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God’s message for you

today my beloved son or daughter I know

life can be really tough sometimes it’s

like hiking up a steep mountain or going

through a deep valley but no matter what

obstacles you face I’m right there with

you whenever you hit a roadblock see it

as a chance to grow stronger and learn

even when things seem impossible

remember I can make a way out of no

way when doubts and fears creep in trust

that I’m guiding you every step of the

way don’t let despair take over instead

let your faith shine

bright I see your heart and I know you

can overcome anything even when it feels

like you’re stuck remember how big I am

compared to your

problems challenges might feel like

storms but they won’t last forever I’m

always here to give you peace and help

you through think of my words as a

flashlight guiding you through the dark

and be patient sometimes the solution

takes time but I’m always working for

your good when life gets tough remember you’re not

alone reach out to others for support

but always rely on me the

most if you think God is real comment


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