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God’s message for you

today think about each day like a new

chapter in your life book every morning

is a fresh page waiting for you to write

the stories that only you can

tell in this special story of yours

every word every choice is like a stroke

on the painting of your

life remember you’re the one writing

your story but I’m like the caring

editor who understands every part of

it time isn’t something to fight against

but something that helps you understand

yourself better every step you take

every moment you live is a chance for

you to show your amazing

potential being patient helps you grow

when you’re searching for wisdom

learning more about my world is like

going on a spiritual

journey Time Shows who your true friends

and loved ones are it reveals how strong

the bond you share with those who walk

beside you really

are being excellent isn’t just about one

big thing but about working hard every

day every challenge you face he helps

build your

character take care of your body because

it’s where your soul lives Every Breath

You Take is like the music of Life EO


you comment God if you believe

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