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if you trust me take action rise with determination and continue working rest

when necessary but rise again the next day move forward boldly and

energetically proceed with vitality and happiness even when things don’t unfold

as expected or when others try to disrupt your peace persist in your efforts even on the toughest days

confront your challenges with bravery offer a smile to your adversaries if

they thirst give them water if they need help assist them but with caution be

wise guard your vulnerabilities and don’t give them the means to betray or harm you show love but stand firm in

your principles and the teachings you’ve received from me avoid the company of those who do wrong keep your intentions

private refuse to listen to or spread gossip about anyone these adversaries

will grow frustrated when they realize they can’t divert you from your path our

journey together isn’t over keep moving forward with faith bravery and determination until I say it’s time then

you’ll unlock many blessings you’ll find yourself standing before a massive door

Beyond which lie incredible blessings affirm your belief in me and commit to

seeking me every day start this journey now my dear one you are courageous step

forward in faith for victory is already yours amen

my precious child today I pour out upon you peace calmness strength and wisdom

your prayers have touched the depths of my heart and I am moved by the sincerity with which you reach out to me you have

come seeking guidance and in me you have found your Refuge know this my beloved

you are cherished just as you are though you may see imperfection in yourself I

see only a heart filled with genuine remorse and a spirit striving for change

I have set you apart for a life overflowing with blessings though challenges May surround you know that I

am by your side guiding you with my Holy Spirit and imparting to you extraordinary wisdom you are learning to

discern between true friends and those who seek to steal your peace faith and

security stand firm for you are equipped to face any trial that comes your way

before we continue our exploration of divine messages let’s Infuse this space with positivity

like this video to sprinkle the essence of inspiration and type Amen to flavor

it with your faith your engagement Seasons our journey with Divine goodness

as you leave this place my child do so with confidence and joy radiating from your being your countenance shines with

my authority and your eyes sparkle with the joy of knowing me your spirit of

gratitude and your beautiful smile have the power to to break chains and open doors of opportunity prepare yourself

for I am about to shower you with Abundant Blessings I will bring into your life those who will walk alongside

you supporting your spiritual growth and fostering Harmony in your home be Discerning my child and guard your heart

against those who seek to seow seeds of doubt and division among your loved ones though some may doubt I will work

through you to reveal my love and bring hope to those who are skeptical remember my dear one that you need not walk this

journey alone I Am With You Always guiding your steps and filling your

heart with my love so go forth with confidence knowing that you are deeply loved and cherished

by me your savior and friend I give you the strength and bravery you need to

care for your family effectively but always remember you need me seek me

constantly and immerse yourself in my word and spirit when you feel low remember there’s always hope for you and

your family a sure promise of my protection love guidance and plenty of

blessings your home will be wrapped in care and my love now do you accept my

marvelous blessing with joy and faith I find you so endearing especially how you

communicate with me The Way You Close Your Eyes in prayer I treasure the moments your heart fills with joy and

divine happiness which I give you even easing any hurt or worry after our time

together I want you to feel overwhelmingly loved you don’t have to walk in sorrow or dwell on your troubles

I love you immensely and today you’ll experience that love profoundly I’ll show it to you Proclaim it with my

mighty words if anyone tries to trouble you you’ll be filled instantly with my Divine love if anything saddens you know

that my comforting Embrace is all around you taking away your pain and filling your heart with joy

your loved ones will notice your happiness and wonder about its source while those against you will Retreat

recognizing their inability to dismay you a Divine Shield of protection surrounds you and Legions of angels

stand guard over your home entering the safety of your family at all times trust

deeply in my love for you it’s genuine and Not Mere fantasy it’s as real as the

air you breathe more powerful and wondering than any Miracle you could seek my love sustains you offering true

life the most precious gift of all your daily gratitude waking up each morning

to thank me placing your life and days in my care showcases your deep Faith

even when others doubt or ridicule you stand firm believing in an all powerful

God you cannot see embodying true belief and devotion yet you know well that I am

real watching over you attentive to your needs with this Faith you possess you

shall rise living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the

universe with immense confidence in every step you take with a radiant face exuding happiness my dear child your

unwavering gratitude touches my heart deeply tomorrow my child I’ll be waiting

to embrace you with my love again even Before Dawn breaks I know how much your

heart holds dear your children children they are precious to me too their names their faces their hearts their thoughts

their desires their errors their battles and their dreams I’ve inscribed them all in my book I haven’t overlooked what

they signify to you I wish for you to have peace to cease worrying about the decisions they’ve made are you concerned

don’t fret over things beyond your grasp hand over your concerns to me focus on your own Journey excessive worry drains

you and robs you of peace conserve your strength and Faith for I desire your

prayers for them the time has come for you to let go of what you must release the doves have grown and must now fly

release them with confidence let them spread their wings toward freedom for as long as you pray for them my protective

mantle shall always cover them accept what I say and have faith in my will

your mind is burdened with concerns you do not need when you yield to the temptation to control to make decisions

for your children to open or close paths for them leave those matters to me

there’s a boundary they mustn’t overstep the honor of your family and your home which must always be upheld if they Heir

silence is not your ally I’ll endow you with strength peace and the wisdom necessary for confrontation yet let

anger not guide your words be conscious of your speech for words and actions can

either wound or heal I have treated you with kindness offering you love and salvation

now turn your focus to your beloved children trust me they may falter and tears may be shed but the Salvation

you’ve received will reach them too at the right time they’ll face the limits I’ve set true remorse will Dawn upon

them and they’ll return home with blessings that bring joy and enrich your household gifting you further years of

happiness with open arms and Grace you’ll receive them back offering another chance keep praying for your

children and soon you’ll feel my peace surrounding you know that your children

rest securely in my care a blessing to your family the moment for healing has

arrived CH kers come close to me and lay down all your burdens all your hurts and

all your unforgiveness let’s Cast Away the walls that divide and embrace the beauty of

reconciliation if you open your heart to this divine blessing I will use you in marvelous ways I will fill you with

wisdom to strengthen your spirit Spirit to immerse you in my truth and to guide

those dear ones in your life who have yet to find their way to me even if those around you are skeptical at first

they will begin to see the change in you brought about by my boundless Love Don’t Fear The scoffs or the attempts to bring

you down I will ensure that they come to admire you as an example of Grace and

love always be ready to offer words of encouragement and prayers dripping with

love without a hint of criticism or judgment when others stumble or choose

paths Divergent from yours remember it’s not your role to condemn them I haven’t

sent you to punish I’ve sent you to love just as I have loved you yes you’ve made

mistakes but I’ve never turned you away my patience knows no end my forgiveness

knows no bounds yet you understand that choices have consequences and they may

bring pain so be wise be grateful for the life and forgiveness I’ve poured

upon you through my grace and love remember the patience I’ve shown you for I’ve never punished you as severely as

your mistakes might have warranted each morning let me fill you a new with patience and Grant you the wisdom to

rise to a place where your entire family looks to you with love and respect you will lead them on the path of

righteousness and soon they will come to know me through your kindness and the love you display in your life prepare

yourself for a season of joy and abundance when your whole family will acknowledge me as their God and Lord

today I have something important to share with you listen closely my child

for these words are for your benefit my love for you knows no bounds I long to

shower you with affection to bring you peace in times of trouble to guide you

to bless you and to reveal to you the depths of my love but because as you

hold a special place in my heart I must speak to you about healing your innermost self I want to share with you

the plans I have in store there’s a world of Wonder awaiting as you draw closer to me embracing the truth that my

promises are steadfast and true there’s something on my heart that I need you to heed not to burden or discourage you but

because in obedience your blessings will overflow listen closely my beloved if

you long for the Gates of Heaven to swim wide granting access to the Realms of the Divine you must release all

bitterness and negativity your faith brings me such Delight yet grumbling can

tarnish its Brilliance guard your heart from harboring negativity for it can

erode your vibrant Faith steer clear of the company of those who sow doubt and

confusion seek companions who are wise today choose to trust me amidst the

changes and blessings that await if you let go of complaints cling to Faith and

shun negativity wonders beyond imagination will unfold blessings

abundance Freedom healing peace and joy these Treasures await those who

place their trust in me how deeply I cherish you draw near lay your burdens

and worries at my feet cease striving on your own and allow me to Lavish you with

my love and blessings declare your trust in in me and watch as barriers crumble and paths are made straight I am

breaking every chain that binds you lifting the weight that threatens to sink you no longer will contrary winds

steer you into despair today I bring you Freedom with my breath I scatter the

clouds of fear and anxiety making way for the Miracles I am set to perform in your life your longed for changes and

prayed for breakthroughs are on the horizon trust in my love my child and watch as I turn your sorrow into songs

of Joy listen closely to my words for time is precious and you must not waste

a moment remember what I am sharing with you today for it is essential not to overlook the grace and mercy I have

bestowed upon you nourish your soul with uplifting words and let the sweetness of heavenly guidance saturate your heart

pay attention to the Whispers of my spirit within you for this year is meant for putting into practice all the good

teachings you have absorbed each each morning as you awaken turn your gaze

toward me and listen with your inner ear I long to fulfill the desires of your heart and if you seek to witness

