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God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

speak to you not as an aloof deity but

as a loving parent watching over you

with unyielding compassion throughout

your journey I have stood by your side

waiting patiently for you to turn to me

to confide in me and to seek Solace In

My Embrace yet I have noticed with a

heavy heart that you have not sought

refuge in my presence as I had hoped I

understand the burdens that weigh upon

your soul the trials and tribulations

that have tested your spirit I have

witnessed your struggles your doubts and

your fears but my child I am here to

remind you that you are never alone I am

here always

ready to listen to guide and to comfort

you in your darkest hours I have

beckoned you to come to me to lay your

burdens at my feet and to find peace

within the sanctuary of my love yet you

have hesitated allowing the noise of the

world to drown out the gentle Whispers

of my call you have turned away seeking

Solace and fleeting distractions instead

of finding finding true fulfillment in

our divine connection but fear not my

beloved child for I have not given up on

you I have sent you this message as a

gentle reminder a loving nudge to steer

you back onto the path of righteousness

and Grace the time has come for you to

heed my call to seek me out in the

sacred sanctuary of my house I invite

you to come to church not as a duty your

obligation but as a sanctuary for your

weary Soul within the hallowed Halls of

my dwelling you will find a community of

Kindred Spirits ready to embrace you

with open arms and hearts together we

will lift our voices in Praise seeking

Solace and strength in our shared Faith

do not be afraid to open up to lay be

your struggles and your fears before me

for in your vulnerability you will find

strength and in your honesty you will

find Healing trust in my love my child

for it knows no bounds I am here to

guide you to uplift you and to carry you

through the darkest of nights into the

dawn of a new day let go of your pride

your doubts and your fears and surrender

yourself to the infinite love that I

offer I have been waiting for you my

child with arms outstretched and heart

wide open come to me now and together we

will embark on a journey of spiritual

renewal and divine grace amen

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