God Says : Find Hope in the Darkness | God message jesus |

God’s message of comfort and

healing dear child of mine I want to

talk to you about something heavy on

your heart feeling really sad and

down I see your tears I feel your pain

and I’m here to give you love and

comfort remember even when things seem

dark my love shines

bright when you’re feeling sad it’s easy

to feel all alone like

nobody understands but I know every

thought and feeling you

have I’m here to listen even when you

can’t find the words I understand and my

love is here for

you when sadness feels like too much let

me Comfort you I’ll wipe away your tears

come your troubled heart and Surround

you with

peace you don’t have to face this pain

by yourself I’m here always ready to

listen and help you

heal when you’re stuck in that darkness

of depression let my light show you the

way even when things seem confusing I’m

here too guide you remember dark Ness

doesn’t last forever each New Day brings

hope believe my dear child that this

isn’t the end for you you deserve

happiness peace and

love if you believe in God’s blessings

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