Supernatural miracles in this year you know what steps to Take Surrender Your

Heart to me walk in righteousness and relinquish control of your life to My Loving Hands be attentive to my guidance

for I have been heralding powerful changes that will soon come to fruition fulfilling the promises I have made to

you you will be liberated from debts provided with employment and strengthened in ways you cannot imagine

rise from where you are and face the tasks I have set before you with unwavering diligence know that a

blessing awaits you and it is your faith that will unlock doors of

opportunity the barriers that once seemed insurmountable have been removed

so proceed with boldness and Assurance knowing that I am with you always guide

and energizing you as I conclude this message of encouragement know that I have something wonderful to share with

you something that will fill your heart with joy incredible blessings are on the

horizon unprecedented in their magnitude but before I reveal these blessings I

want you to know how deeply I love you I have heard your cries in times of sorrow and I have provided Solace to your heart

I have bestowed upon you peace from above and with each passing day you have felt rejuvenated with a clearer

understanding of your wonderful purpose and promising future your growth brings me immense Joy knowing you navigate

through the enemy’s snares fills my heart with delight you are truly my beloved and I have Abundant Blessings in

store for you they will unfold in my perfect timing aligning with my

will while this happiness should uplift us there are areas where you still need to mature and apply the wisdom you

receive remember not all things that come suddenly and effortlessly are blessings before receiving what I have

prepared for you understand its purpose and how it will multiply your blessings

just as Farmers await the right time for planting you must patiently affirm your plans and intentions prepare yourself

for the numerous blessings heading your way receive them with calmness for they will come at the time I’ve designated

they will not catch you offg guard and brece the victory that’s approaching with Readiness at the beginning of this

message I expressed my deep admiration for you few truly grasp the truth shared

since the dawn of time acknowledging and receiving it means submitting to me the

omnipotent holy and everpresent God know that my love for you is boundless and my

greatest desire is to bless you abundantly let’s agree to start each day

together humble yourself and listen to my voice in the morning Stillness let Joy fill your heart and avoid

complaining nourish your soul with my wise instructions delve into my scripture treasure it in your being love

and esteem yourself as I cherish you extend the patience I have shown you to your family and those around you take

action for the Wonders you anticipate are drawing near I address you my dear child who seeks my presence each Dawn

who dedicates moments to commune with me in faith awaiting my response do not

lose heart or abandon hope your unwavering faith is invaluable splended

and profoundly potent I long to fill your heart with love and heal any past

hurt ensuring you always feel deeply loved by me imagine falling asleep

content knowing that each New Day brings the Promise of Greater blessings picture

my arms around you my hands blessing your thoughts and guiding your steps I want to shower you with wonderful

blessings and surprises but I need you to stay strong and keep visiting me every day you don’t even have to say

anything just close your eyes and feel my love surrounding you take in these comforting words let

this powerful feeling fill you up I want you to have peace for your hard times to end and for you and your family to start

a new chapter of prosperity I know there are moments when you feel small or insignificant especially when you see

others flying wanting their riches but keep in mind you possess something infinitely more valuable you have a

personal relationship with me having welcomed me into your heart you’re sensitive to spiritual matters in ways

many aren’t I’m always here for a conversation attentive to every word you say I will open opportunities for you

that remain inaccessible to others guiding you on the best pathway never be

envious or Covetous of others possessions or their ways things might look appealing initially

but ultimately they lead to ruin walk proudly knowing you don’t need to prove

anything to anyone to be significant in my eyes fear nothing you are well

acquainted with my teachings my door is always open to you you’re always welcome here this is your Sanctuary here you’re

listened to with patience and care you won’t find such pure and profound love anywhere else dear child I hold immense

love for you I’m the light that wants to brighten your life today to chase away any darkness that lurks in your heart

your home or among your loved ones every day it’s important for you to look for

me embrace my love and follow what I want for you when you hear my words let

them sink deep into your being and hold them dear don’t ignore or forget what I’ve told you keep your Bible close

maybe right next to your bed wake up each morning eager to connect with me read it with real faith and eagerness to

learn the promises you discover today will give you strength I’ll fill you

with such power that you won’t feel hopeless when you get up if you find my words confusing take some time to

understand me more come close to me early in the day and you’ll experience my encompassing

love carry this uplifting feeling throughout your day you don’t have to be

weighed down by anxiety or sorrow or be ruled by your emot ions cease waking

each morning with fear gripping your heart I ache for a deeper connection with you for your unwavering trust in me

through every Twist and Turn of Life surrender your worries to me I am here to liberate you look forward with hope

and unwavering faith in my unfailing love I am flooding you with Divine encouragement and confidence let the

anxiety That clouds your home fade away no longer shall you be burdened by Financial woes or heartened by setbacks

may your family become a sanctuary of love and Tranquility free from

Strife Embrace understanding and forgiveness among each other for I am your guide your truth and the very

essence of life itself it is my desire for you and your family to be cocooned

in my nurturing care and protective Embrace throughout the seasons your household is emancipated from the

clutches of curses My Sacrifice has cleansed you from all sin and bondage

evil and curses hold No Power Over You by surrendering your heart to me you

and your loved ones are shielded and preserved place no trust in those who do

not cherish or believe in me immerse yourself in the currents of my power love freedom and Supernatural

transformation the radiance of my Divine Light fills your home and envelops your family have faith and trust wondrous

blessings are on the horizon recall the times I delivered you from countless trials the Miracles I wrought that

testified to the reality of my power take pen to paper now inscribe it with

unwavering faith today you shall witness the full extent of my work in your life

your blessing awaits in my outstretched hands the ultimate remedy for all your troubles come and claim it what are you

waiting for you know my love for you it is always burned Within even in moments

when you felt distant my cherished one listen closely and cast aside those

Whispers of Doubt climing failure or abandonment they are lies deep within your heart a flicker of

light remains a yearning to return to the Embrace of the love that eagerly awaits

you fear not come to me I understand the weight upon your shoulders the

uncertainty clouding your path you thought your faith was firm only to be

met with disappointment especially from those you trusted who seemed to turn away you may have felt forsaken

believing I did not hear your cries but know this I am always near never faltering in my love for you even in

your moments of doubt I have watched over you tending to your needs my words are a balm for your soul yet you

hesitated to embrace them struggling to accept that your almighty God would speak directly to you

do not turn away here in my presence you are truly cherished this is your

Sanctuary a Haven of Peace and safety where you can find Solace and rest allow

me to lead you into a sacred encounter tonight in your dreams you will find yourself by a tranquil River its Waters

clear and shimmering and there I will be with you as you walk upon the water

every ounce of pain anger and worry will be washed away when you awaken you will feel

transformed infused with Newfound strength it will be as if a heavy burden

has been lifted from your shoulders this renewal is a gift for those who dare to believe once more who acknowledge their

shortcomings and revive their faith seek no further for words of

comfort I am here by your side embrace my word let it nourish your spirit and

witness how my Holy Spirit breathes New Life life into you I am the essence of your existence the Wellspring of true

blessings offering the peace and answers your heart craves declare your belief in

me with unwavering faith that which you have lost you shall reclaim I Am The God

Who lifts and restores what was taken from you will be returned for you have sought me with sincerity and humility I

have witnessed the ache in Your Heart during moments of Despair when you felt as though your life had reached its end

but know this my love for you knows no bounds your future has always rested in

my hands and I hold the power to transform every situation that has stood

against you though there were moments when you felt alone and lost I am in the process of bringing about a change in

your life I draw near to you to reveal the depth of my love and the abundance

of blessings I desire to bestow upon you what others intended for harm I will

turn around for your good lifting you up strengthening you and causing you to

prosper take heart my child and Dare To Dream Big Dreams set your sights on

Grand Ambitions for with me by your side there is nothing you cannot achieve

believe wholeheartedly that my presence resides within you guiding you towards Limitless possibilities cast aside

thoughts of defeat and refuse to entertain discouragement or failure do not allow pessim istic influences to

sway you leaving you unsettled like a ship tossed upon the sea I will restore

all that you have lost but it is crucial that you embrace my love and Trust in my

intentions for you when I speak accept my words as truth when you read my

scripture heed its wisdom and follow its guidance do not disregard my counsel

make time each day to commune with me in the morning pause to converse with me inviting me into to every aspect of your

day at day’s end kneel before me recounting your experiences and seeking

my Divine strength to carry you through as you do you will witness miraculous

events unfold transforming Your Existence in ways you never imagined know that I am a faithful God and Father

and I desire your unwavering dedication and loyalty let your words be filled with blessings and encouragement for my

love for you remains constant and unwaver ing affirm your love for me once more and do not hastily dismiss this

message set aside a moment each day to connect with me wholeheartedly allowing

my words to penetrate your soul listen attentively until the end for within

them lies the path to peace and understanding embrace my words fully and

you will find direction and insight for your journey pursue me with all your heart and immerse yourself in my word

each day as you do do you will recognize my voice speaking to you waiting eagerly

for your response you’ve poured out your heart in prayer facing numerous trials with unwavering patience like clay in

the hands of a Potter I Am shaping you molding you into the person you were meant to be even when you may not feel

or see it I am at work within you soothing your fears and refining your

character and perspective on life change is underway my dear one through many

tearful nights night and moments of patient waiting I have been with you and when my blessing finally arrives when my

answer is at your doorstep you will see just how much you have grown and transformed I am fully aware of the

struggles you have faced and it is time for you to experience the peace and joy that you so

deserve that day is Drawing Near when you will be ready to welcome me into your home in your heart I will touch the

hearts of your loved ones even those who seem distant bringing about a beautiful

transformation today take notice of the changes happening around you see the

seeds of love that you have planted beginning to sprout and flourish a time of joy is on the horizon and the days of

sadness and hardship will fade into distant memory your days of struggling with Despair and emotional turmoil are

coming to an end I have promised you a future filled with prosperity and I am making it happen dive deep into my

teachings renew your trust in me and fortify your resilience dare to dream

big and make ambitious plans for it is your time to start a new leaving behind the hurdles of the

past trust me completely this time my child your faith and dedication will lead you to unprecedented success

approach me today with open arms for I am here ready to listen to your prayers and unlock Heaven’s Bounty for you I

will unveil that great blessing but stay tuned to my words until the very end do

not let doubts creep in your perseverance has been remarkable and it will not go

unrewarded the fruits of your steadfast faith and endurance are just around the

corner I understand your journey and the true desires of your heart you’re not

chasing after fleeting Treasures fame or recognition your battle is genuine you

seek only enough to care for your family to break free from debt and to support those you

love I’m here to bless you that’s my purpose I’ll unlock the heavens and

shower you with true blessings until you’re overflowing with the resources you need liberated from burdens and

living in peace release the burdens Weighing on your soul for a moment close your eyes inhale deeply and feel the

