God Says : Finding Forgiveness: God’s Message of Love and Redemption | God message jesus |

listen to what God has to say to you

today my child let’s talk about the

mistakes you’ve made in your life I want

you to know that I am here to help you

love you and forgive you I’m a God who


always understanding and

kind it’s normal for people to make

mistakes nobody goes through life

without falling or making errors that

hurt themselves or others nobody’s

perfect but we all try to get better


day when you lean on me my love and

power can work wonders in your life even

when things get tough I’m right there

with you watching over you protecting

you and showing you the

way remember trust isn’t just about not

worrying it’s about having faith

especially when things seem

uncertain those who become stronger

after making mistakes are the ones who

take responsibility say sorry and keep

being humble sometimes your mistakes can

help others by showing them how to

overcome tough times

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