God Says – He is asking for 1 Minutes

what I have to say

my most treasured child you will find Healing strength and everything else you

are looking for within them as I shower you with messages on a daily basis I

provide you an infinite number of promises with the intention of filling

your trust to the brim while you are praying put your faith in the guarantees

that I have provided Ed to you you are worthy and you are mine your happiness

is of the utmost importance dearly love son and darling daughter consequently I

beseech you to pay attention to each and every one of my words as they Revitalize

and nurture your spirit when you hear my voice it lifts your spirit above the

pain and helplessness that you are EXP experiencing despite the fact that you

may be burdened by difficulties conflicts illness and pain

you do not have to be oppressed by them forever there is release waiting for you

in the light of my teachings you do not have to continue to endure the same

burdens over and over again a person’s history does not determine their Destiny

you are significant to me and to people people who are in your immediate

vicinity accept life as it is never give up and have an wavering Faith Rise Above

All That is bothering you be steadfast in your commitment to these vows and

Edge them into your heart to guarantee that they are remembered you should say

them out loud in light of the fact that your adversaries may try to smear your

reputation taint your feelings and take away your

determination I strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in my love on a

daily basis however do not give in through the power of prayer faith and

bathing in the Divine love that has remained unwavering regardless of the

circumstances you will be able to stand firm against these assaults this love

which is unchanging will be with you forever after you have taken in this

information cover your face with your hands in a gentle manner while focusing

on the sensation of the warmth of your breath and the feel of your skin at this

very instant make yourself aware of a Divine feeling that is sweeping through

your hands and permeating your entire being after hearing these remarks you

will exit feeling refresh Fred and filled with joy in order to cleanse you

of the feelings that are disrupting your Tranquility I will anoint you with holy

oil embracing my love is something I beseech you to do with tears in my eyes

my infant son if I were to abandon you after giving everything I had for you

your foes would try to trick you into believing something that is not true you

are not forgotten or abandoned in a Barren desert or the dept

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