Divine peace enveloping you this piece has the power to mend wounds alleviate pain restore health and

happiness and uproot the seeds of sadness and despair I ordained your life

from the moment of your birth you hold great significance to me listen attentively for I have crafted a plan

for you and it will come to fruition there may be moments when you

feel utterly alone rejected by others your soul immersed in pain and no one

seems to understand you I too endured abandonment I empathize with you

completely that’s why I am here allow the sacred Breeze of my Holy Spirit and the

radiance of my glorious light to linger a little longer before you proceed with

your day let me fill your heart with the promise of heavenly peace Divine courage

and boundless love if you choose to trust me and offer your heart to me today you can enter through the doors of

my grace which are always open to you spend time with me daily and prepare

yourself for I will lift many burdens from from your shoulders indeed I will remove your heavy load your fears

worries and all that troubles and weighs you down what will remain is my love my

peace my gentleness my divine presence my Holy Spirit and countless other

blessings I eagerly await you tomorrow I’ll be right here I love you dearly

your adversaries may think themselves Mighty but you are stronger still they seek to intimidate you but you will

remain steadfast they cannot foresee the miraculous turnaround that is about to

unfold I have given you authority over the forces of Darkness that seek to harm you do not feel alone or unprotected it

is time to renew your mind and nourish your soul with my teachings and guidance I’ve whispered to your heart

time and again urging you to be courageous and strong the adversary may

be relentless in its trials testing the very core of your being but fear not no challenge no matter its

magnitude can overpower you for I Stand Mighty beside you you dwell safely

within the Refuge of my love under the tender care of my watchful eye with my

blood I have cleansed you and with my Holy Spirit I have endowed you you my

precious one are fashioned in my image and likeness a truth that should fill

your soul with awe and your lips with praise so tell me now dear child will you place your trust in me you’ve

journeyed Through The Valleys of hardship With the Enemy lurking at every turn seeking to seow doubt and

discouragement yet take heart for no force can dominate you for I am your

Shield your healer and your source of boundless strength my hand powerful and

tender is upon your life ready to heal every hurt and Brokenness within your heart in the quiet sanctuary of your

heart where Whispers of Hope and Promises of a brighter tomorrow ReSound

I am there in this Sacred Space know that I am always present guiding you with a

love that transcends time and Circumstance your journey thus far has been marked by triumphs and trials each

a testament to your resilience and Faith as you navigate life’s complexities anchor your heart in the

truth of my word it is your compass your guiding star leading you through the

darkest nights and into the dawn of new beginnings within the pages of my word

you will discover wisdom Solace and the fortitude to confront whatever lies

ahead I beckon you to a life of purpose one that transcends the fleeting

Pursuits of this world your destiny is greatness not as the world perceives it

but in the humility of service the joy of giving and the steadfastness of unwavering faith in serving others you

serve me and in shouldering the burdens of your brothers and sisters you uncover the true essence of joy and

fulfillment do not be disheartened by those who fail to grasp your path or the calling I have bestowed upon you their

doubts and criticisms are mere passing Shadows powerless against the radiance of my presence in your life I love and

bless you not because of your Perfection but because of my boundless love for you

and the Divine Purpose I have placed within your heart so rest assured my beloved that I

am with you always guiding you comforting you and showering you with my

Everlasting grace and mercy your prayers touch my heart deeply and I am moved by

your gratitude for everything what Joy it brings me to see you prioritize our relationship and take pright in loving

me your bravery and attitude are truly admirable and they Merit an everlasting

reward as you journey through life on Earth know that when you call out to me I will always respond feel free to ask

for in things you desire for I am eager to bless you abundantly filling your days with the Assurance of my presence

today my cherished child I call upon you to be courageous and steadfast do not

yield to Despair and do not allow the adversary to steal your dreams remember

even in the darkest of storms the light will eventually shine through do not lose hope my child look beyond your

current circumstances and envision a brighter tomorrow I assure you it shall

come to fruition cling to your faith and trust that I am orchestrating something

unique in your life I comprehend that at this moment the full extent May elude

your grasp but Victory is assured for those who love me and place their trust

in me all things work together for good beloved child know this my love love for

you knows no bounds deeper than you can fathom place your complete trust in me

do not allow the trials of life to overshadow my unwavering love for you I am everpresent to wipe away your tears

mend your wounds and Lead You toward a life of abundance and fulfillment don’t be afraid your

feelings are understood and you’re following my example just as I’ve aided and loved many I’ve blessed countless

individuals despite some letting me down but but my love and blessings never

cease like the sun rising and the rain falling on all your strength inspiration

peace and everything come from me let’s Journey forward together you and I I

deeply cherish you and eagerly await our meeting tomorrow assuring you that all will be well trust in my words dwelling

on worries only tires you out you’ve reached out to me now let me guide you to peace and abundance I desire for you

to laugh nothing filled with my love and gentleness fear not the challenges ahead

you’ll stand firm and I’ll be by your side holding you close I understand your feelings of weakness which is why I’m

speaking to your heart now I am here with you instead of drowning in worry and despair spend time with me focus on

what truly matters your family spiritual growth enriching your life with my teachings prayer kindness and

forgiveness even to those who wrong you today make a lifelong commitment to me

surrender yourself completely and observe how my living presence transforms everything around you those

who have caused you pain will seek your forgiveness closed doors will swing wide

open those who once turned you away will recognize your true value I will bring

new companions to dispel your loneliness filling your days with joy and laughter

allow my words to resonate deeply within your spirit they possess the power to alter your

circumstances for the better to shift the tide against all that opposes you do

not be afraid of unexpected challenges nor let hurtful words drag you down when

you abide in me neither misunderstandings nor criticisms can shake you the poison directed at you by

your enemies will not penetrate your soul for I am your protective

shield awaken each morning with my words upon your lips knowing that you dwell in

my shadow cradled in the Embrace of your heavenly father’s strong and tender arms

you seek my guidance because you trust in my unfailing love and eternal

promises rest assured my beloved I will never abandon you Embrace each new day

with confidence and peace rejoicing in my constant Presence by your side even

in moments of weakness or doubt remember my boundless Mercy it knows no limits

and my grace can wash away your deepest regrets I have never failed you and I

never will in your dreams I reveal wonders glimpses of Heaven touching Earth my power can shift worlds drawn by

your unwavering faith and love for me I admire your courageous Faith which is

why I answer when you call every day I have messages of Love waiting for you

constant amidst life’s challenges My Love Remains your Shield before you face

each new task remember that you are loved yet I long to hear you say Jesus I

love you too in response blessings Will Rain Down Prosperity removal of Sorrows

and the clearing of obstacles in your path my words bring healing dispelling Shadows of depression and Reviving long

dormant dreams within you I am reshaping your mindset and perspective I have been

guiding your steps and urging certain decisions do not lose heart for I supernaturally guide your path lifting

you up through Divine discipline and leading you away from harmful ties I will expose the truth of betrayal and

remove those toxic to your soul trust in me for I am remaking you into who you

are meant to be today I claim the highest place in your heart no longer

allow the opinions of others to Define who you are or dictate the course of your life my grace is more than suff

sufficient to satisfy your deepest longings I will break the chains of mistreatment that bend you opening your

ease to the truth that you need not cling to negative influences in order to theve never lose sight of the fact that

my love and grace are more than sufficient to lead you to a place of profound Solace therefore do not dread

the obstacles and trials that lie ahead disregard the enemy’s deceptive Whispers

which seek to seow seeds of fear in your heart instead fix your gaze upon me in me you

will discover the strength to surmount challenges the discernment to distinguish between good and evil and

the determination to stand Resolute and press forward engrave this truth upon your heart you are enveloped in the

boundless depths of my love and you never walk alone in my Divine companionship no harm can befall you no

adversity can overwhelm you place your trust deeply in me and witness the unfolding of a reality

where all things without exception align harmoniously for your ultimate good amen

know that your endeavors and sacrifices do not go unnoticed I pledge to you a

future radiant with hope and resplendant with Glory remember the Harvest invariably follows the planting and

rewards inevitably follow effort and sacrifice therefore cling steadfastly to

Hope and do not succumb to despair or falter in the the face of Trials the

fruits of your lior await you a testament to your unwavering perseverance and selfless sacrifice rest

assured your efforts are never in vain every choice you make every step you take even amidst adversity shall be met

with Divine honor and blessing in moments of Despair as you pour out your

heart to me know that your Liberation is near strengthened and elevated by my

unfailing love and power love me earn estly bow before me in reverence hold

fast to your faith and declare Your Allegiance for I understand the depths

of your soul I hold the answers to your questions the solutions to your dilemas soon all will be revealed to you listen

closely as I whisper to your heart soothing the turmoil within release your tears for in their flow anxiety and

restlessness will dissipate do you trust me dear one your belief is your strength anchoring your emotions and unwavering

faith let your faith work wonders overcoming obstacles forging New Paths through your

trust in me nothing can shake you no one can steal your peace approach me boldly

in prayer for I am ready to grant you all you need I will remove anything that hinders or causes stumbling in your life

