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my beloved child I see you going through

tough times and feeling stuck like

you’re in quicksand but keep this in

mind you are much stronger than you

think I have a lot of plans to make

positive changes in your life when you

feel weak I will give you the strength

to keep going and The Bravery to face

your fears don’t feel sorry for yourself

because every day that goes by brings

you closer to a new dawn and fewer

moments to live

don’t waste these precious Days by being

sad instead get up and use this time to

get closer to me my arms are wide open

and ready to greet you I will be your

Guiding Light showing you how to get

through your problems don’t follow the

rules that other people set for you and

don’t let their voices drown out your

own do not be afraid to follow your

heart’s desire it holds the image of

your true self this truth makes

everything else seem less important I

promise that your life will change when

I’m with you every morning you can

choose between sadness and happiness

what are you looking for today your

heart will always be drawn to happiness

you make the choice and you live your

life your heart is free but bravery must

guide it I can see the pain in your

heart and the chaotic thoughts that are

going through your mind during this

painful time I offer you comfort support

and unimaginable strength don’t let

Temptation Lead You astray empty

promises only make things worse if you

choose the righteous path you will find

wealth in the depths of my love and

comfort in the Embrace of my heart your

peace of mind which you lost in the

trials is waiting for you to find it

again through the Deep Grace I offer

don’t look for answers in shortterm

fixes instead find them in the steady

growth of your faith and and Bel I’m

keeping an eye on you with a heart full

of compassion I want to connect with you

and offer my unwavering support I’m here

with open arms ready to heal your wounds

and walk with you as you find happiness

and growth I promise that your body Mind

and Spirit will be healed and whole have

faith that I’ll bring you the right

people ones who will care for and teach

you let my love fill you with happiness

and contentment that knows no limits

let my advice shape your choices and

know that I’m here for you when you need

me take my lessons to Heart they will

show you the way through this holy

Journey we call Life share this video

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