spirit touches the outskirts

of Heaven you are a citizen of an

eternal Kingdom a realm where love

Reigns Supreme where Justice flows like

a mighty River and where the currency is

Grace what does it mean to be seated

with me it is a position of Honor a

testament to your identity as my beloved

it is a promise that your life is more

than what you see more than the

struggles you endure it is a foretaste

of the glory that is to come where every

tear will be wiped away every Brokenness

mended and every sorrow turned to

dancing I knew the joy that awaited you

the inexpressible glory filled joy that

comes from walking in my presence come

draw nearer let the walls around your

heart crumble and fall let your spirit

soar in the vastness of my love in my

presence there is fullness of joy joy

that does not hinge on circumstances or

waver with the Winds of Change it is as

enduring as my love for you boundless

and uncontainable remember the cross my

child remember the Thorns the nails the

unyielding wood the price of your

freedom I overcame sin and death not as

a conqueror demanding tribute but as a

loving father ensuring the future of his

beloved children my Triumph opened a

path a bridge from Earth to heaven for

all who would take hold of my grace for

all who would believe in your journey

through this world you will encounter

Trials of many kinds but take heart for

the outcome of your faith the rescue and

Redemption of your very soul is safe in

my hands this assurance is yours as

certain as the dawn as unshakable as my

Throne trust in me your savior God and

let this trust spill over into

uncontainable joy and in your joy let

your light shine let it break forth like

the dawn chasing away the shadows in the

lives around you you are my Ambassador

the bearer of my truth share it

generously love unconditionally and live


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