I long for you and your family to be free from anxiety and Fear Place your trust wholeheartedly in me knowing that

I am your healer provider sustainer protector and guardian every kind act

and caring gesture you extend to others is a reflection of my love flowing

through you be grateful each day for the blessings you’ve received and those that

await you knowing that everything you have and everything you are is a gift from me allow my presence to permeate

every aspect of your life guiding you to be a source of blessing to those around you today open your heart wide to

receive my compassionate love and you will find the strength to overcome any challenge that comes your way cherish

the life I’ve entrusted to you embracing each moment as a precious gift to be

treasured every day is an opportunity for growth in love forgiveness and wisdom and a chance to positively impact

the lives of others while honoring me through your actions and thoughts know

that I am with you always my dear one until the end of time when loneliness or despair weigh

heavy on your heart call out to me and I will reveal wonders to you that you’ve yet to imagine in me

you will always find peace and the happiness that you deserve for my love for you knows no bounds it has existed

before your birth it envelops you in this moment and it will endure for all eternity though trials may come they do

not Escape my notice I share in your sorrows and my spirit intercedes for you

in your times of deepest need hold fast to the hope that Joy will come with the dawn for your righteousness shines

brightly in my sight remember I have chosen and appointed you for lasting

fruitfulness abide in me and allow my spirit to guide you on the path I’ve set before you treasure my words above all

else for they are the lamp unto your feet on this Grand Adventure of Life release the shackles of regret for my

mercies are renewed with each Sunrise embrace my forgiveness and walk bold Bly

into the future I have ordained for you with me by your side nothing is

impossible I blot out your transgressions for my name’s sake I remember your sins no more don’t let the

ghosts of the past haunt you haven’t you tasted my Grace by now condemnation

holds no power over you in me you are truly free oh how I Delight in you I

dance and sing over you with joy your very existence captivates my heart for

today I lift off the anguish that sometimes haunts your soul without reason I uproot and banish any lingering

sadness you are loved with an everlasting love feel my hand of blessing upon your head as you listen

for my voice let Heavenly peace wash over your spirit from head to toe every

infirmity in body mind or emotion is cleansed away by my healing power

torment of Darkness releases its grip upon your soul suffer s silently no more

for your Liberation has come rise up and claim the gifts of Grace I’ve paid for

you to walk in Divine Health mental soundness emotional stability and

strength it is I your father I breathe my very Spirit into you infusing you

with the precious gift of Life listen closely as I speak to your heart feel

the warmth of my presence enveloping you filling you with fresh fire and mo motivation to embrace each new day it’s

vital for you to seek me daily to embrace my love and will and to humbly accept my words you are hearing my words

receive them into your soul treasure them do not forget them do not reject

them retrieve your Bible and place it beside your bed rise with the desire to

hear me each morning read with faith with a longing to learn the promises I share with you today they will give you

strength and Empower you so that you’ll no longer wake up feeling desperate if

my words seem unclear it’s a sign to get closer to me come to me early and I’ll

show you the depth of my love with this you can tackle your daily activities

feeling uplifted you don’t have to be burdened by anxiety or swayed by your feelings you don’t need to start your

day with fear strengthen your bond with me trust in me in every situation don’t

spend another day in worry choose to give all your your concerns to me and I’ll set you free open your eyes and

look forward to the coming months with optimism believe in me I’m showering you with Divine encouragement and Trust in

your home let the stress of financial worries be replaced with peace and calm

let love replace any harsh words may any family Strife dissolve giving way to

understanding and forgiveness they disregard the promises I offer my words of assurance but my care for you runs

deeper still it is better for you to place your trust in me for if you doubt

you may miss out on the Abundant Blessings I am eager to pour out upon you yet I have seen your faithfulness

time and again you have shown your belief in me and my love for you knows no bounds receive my blessing now you

lack nothing I give you my word I will watch over you I am fully aware of your

struggles and your needs do not fret over your present trouble simply close your eyes and meditate on

my promises your mind and heart will find Solace and Tranquility there are many doors opening

around you approach them with determination and boldness I command you to do so and as you step forward do not

fear for I will place the words you need to speak upon your lips today is the day to make a decision to step forward

boldly on your path do not let fear hold you back for when you rise and take those first steps the Windows of heaven

will open wide above you I will pour out abundant and true blessings upon you

provision overflowing beyond your expectations you will find Freedom from

creditors and debts and you will have more than enough to share to give to

bless and to seow as you continue to seow seeds of

Faith you will reap bountifully day after day month after month year after

year let me into the depths of your heart and shut out the voices of those who seek to harm you are you letting

them steer your life listen closely as I whisper I hold you dear in countless

ways be courageous and steadfast unmoved by the opinions of others before you

dwell on hurtful words know that I see the beauty within you I acknowledge your kindness and have a significant purpose

for you to fulfill your family and true friends adore you they’ll stand beside

you through thick and thin spend your time seeking me serving me and cherishing those who love you dearly

do not sacrifice Precious Moments with your loved ones for those who would trample on them those who attack you may

think you’re defenseless allowing their words to wound you but refuse to give

them power refuse to entertain slander and falsehoods I will grant you strength

to focus on my teachings to nurture your growth and to spread joy to those around

you many have supported you through your trials now extend a helping hand to those in need I have chosen you to be a

beacon of fairness and integrity in your community guiding others to walk in my

footsteps that’s why I’m lifting you up infusing you with courage and strength so you can be a Channel of blessings

through you I will work wonders have faith in me my child for they serve as

my hands and feet in your life embodying my pure and tangible love through their deeds I am at work showering you with

blessings and Grace so do not hesitate to seek assistance when needed and always turn to me it is not a sign of

weakness to require support you are human and the journey through this Earthly realm inevitably brings trials

and tribulations yet rest assured by placing your trust in me and holding

fast to my promises all shall be well remember adversity is a shared experience among Humanity never forget

that my intentions for those who place their trust in me are benevolent pleasing and perfect therefore I implore

you to have unwavering faith in me and trust in my perfect timing I understand

your longing for Immediate Solutions however in these moments do not lose heart for I’m working in your favor and

no harm shall befall you recognize that there are lessons to be learned and

growth to be achieved on this journey continue to forge ahead and never underestimate the power of endurance and

patience my divine plan is unfolding in your life even if it may seem veiled

from your sight stand Resolute in your convictions anchored in my boundless love and let your Deeds proclaim the

hope and Tranquility that dwell within you in moments of solitude when the

clamor of the world Fades and you are left with the quietude of your own thoughts hearken to my voice it is in

these hushed hours that I speak most clearly offering guidance assurance and a glimpse of the Divine blueprint

unfolding in your life treasure these moments for they are precious gifts

opportunities to draw nearer to me and to grasp the depth of my affection for you as you Journey onward remember that

you tread not alone my presence is an everpresent companion a Wellspring of

strength and solace in times of doubt and uncertainty lean on me when the road is rough and let my love be The Wind

Beneath Your Wings lifting you above the trials of and tribulations of this world

your faith is a precious treasure more valuable than gold or silver nurture it

protect it and let it shine brightly for all to see today I inscribe my name upon

your heart so that you never forget to whom you belong I do not ask you to forsake the dreams I have given you

rather I ask that you prioritize Me Above All Else walk in my ways trust in

my guidance for have I not already shown you my favor I will pour out sh blessings upon you once more Embrace

this truth deep within your soul my Covenant with you remains unbroken forever no one can separate us Let the

Peace of my love settle within you I speak these words over you now may they

anchor you securely and bring you calm repeat after me you alone are God I am

yours devoted to you all the days of my life promise me you’ll confront your

fears and stand firm hold fast to your trust in me even when weariness weighs

heavily on your soul and pressing forward seems impossible remember the

warmth of my love assures you of my constant presence do not rely too heavily on others they may disappoint

you your soul should find its anchor in my unfailing and secure love do not give

your heart to those who may abandon you nor surrender your future to those who may cease to love you after receiving

everything from you do not prioritize people who may turn their backs break

your heart and disrupt your life you sought hope and here it is you prayed

for peace and it is yours if you need rest rest if your tasks persist endure

for when you rest In My Embrace you are safe and when you walk my mighty hand will shield you from the world your lips

mind and emotions now align purified by fire consecrated to service this is the

reward for all who boldly Herald Holiness repent of evil and seek me

wholeheartedly to walk blameless in ways of Truth unload every weight each night

entrust to me Secret Sorrows sadness frustration speak freely never fear I

could be angered by honesty rather I welcome you to confidently bear your soul to me as you pour out offerings of

authenticity find peace and Assurance renewed for each new Sunrise you will

wake filled with praise for miracle blessings that now surround you the impossible unfolds one day at a time for

those daring to believe anchored to Faith foundations unshaken by raging storms Miracles Collide in those quick

to Hope in my Compassionate Care and mighty Deliverance power lifting the Fallen redeeming each child My Love

