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Jesus my dear child today you will

comprehend the magnitude of my eternal

love of my sincere

affection you will know how deeply

cherished you are and no Enemy by your

side can tear you apart release the past

I want your hands free to receive the

blessings that will soon knock on your

door it will lift you from sadness and

carry you to places where you can grow

and prosper let’s pause for a moment and

offer a prayer together heavenly father

on this day I open my heart to receive

the magnitude of your eternal love and

sincere affection grant me the strength

to release the weight of the past and

make my hands free to embrace the

blessings knocking on my door I seek

Your Divine guidance as I embark on a

journey towards growth and

prosperity bless bless me with the

courage to act on your word to let go of

bitterness and to find happiness in your

chosen path for

me May this prayer be a Beacon of Hope

leading me to walk confidently towards

the success you have destined for my

life amen if you find solace in these

words subscribe to Jesus talk for more

Divine guidance and

inspiration your spiritual journey

matters you are blessed because your

soul has wept and for you I have a crown

a spiritual blessing to enjoy to

treasure to share a blessing that will

grow and multiply time has come for you

to act on my word to forget the past

sorrows and set your sights on the

ultimate goal don’t seek happiness in

the enslavement of bitter memories or

dependence on those who wish to thwart

the plans I’ve chosen for you if you

trust me believe with a sincere heart in

this powerful purpose I have for you for

I am giving you potent gifts gifts great

talents ideas dreams new abilities yet

to be discovered everything is real I’ve

bestowed upon you the power to work with

wisdom and Triumph rise knock on doors

and they will open the doors ey open no

one can

shut I don’t want to see you sitting

dwelling on the despair of a life filled

with dreams unfulfilled that’s not my

plan for you I want you to walk with

confidence towards assured success it

won’t be easy you’ll have to fight but

Celestial angels will surround you in

battle my word is your sword your faith

your Shield my spirit your banner your

passion for living and doing my will the

strength that will sustain you do not

fear do not falter for even despite your

mistakes and shortcomings nothing and no

one can separate you from my love if you

believe rise if you rise walk and if you

walk don’t look back I am waiting for

you at the end of your journey with your

blessing in my hands my mighty arm

always ready to assist you when you feel

you need me even when you’re distant or

disheartened due to your mistakes I

understand you I am your Creator and I

continue to love protect and care for

you close your ears to negativity

remember that my word has commanded you

not to faint don’t let your feelings

dominate your thoughts your behavior

avior or your actions don’t let life’s

discouragements destroy your faith

whether in good times or bad I have been

by your side even when you feel weakest

please keep your faith however small it

may seem even if your emotions tell you

otherwise my spirit and my word tell you

today not to stop Fear not humans I am

your helper a person like you does not

cower you are brave even in difficult

times you will walk through fire un

scathed cross turbulent Waters without

drowning do not lose heart for I will be

with you wherever you go I will not

leave abandon or reject you I don’t want

to see you sitting devoid of enthusiasm

dragging the despair that plagues your

soul when I see you I feel compassion

and love because I know that no one

around you truly understands the depths

of your pain you bear it in silence

while your spirit crumbles

within I see you blame yourself for the

many challenges you face but I am not

here to judge I’m here to extend my love

and offer you a way out of the darkness

that envelops you I want your salvation

not your distance from me or your

continued descent into guilt and

hopelessness I forgiven all your

transgressions because you’ve repented

I’ve forgotten your mistakes now forget

them yourself it’s time for a new

chapter in your life one filled with

freedom and joy release the burdens the

sorrow the frustration do not let your

Spirit hold grudges I understand it’s

difficult for you’ve been deeply wounded

by those who have wronged you you

believe they’ve robbed you of the right

to happiness but I’ve come to rescue you

all of that is in the past let it go and

embrace this opportunity to once again

feel my love and kindness the tears of

Despair will soon be replaced by Tears

of Joy the Dark Nights of your soul will

fade and the light of my presence will

illuminate your life open your eyes and

see sharpen your ears and listen for I

bring you good

news whenever you face a new problem

remember my words my promise is

unwavering and the happiness I will

bestow upon you is endless focus on my

voice speaking to you with love assuring

you that I am the solution to your

anxiety and suffering have faith in me

Surrender Your Heart to me when you feel

weary and drained when you can’t go on

come to my side

I will give you the strength you need

and fill you with peace trust me give me

your heart have faith and wait when the

days come when you feel exhausted

remember that I am here to renew your

strength and fill you with peace fear

not for wondrous blessings both

beautiful and marvelous are on the

horizon the very words that Grace your

ears each day are swn deep within your

soul they burgeon and strengthen taking

root nurturing the fruits of your

prayers your Harvest approaches and it

shall be bounous your happiness

immeasurable laughter shall overflow

from your lips and your heart shall

ReSound with praise therefore let not

the shadows of negativity which

occasionally befall you dismay your

spirit know that my word once spoken

returns not in vain it shall affect

profound changes within your spirit your

finances your family your life a flame

that had dwindled shall rekindle infus

using your body with renewed Vigor I

bestow upon you a fresh existence yet it

requires your belief do not let your

mind cling to the past my Holy Spirit

resides within you transforming you into

a new creation rally your newfound

strength to reap the Harvest that soon

awaits you remember your life in this

world is but borrowed time years hasten

time dwindles yet your journey stretches

far I impart these words to ensure you

treasure your hours grasp tightly the

faith that dwells within your soul write

upon a piece of parchment all your

dreams prayers and desires bring them to

me each Dawn face each day with

unwavering faith and enthusiasm stay

vigilant for I shall open doors for you

press onward Never Surrender persistence

is your ally remarkable Transformations

are already underway among those you

hold dear I mend your finances arrange

the PE pieces to restore Harmony to your

home I speak to you daily Divine words

to enrich your soul with wisdom seek out

Kindred Spirits who radiate my peace and

love who proclaim the mighty name of

Jesus without shame let their lips

abstain from slander and deceit May

their actions reflect my goodness for

where two or three Gather in my name my

presence descends healing and bestowing

life a season of Miracles awaits you in

trust me with your burdens and find

Solace pay attention observe your

surroundings and you will discern the

dawn of a new era a time of Abundant




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