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we love because he first loved us John

dear listener God has shown us

what real love is and through his love

has made us his children and put his

love in US Romans says and hope does

not put us to shame because God’s love

has been poured into our hearts through

the Holy Spirit who has been given to us

poured suggests a great abundance this

knowledge of God’s love causes Believers

to love him John to and and

the Holy Spirit imparts God’s love to

Believers and enables them to love God

and one another and God gives the Holy

Spirit to Those whom he counts

righteous this verse helps us understand

that our ability to love is rooted in

the love that God has lavished upon us

this Divine love far greater than any

human love serves as the perfect example

for us to follow we have to understand

understand that our love for God is a

response to the love he has already

bestowed upon us it is vital to

recognize that God is the originator of

love he loved us even before we had the

capacity or knowledge to love him in

return the depth of his love is

unfathomable and it is in response to

this love that our hearts are opened to

truly love him humanly speaking we often

struggle with fully comprehending and

embracing God’s love our sinfulness and

limitations hinder us from fully

understanding the magnitude of his love

however through his grace and the work

of the Holy Spirit we are able to

experience and respond to his love in

his great mercy God pursues and chooses

us he showers us with love and reveals

to us the beauty of his character as we

come to know and understand the depths

of his love our hearts are transformed

and we find ourselves loving him in


this is not a love born out of

obligation or duty but a genuine

response to the overwhelming love he has

poured out upon us like if you believe



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