Remains despite every sin ever wooing The Wanderers back home to safety so

repent run back into my Embrace separating from from corrupt Companions and the vices attempting to sabotage our

bond with faith Unleashed like dynamite my power obliterates chains rescues the

perishing rise tomorrow freed from shackles let your first thoughts swell up in worship approach your kingdom

assignments energized by inexhaustible strength from on high revive dreams long

dormant take up projects once abandoned unfinished believe and Achieve The

Impossible through Christ Christ who strengthens you in your faith you will find the courage to face the unknown the

resilience to overcome adversity and the peace that surpasses all

understanding and so my child as you lay your head to rest tonight let your heart

be filled with gratitude for the blessings of this day and hope for the promise of tomorrow sleep in peace

knowing that my angels watch over you and awaken to a new day filled with endless possibility

and the Assurance of my unfailing love rest now my beloved and dream of the

Wonders that await sleep in the Embrace of my love and rise to greet a new day

with joy and expectation for I Am With You Always even to the end of time as

Dawn breaks bringing forth the promise of a new day remember my child that each

Sunrise is a symbol of my unfailing faithfulness in the golden rays of

morning see the reflection of my love a constant reminder that no matter what yesterday held today is a fresh start a

new opportunity to live in the fullness of my grace know that you are never alone even if those closest to you

should depart even if you feel abandoned remember that the most tender and Precious Love of All Mine is always

within your reach feel the warmth of your heavenly father’s Embrace surrounding you even now I understand

the longing in your heart for these comforting words humans require more than mere sustenance to thrive they need

every word that flows from the depths of my heart in this moment what you need most

is peace encouragement tranquility and Assurance I offer you my peace a peace

that surpasses understanding a peace that only I can give receive this piece

into your heart today and watch as you Blossom and flourish I affirm this over

you it is my desire for every blessing bestowed upon you to multiply and

overflow hold fast to This Promise without wavering do not allow past

mistakes or shortcomings to hold you back if you entrust me with your whole heart trust also in my boundless

capacity for forgiveness to truly experience the fullness of my blessings turn away from the voice of condemnation

disregard every accusation every criticism every NE negative utterance my child I wish for you to go

to bed joyful and wake up with Solid Faith that each new day will be even better than the last wherever you are

feel my hug my hands on your head blessing your thoughts and steering your

path I’ll bless you with wonderful gifts and amazing surprises but I need you to stay strong

and not get tired of coming to me you don’t even have to speak just close your eyes

and feel the love I’m sending your way take in these comforting words let this

deep emotion fill your heart I want your happiness and peace I’m ready to end your and your family struggles bringing

in a time of abundance I understand that sometimes when you look at yourself you might feel small or less important

compared to those with lots of material things but remember you have a more

significant blessing you truly know me and you’ve given me your heart

you have a unique connection to the spiritual realm that many might never understand so linger with these words my

child until their meaning becomes clear to you embrace my command to nourish

yourself with my written word and to press forward on your journey the time has come for you to awaken fully for

your faith to ignite and Propel you forward into the divine plan I have ordained for you since before time

began release the weight of past failure and the burden of guilt stand firm

against the onslaught of negativity and doubt forgive in advance leaving behind

the mises of yesterday as you press on toward the promise of tomorrow my words will shield you and your faith will be

your strongest weapon I will walk beside you guiding you through every challenge

that lays ahead commit to persevere and I will supply you with the strength to

overcome know that I am your provider your guide Your Divine parent I see your

needs and will supply them abundantly surpassing your expectations declare with unwavering

faith that you will keep fighting keep living keep believing do not falter or

hesitate keep moving forward for I am with you every step of the way know this

profound truth I only ask for a small Measure of Faith from you even if it’s as Tiny as a mustard seed

guard against doubt and negativity invading your thoughts heart or actions

especially within your home encourage your household to lift one another up

avoiding pessimistic words or defeat his talk let love and faith be the foundation of your interactions knowing

that I am always with you guiding you every step of the way as the night settles in I want you

to take a moment to pray to reflect and to hold close the words I’ve planted

within your heart feel the warmth of my presence surrounding you as you close your eyes letting the tenderness of my

voice wash over you with love and when the Morning Light breaks through and you awaken Let It Be With A

Renewed sense of Life filled with anticipation for the Wonders I have in store for your day

ahead tonight I urge you to do this let your thoughts Linger on every

word you’ve heard and let let your lips softly utter beloved God I trust in you

I eagerly await your blessings allow yourself to shed tears if they come my child there’s no need to

hold back for your heart is brimming with a whirlwind of emotions each wave transformed into a prayer cherish what

truly matters my child love Above All Else pursue me wholeheartedly for I am

your sustainer ready to provide abundantly for all your needs fear not

for I Am With You Always guiding you strengthening you and showering you with my unending love and grace in this year

ahead I am eager to shower you with authentic blessings unveiling numerous paths and laying out favorable

opportunities before you stay aligned with my path and you will experience a

downpour of blessings beyond measure remember to remain aware of your surroundings for even adverse situations

can lead to unexpected blessings when You Face seemingly insurmountable challenges do not lose hope for within

each difficulty and frustration I have hidden prosperity and blessings be wise

With the blessings I bestow upon you seek guidance in my teachings to nurture the skills and talents I have blessed

you with today resist the temptation of chasing after material gains or fame for

superficial reasons focus on what truly matters and strive for spiritual growth

dedicate yourself to learning from my teachings as I have remarkable wonders in store for your health and family life

this year do not hesitate for I have granted you the strength and intelligence to overcome various

situations Place me first in your life and I will not only assist you but Prosper you showering upon you blessings

far more precious than gold I’m here to talk to you at any time and you’re always ready to listen I’ll open doors

for you that might stay shut for others always leading you toward better choices

don’t be jealous or desire what others have and don’t follow the wrong paths

what might seem appealing can end in ruin hold your head high you don’t need to prove anything to be valued in my

eyes fear not for you are familiar with my teachings my house is always open to

you you’re always welcome here where you’re listen to with care and attention

you won’t find such pure and profound love anywhere else my dear child my love for you is immense

I’m holding your blessing right here ready to solve all your issues come and claim it you know my love for you is

real you felt it before and still feel it deep inside even if you feel far away

or if doubts whisper that you failed or that I don’t love you don’t believe it there’s still a small light burning in

your heart and a deep longing to come back to this place that awaits and misses you don’t hesitate come come

closer I see the confusion and uncertainty in your heart you thought you had Faith but when things didn’t go

as planned especially with those you trusted deeply you felt let down you

wondered if I was there when you needed me but let me assure you I have always been watching over you even when you

couldn’t see it I provided the answers and help you needed I spoke to you with

kindness but I understand it was hard for you to believe that I your almighty

God would speak directly to you rest assured my child that my commitment to

guide and support you will never falter trust me completely for my love remains

constant through all trials and tribulations look forward to the days

ahead filled with blessings and the fruits of your faith and perseverance

Joy will replace your tears and laughter will fill your days but until then hold

fast to my promises when obstacles arise stand firm for I will make a way for you

with each hurdle you overcome you will be showered with blessings from above

time moves forward and with each new day you will find renewed strength in my presence beside you as you Journey

Through the shadows and bask in the glow of sunlight know that a season of divine blessings awaits you it is your heavenly

father who declares it so to be blessed is to taste the sweetness of joy poured from above to find fulfillment in the

