God Says : God’s Message of Hope and Blessings | God message jesus |

God’s message for you

today when I see you I see a special

part of me shining through you’re like a

little piece of my love and the whole

universe wants to see you to well grow

and be your awesome

self every time you breathe remember

that I am here ready to send good things


way letting go and trusting me is a way

to show you believe in me it’s like

opening the door for blessings to come


in you might be facing tough stuff in

life but even in the hard times good

things are happening behind the

scenes the challenges you go through

aren’t pointless their chances for you

to grow learn and trust me more

more believing in me doesn’t mean

avoiding tough times it means knowing

I’m right there with you no matter

what there’s no limit to the blessings I

have as long as you’re open to receiving

then sometimes you might think you’re

not good enough but you

are I can turn bad stuff into good

sadness into happiness happiness and

despair into hope even when things seem

really bad I can still make amazing

things happen in your

life leave a message for God in the


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