Heavenly nourishment that fills and satisfies your soul blessed are you for you face each trial with unwavering

faith knowing that victory is yours it is about living your life in service to The God Who rescues you sharing with

those in need and enduring hardships for the sake of Christ’s love though it may

seem as though you are in the midst of a storm cling tightly to my promises look

around with eyes of Faith take heed of the new opport OPP unities and relationships I am orchestrating in your

path treat each person you encounter with kindness and respect for they are

sent by me be openhearted and gracious show honor to all for I intend to bless

you and work through you in ways beyond your imagination in times of adversity

you will stand tall you will shine as a beacon of light empowered by my presence

live as a testament to my love and sovereignty you will soon witness firsthand the special blessing I am

bestowing upon you this message you are receiving I have shared it with many of my children yet not all have embraced it

some have turned away finding excuses to reject it they prefer to heed the voices

that lead them into sorrow and wrongdoing into pain and despair in my encompassing Embrace I will raise you up

and transport you to a realm of divine favor and abundance there you will

discover a bounty of success and prosperity born from my boundless provision my dear child cling tightly to

my words do not cower before the storms of life rest assured that I am tirelessly laboring for your welfare

revitalizing your spirit and fortifying your strength believe with all your heart in

the mighty Deeds I am about to perform in your life no Shadow can dim the

immense love and purpose I hold for you no obstacle is too great to prevent the

fulf fillment of my beautiful and abundant promises in your life remember

those who place their trust in me soar like eagles they ascend with confidence

gliding toward the heavens eyes fixed on the glory above I will lift you to lofty and Majestic Realms where you will

transcend the spiritual clouds and scale the highest peaks in this Supernatural

Divine and spiritual Kingdom you will be strengthened endowed with a faith that is unshakable and invincible

this faith will unlock the door to a realm of my gifts and blessings beyond measure just believe hold fast to Faith

for you are on the cusp of witnessing these wonders unfold in your life my child upon waking you’ll sense my tender

affection in the Morning Light caressing your face and bringing forth a smile I’m

always mindful of your heart’s desires ever Vigilant in my watch over you let

My Embrace envelop you throughout the night as visions of the blessings I’ve prepared for you and your loved ones

await your waking gaze the days of Sorrow are drawing to a close today

Heralds joy and salvation even the angels Rejoice for you’ve surrendered

your heart to me answering my call as each new day Dawns so too will your life

unfold aresh the past is but a memory and your future gleams with promise all

that was taken from you will be returned h hundredfold for every selfless act of kindness

you’ve bestowed upon the needy your reward will overflow despite the slander and attacks

of others your endeavors will prosper and flourish every moment spent in

service to me and others without seeking reward will add years to your life and

ignite your spirit with renewed passion these promises already bestowed

in the spiritual realm now await your acceptance dedicate your first waking moments to

communion with me then step forth in faith to claim the blessings I’ve prepared let no shame befall you for

those who oppose you do so in ignorance keep your distance from those who speak ill for their words hold no weight in my

eyes if you seek my voice simply open the pages of my word reading with

unwavering faith hope and loyalty nothing is impossible for one who

believes signs and wonders will follow you because you are mine so fear not for

I am with you through flood and fire I will never abandon the purposes I have for you though a thousand may fall at

your side and , at your right hand I will shield you no plague will come

near your tent for you’ve made me your shelter my angels stand guard over you

in all your ways oh how I wish you could see yourself as I see you my radiant one

blameless and beautiful this refining process takes time but permit me to lovingly smooth your rough

edges don’t run from difficult Seasons that promise greater depth stay pliable

in my hands remember I am the Potter and you are my clay trust me through the

discomfort of stretching for I work all things for your Eternal good momentary troubles are achieving for you a weight

of Glory Beyond comparison you have need of endurance my precious child persevere

by the power of my spirit within you how I long to Lavish my blessings upon you because I Delight in you every good gift

comes from my hand and I hold your future Days in mine abide in me and ask

whatever you desire it will be done for you make your requests known with Thanksgiving for I have adopted you as

my beloved you share in my boundless inheritance child I am your Eternal

Shield safeguarding you from harm and extending ing my protection to envelop your loved ones their safety is secured

by the precious blood that flows through their veins shielding them from all forms of danger and harm my promise to

you resonates with unwavering certainty whether you find yourself in the Embrace of Joy or the depths of Sorrow Standing

Tall in Triumph or grappling with trials amidst the Tranquility of calm or the

tumult of storms know this I am with you holding your hand guiding you through

every twist and turn of life’s journey my provision for you knows no bounds

flowing endlessly like a mighty River cascading blessings upon you and your cherished family the adversaries

Relentless attacks shall never breach the Fortress of my Divine protection nor

shall Misfortune or lack find a foothold within the sanctuary of your home the

enemy’s intricate schemes are no match for my omnipotent sovereignty for I will

forever nullify his nefarious plans rest assured my beloved child for you are

eternally secure within the shelter of my loving Embrace walk your path with

unyielding faith and within me you shall find the Fulfillment of every longing of

your soul overflowing in abundance beyond measure I just want you to fully trust in me knowing that I will always

be working in your life for good remember that my plans for you are of

prosperity and hope for for I desire your well-being in all things I will

never abandon you on your journey towards fulfilling Your Divine Purpose I will always be with you even when you do

not feel my presence for my love is constant and never ending always remember that you are my

beloved treasure and nothing in this world can separate you from my love neither height nor death nor any other

created thing can separate you from my unbreakable love stand firm and move

forward strive to be an example to your siblings and love your fellow beings as I love you extending your hand to help

the needy sharing my love with all whom you encounter on your journey I am your

shaper your guide your truth and your life how deeply I desire for you and

your family to dwell under my Divine protection throughout this year your home is a sanctuary free from curses the

power of my blood has cleansed you of all sin and bondage to the Past there is

no malevolent Force witchcraft or sorcery that can harm you dismiss false curses you have entrusted your heart to

me you are saved and sheltered you and your entire household this is my promise

do not heed those who do not love or believe in me dive into this powerful current of love freedom and

extraordinary change my Divine light shines over your home and family believe

and trust for incredible blessings are are on their way to you recall the times

I rescued you from many dangers the Miracles I performed that showcased my might write these instances down with

faith and you’ll witness my work in your life I have something crucial to tell

you today listen carefully don’t look away or dismiss these words as they are

meant for your good my love for you is constant I aim to envelop you with care imbue you with

Divine solace so that in tough times you feel safe guided fortunate and

profoundly cherished for your inner healing be mindful of the actions I’m set to undertake with me nothing is

unachievable the accuser constantly Whispers lies to undermine your confidence and shroud you in Shadow

dredging up past sins to haunt you but remember you are new the old has passed

away forever if only you could glimpse your vital place in my kingdom and understand

even a fraction of your immense value seen through my eyes alone it would take

your breath away but even without seeing your unwavering Faith grants you

strength to walk into your glorious purpose a day is coming when your perspective will be completely

transformed and you will see the path behind you led by steadfast trust

despite wanting to quit countless times your resilience has brought you to victory ictory trials have deepened your

roots shaping you from a child into a Champion by my side fear has no power

over you the enemy is easily disempowered in your presence why should you stumble when I uphold you with my

right hand to dwell eternally as honored royalty you must reclaim in no sense

purity of motive and wholehearted devotion trust in me for I am leading you into your destiny enish on the day

when I shall Crown you as royalty and prepare a place for you in the heavens surrounded by Angelic hosts as your

loyal Guardians you are never alone forever unfolded in the Embrace of my

boundless love nestled closely to my heart in a space crafted just for you since the dawn of time embrace the

journey dear child for it is through the trials and tribulations that your character is forged like a blacksmith

shaping iron in the fire I am molding you into a vessel of Honor ready to

carry out my Divine Purpose stand firm in the knowledge that I am refining you

with love and intentionality preparing you for greatness as you navigate the twists and

turns of life’s path keep your eyes fixed on the prize that awaits you let

Hope be your compass guiding you toward a future filled with promise and possibility and know that no matter how

arduous the journey may seem I am walking alongside you every step of the

way so go forth with courage dear child knowing that you are equipped with

everything you need to succeed trust in my plan for your life and let your faith

be your strength for with me by your side there is nothing that you cannot overcome amen Embrace these changes with

unwavering courage do not retreat in fear from the dawn of new beginnings for

Within These Transformations lies the pathway to a future so radiant so abundant with marbles that it will

dispel even the darkest Shadows of uncertainty have faith in me for I walk

alongside you every step of This Magnificent journey in a world where fear seeks to ensnare the spirits of

many you my beloved daughter my cherished son shall stand Resolute and

unyielding as a courageous Champion with an unbreakable Spirit you will stride

confidently in the full blaze of daylight sheltered beneath my steadfast shield and in the Tranquility of night

as you rest I will with whisper into the depths of your heart revealing Majestic

and a inspiring truths Secrets reserved for those who ardently love me I bestow

upon you the invaluable Gifts of insight discernment and Enlightenment these

precious Treasures will serve as your compass guiding you along the labyrinthine pathways of Life shielding

you from the snares laid by your adversaries with my gentle hand leading the way you will Forge ahead shielded

from malevolence impervious to the assaults intended to thwart your progress respond to confrontation with

kindness just as I sacrificed for my children be ready to share me with your

family so they may know blessings and freedom amidst Whispers of conflict let

not fear invade your hearts I Am With You Always never abandoning you stay

vigilant While others fear you’ll witness incredible miracle Les the

trumpet sound signaling your liberations near for now pray believe strive and

live fully fear not the future trust in my promise nothing is too hard for me

your love is cherished tell me you love me it brings me joy to hear it from you

amen Embrace this day with a heart full of expectation the path before you may

be Uncharted but it is Rich with potential waiting for the imprint of your step

you are equipped not just with talents and abilities but with a spirit of power love and

self-discipline use these gifts not just for your own fulfillment but as instruments of my peace and love in the

world as you step out into the world know that you carry with you the light of my presence in a realm often clouded

by doubt and fear be a Beacon of Hope and Assurance show kindness where there is harshness offer compassion where

there is indifference and and extend forgiveness where there is bitterness in doing so you become a living testimony

of my love and grace to those around you simply receive what I have for you for I

secured every spiritual blessing among the Heavenly Realms the moment you first believed why do you reason as if you

were alone in this world I have engrafted you into my Royal bloodline

making you a cherished part of my family Embrace this honored position I have

bestowed upon you for all the treasures of Heaven are yours do not fret about Earthly needs I know them before you

even ask seek first my kingdom and all these things will be abundantly provided

for you trust me in this for I am Jehovah jury your provider and it brings

me great joy to meet your practical needs from my Limitless Supply when the season of drought comes ask me for rain

and I will open the flute Gates of Heaven pouring out blessings upon you that you cannot contain never doubt that

I hold your tumoro in my hands and where I lead there is always abundance choose

now to change the narrative in your mind I am the one who empowers you to create wealth guiding you along paths of

prosperity my Grace has set you free from the bondage of sin condemnation has

no power over you why do you allow Darkness to linger when my light has come have faith you have already over

come live in peace not sparing thought for those blind to your devotion cling

to my love no evil can reach you here each day rise renewed in joy and Trust

resting every care upon me my angels will stay by your side never will I Tire

of lavishing you with love reminding you of my faithfulness nothing can separate

you from me not height nor depth nor angels nor demons nor any powers in my

strength you will continue life’s journey receiving Every Blessing I pour upon you

until you reach the fullness of your destiny though concerns may come do not

let them steal sleep or peace no diagnosis no threat must instill dread

your life and well-being are safe in my hands your future assured yet do not let fear paralyze and prevent action hear

now these promises and take heart spend time in my presence voice ing every petition and worry I wish to cleanse

forgive and lighten the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret that hinder

you I will Empower prosper and multiply blessings to you each time we meet my

help will bring success in all your endeavors but stay focused on the tasks I appoint let nothing deter you from my

will refuse to let the poison of Envy taint your thoughts and hinder your future instead of succumbing to fear and

anxiety Envision my hand resting warmly upon your heart allow joy peace hope

faith and Assurance to fill every corner of your being I am bringing joy into

your life and placing songs of praise upon your lips your life is on the brink of transformation your blessings are

descending from the heavens anticipate abundance in your home and prepared to

be released from the shackles of debt and past Financial mist s your strength

will arise from within from the Wellspring of wisdom that flows from me

despite your flaws and Imperfections you have chosen to cling to me and that sets

you apart you are not condemned but rather you are given a fresh start a new

beginning leave behind the habits and soul ties that weigh you down you will not miss them for in letting them go you

are being reborn a new I will fill your heart with tenderness and give you a new

name known only to you and me when the dawn breaks I will call you by this new

name and your soul will leap with joy as I draw you close to me as the seasons

change know that blessings upon blessings are coming your way even if new challenges arise fear not for I will

Empower you to overcome them all you and your family are cherished protected and destined for favor in this year declare

your faith boldly in me for I am with you always last night as you wrestled with memories in the darkness I saw you

and rejoiced it warmed my heart to see you one of mine fighting to remember the

love and blessings I have lavished upon you even in your weariness your gratitude is like a sanctuary for me

within your heart I am revealing the depths of my love extending help to lift

burdens weighing heavily wisdom I grant understanding distilled from heaven heav

L Realms now fills your mind renewing perceptions and aligning them to truth I

gift you patience in abundance fortitude for the trials ahead Total Transformation has commenced my spirit

envelopes you roundabout sealing the work begun no more aimless wanderings no

more slavery to sin that once pulled you far from me freedom is yours as I

strengthen your heart to shatter every chain to rise above and sore upon wings of Holy Fire think now on Lovely things

dwell richly in Beauty and truth justice that sets captives free no immoral Veil

will blind you again to poison paths parading his pleasure what glorious

Awakening awaits as I open your eyes to Blessings surrounding you those who hurt

you will also understand forgiveness will heal relationships once broken redeem what was lost such lavish Grace I

pour out doors swing open favor spills forth as provision flows steady for

every need I make your life a new abundant peace transcending past fears

and anxious thoughts once tormenting nightmares fade in this sanctuary of

soul I create my blood brought you back from the brink no weapon formed against

you will prosper no curse uttered can alter your fixed identity secure in me I

yearn for your growth face your troubles with a willingness to learn from them if

you let me into your heart I’ll reveal a path filled with wonders where what seems impossible becomes doable where

people transform where hard hearts become tender where your needs are met

abundantly where debts disappear where sorrow is replaced with

joy my love and kindness will forever accompany you even when you can’t see me

I’m actively involved in your life I see every tear and cherish every smile

when dark thoughts Cloud your mind I am your illumination when you feel weak I

am your might in times of uncertainty I am your Clarity place your trust in me

relax In My Embrace allow me to guide you gently towards a joyful life say it

wholeheartedly now I will trust in you dear heavenly father before stepping out of your home

each day talk to me first make me me the recipient of your initial morning words

as you wake in your bed before any other action or word converse with me from your soul with heartfelt words of Praise

do not venture outside without expressing gratitude for all things there are adversaries eager to see you

forget the source of your blessings thus set aside time each morning to meet with

me amidst your busy schedule know that you are not alone on this journey I am

with you every step of the way guiding protect expecting and empowering you my love surrounds you like a warm embrace

infusing you with courage and resilience trust in my divine plan for it is

crafted with wisdom and Love Leading you towards your highest purpose and greatest

fulfillment as you align your thoughts and actions with the Divine you become a magnet for blessings and miracles open

your heart to receive for abundance flows effortlessly to those who believe

and trust in my infinite goodness let go of doubt and fear for

they only serve to block the flow of blessings into your life Stand Tall in

the Assurance of my love knowing that nothing can hinder my plans for your prosperity and

success your faith is a powerful force that can move mountains and part

Seas believe in the extraordinary possibilities that await you and watch as Miracles unfold before your eyes

every effort you make every sacrifice you offer in my name is crowned With Honor in my eyes I am the one who

orchestrates the shifting of times and hearts to align with your path know that

I will disrupt anything that needs to move for you to step into the fullness of joy and prosperity that I have in

store for you my abundance will overflow into your CED hands even as the enemy

rages at the sight of blessings upon you if you ever feel like like things are not as they should be do not despair or

pull away from me let us face it together hand in hand I understand your

emotions my beautiful one always remember my faithfulness it is a

steadfast anchor that dispels all doubt you belong to me I came to you when you

were lost my child I cleansed and healed you forgave and restored you I claimed

you as my own and no one can snatch you from my embrace my love for you is

unwavering enduring for all eternity if doubts assail you it is because you have

listened to another voice cast aside those lies and run to me see how doubt

scatters like birds Taking Flight do not allow them to Nest within you stealing

you away from my side and robbing the warmth of our relationship reject the empty promises of Doom release the

weight of grumbling that burdens your heart and instead Embrace faith hold on to hope with a fierce determination and

cast aside the cloak of negativity that threatens to dim your light in doing so you open the

floodgates for wonderful things to unfold in your life blessings abundance Freedom healing peace within your family

and joy in your spirit these gifts are the birthright of those who choose to believe in me my dear one know that I

love you deeply cling to me and share your doubts and grievances without hesitation

release the need to strive in your own strength and allow me the privilege of showering you with blessings

demonstrating the depths of my love for you affirm your belief in me for you are

a beautiful soul in my eyes I Delight in the way you open your heart to me

whether in spoken words or in the silent language of your soul how precious your tender heart is

to me beating with the rhythm of joy as I pour out my love upon you easing your

burdens and soothing pains as you listen to my message may you be enveloped in the Deep Embrace of Love let not the

challenges of the day weigh heavily upon you for I am here to lift your spirit and fill you with a profound sense of

belonging and adoration I take great pleasure in you will you not also take

pleasure in who I’ve made you to be don’t heed the voices that tell you I’ve rejected or abandoned you did I not

engrave your name on my hands I will never forget you or forsake you you you

are etched on the walls of my heart always listen for my voice calling you mine my precious one many plans may

whirl through your mind but my purpose will prevail don’t rush ahead presuming

to chart your own course wait for me to guide you with my eye my thoughts toward

you outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore my ways are higher and my

timing is perfect bring me your frustrations impatience and fears

I hold the remedy for anxious striving find Sweet Rest In My Embrace do not

lose heart the challenges you face have not taken your all- knowing father by surprise don’t believe the mocking lies

the one who spoke light into existence resides within you why do you reason

like mere mortals my power Knows No Limits rise up in me and witness mountains move victory is yours because

victory is mine did I not shatter the curse and tear the veil when I Rose from that borrowed tomb seated now at my

right hand all authority has been given to me and behold I share it with you my friend reject the lies of the enemy his

words hold no truth instead silence every demonic voice with the Eternal

truth of my word let my light shine through you Illuminating the darkness

around you you are meant to be a brilliant reflector of my light shining like a star in the midnight sky this is

your moment to rise and take your place in My Kingdom release the past and press

onward toward the high calling I have placed upon your life your destiny awaits and I will perform Miracles

through you that will cause many to glorify my name walk before me in Purity

and humility allowing my refining fire to shape you into a vessel fit for my

purposes stay close to me like a branch connected to the vine where you will

find nourishment and strength for for the journey ahead stay close to me for

in my presence you’ll find the strength to withstand the storms gathering around you soon you’ll stand firm against the

Raging winds and Rising floods take hold of the armor I provide and you’ll remain

standing when darkness comes knocking I’m preparing your soul to conquer the Shadows to reclaim what’s been lost and

to usher in a mighty Awakening despite the many challenges you may face know

that I am making you strong ER through them your faith in me fills you with courage enabling you to confront your

struggles and battles do not fear your afflictions instead fix your gaze upon

my promises and words I have never abandoned you in moments of weakness I

have wiped away your tears and filled you with joy if you seek me diligently every day

pouring out your heart in prayerful communion with me I will hear you and

lift you to Greater Heights I understand all that you go through I feel your

emotions deeply when you entrust your life to me sharing your experiences and

future plans there is rejoicing in heaven and I send thousands of angels to

watch over you I will resolve your problems not by your strength or knowledge but by my spirit and power you

will overcome every challenge because I stand by those I love and bless those who trust in me

however those who cling to negativity doubt my truths and scoff at my love

will miss out on the blessings I have reserved for the faithful and diligent Seekers the months and years ahead will

be the most fulfilling times of your life but remember stay humble in spirit

for pride has no place in my presence follow my example of humble obedience and sacrifice for I walk that path unto

death for you my precious one top of form as you journey through life always

remember that every Victory and blessing you experience is not solely by your own strength or power even the very Breath

You Take is a precious gift from me so my dear heart give thanks to me and give

me all the glory for every step forward I lead you to take know that the enemy prows around

like a lion seeking to devour your soul he will try to undermine and Destroy

every good thing I bring into your life but take courage beloved for I have

already overcome the darkness of this world my power will never fail and my

love for you will never fade my words and Promises stand firm in the courts of

Heaven I cannot lie when the enemy’s threats surround you cling to the sound of my voice guiding you it will be your

strength in the midst of the storm from the moment you open your eyes you know and feel that my affection envelops you

this profound love strengthens you lifts you up and imbus you with the energy to press forward fighting and walking from

Victory to Victory Day by Day you belong to me and I shall care for you even if

storms topple mountains even if the earth trembles and its depths open before

you beloved child nothing shall harm you or your family for they are in my hands

trust in what I say rely on my love find security in my promises and have faith

in my power to heal I am the one who provides for you the flame that Sparks

your enthusiasm for Life dispels your discouragement and rekindles your love for your family avoid lies be true to

those who believe in you don’t entertain harmful thoughts or keep destructive Secrets I am your father your God my

love is shown through the incredible chance I’m giving you now I’ve loved you and continue to love you despite your

mistakes and will keep blessing you despite your missteps now is the time for change to move from Faith to living

freely in your moments of need rest assured I will never forsake you place your faith in my boundless love and

omnipotent power and witness as I transform every trial into a pathway to

Blessings surrender your fears lay down your burdens at my feet entrust me with

the Reigns of your life and I will guide you toward a glorious Destiny remember I am a faithful God I

will never leave your side especially in your times of greatest need find solace

in my peace dear one and allow my all-encompassing love to unfold you

through prayer and communion with me discover comfort and hope understand that amidst life’s tempests I am your

sanctuary and your unshakable foundation rest assured my child for I am ever

watchful safeguarding you fear Fe not the shadows of night or The Perils of

day let not troubling news disturb your heart nor dread the Unseen perils my

love and protection accompany you at every step through every joy and sorrow from dawn until dusk my gaze of Love is

upon you you are never alone on this journey May Joy fill your heart and strength renew your spirit this day

you’ve awoken to a new life free from restless nights and haunting dreams

henceforth your your mind shall be at peace Untouched by the curses of your enemies I stand watch over your every

moment both in rest and in wakefulness my angels surround you their swords

drawn in defense with my hand upon you you’re empowered To Tread upon serpents and scorpions immune to their venom seek

me in prayer and scripture bowing at my feet to receive guidance Faith favor and

protection daily those who oppose you will be humbled never daring to trouble you again

learn that faith in me means power honor integrity and Truth your example will

lead many to take spiritual life more seriously Walk Tall with eyes heavenward

do not look back at those who mocked safely held in my hands no stumbling blocks can trip your feet pay no heed to

threats or ridicule if heeded fear may find footing for real harm later stand

Confident untroubled by enemies their efforts against you will encounter me instead cowardice exposed by Revealing

Light when faced with decisions big or small come to me in prayer I am not a

distant deity but a loving father eager to provide guidance and wisdom in the

quietness of your heart present your concerns and desires and listen for my

response my answers may not always align with your expectations but trust that my

perspective is eternal my understanding infinite tonight as you close close your

eyes and drift into sleep let your last thoughts be of my unfailing love and

constant presence dream of the heights you will soar and the depths you will explore secure in the knowledge that I

Am with You guiding protecting and loving you every step of the way sleep

in peace my beloved child for tomorrow is a new day filled with new mercies New

Opportunities and the unwavering promise of my NeverEnding love and grace rest in the assurance that no

matter what tomorrow brings I am there holding you in the palm of my hand forever and always amen my beloved child

the day you’ve yearned for the Pinnacle of your Triumph draws near picture tears

not of sorrow but of boundless Joy streaming down your face reflecting the

radiance of a heart fulfilled your laughter a symphony of pure Bliss will

resonate through the lives of those around you igniting a jubil celebration

of renewal hold on to my hand with unwavering faith for I am tirelessly

orchestrating the Masterpiece of your destiny amidst the currents of uncertainty I am clearing your path

showering you with fresh opportunities and a torrent of blessings potent and life-altering

fear not the unknown for I am guiding you toward shores of Grace and abundance

with each step embrace the Divine Orchestra ation unfolding before you your journey is not solitary I Am with

You guiding and shaping your path towards greatness prepare your heart to receive the blessings that await you my

beloved child trust in the process for within the uncertainty lies the promise

of Miracles your destiny is on the verge of magnificent transformation and I am

here to lead you every step of the way with each step you take you are bathed in my Divine peace a Tranquility that

that surpasses all understanding anchoring you securely even amidst life’s fiercest storms take solace dear

child knowing that no evil or Affliction shall befall you for my heavenly hosts

encircle you standing guard over you and your beloved kin wrapped in my protective embrace you are fortified

with unyielding strength supported endlessly by my guiding hand therefore

cast aside all fear for I am your God and within my embrace you shall find

refuge and eternal security do not let the night’s Terrors or the day’s adversities cast a shadow upon your

spirit be not disturbed by Grim Tidings or hidden afflictions know that I watch

over you ceaselessly guarding you at every moment Rest In My Embrace beloved

Son precious daughter trust in my steadfast assurances let the depth of my faithfulness be your refuge in the storm

and my boundless love your Sanctuary like a sturdy shield for your soul when worries assail you remember that my love

surpasses all greater in power and enduring beyond measure no fear can

sever our unbreakable Bond nor can storms unsettle the Sea of your soul when you find shelter in my unwavering

presence reject the notion of settling for a life of mediocrity and constraints

instead lift your gaze to the heavens broaden the horizons of your heart and

Dare To Dream boldly for I your God possess infinite power and might and

there are no limits to what can be achieved through my strength your unwavering perseverance and dedicated

efforts will be met with Abundant Blessings beyond measure you stand as a

Living testament to my love and omnipotence embrace the certainty that I

am ever present and your potential knows no bounds Advance boldly dear child

towards the realization of your highest calling though challenges may arise and the currents of Life seem to be against

you do not falter in the face of adversity remember the moments when doors appeared shut and obstacles seemed

insurmountable in those times I was there carving a path dismantling

barriers and Paving the way for your Triumph a brighter Dawn is on the horizon and I eagerly await your arrival

reject the creeping Despair and hold fast to my promise your answer is on its

way watch as you walk in Freedom and fulfillment for I have trusted in your

faithfulness and love I will uplift and transform you according to my will the past is behind you behold you are made

new seek after goodness truth and the Abundant Blessings I have in store for you know me in ways you have never known

before and walk ever in my presence keep all that would Undo You far from me as

you rest In My Embrace let the world rage around you you will know only my

peace thank you for allowing me to fight for you in return I give you my own

heart amen do not compare yourself to others my child for I have crafted you

uniquely endowing you with strength bravery wisdom and intelligence beyond

measure I have equipped you with the tools to break through barriers to Forge New Paths to overcome obstacles with the

power of my word and your unwavering Faith except the truth I speak over you

today you dwell in a realm of Supernatural blessing do not allow your

emotions or circumstances to dictate your response resist the urge to succumb

to fear or to be swayed by the manipulation of others I have woven a beautiful tapestry of purpose for your

life and though the enemy May seek to derail you I encourage you to choose joy

to trust in me I have infused you with my Holy Spirit empowering you to continue trusting and aiding others

even in the face of disappointment and betrayal yes there will be those who turn away who speak ill of you who

betray your trust but remember my child their actions stem from a place of Despair from a world without hope so

stand firm my beloved and keep your eyes fixed on me I will transform your life and your character leading you into a

future filled with hope abundance and joy trust in my promises and together we

will overcome every obstacle that stands in your way promise me you will believe my words commit each morning to seek my

face eyes open to the new wonders gradually rising to surround you the hour has come know me fully meet

me with your whole heart held out precious one I extend the offer of Total

Transformation through the name of Jesus every prayer will be answered your

unbroken faith has captured my attention I want to Lavish you with new Beginnings

overflowing with joy these wait Within Reach for all who choose steadfast trust

Let My Words take root in your willing heart and patiently await each blessing in its appointed

time just as it takes months for a child to be born and seeds need to break through the soil before sprouting so

your blessings have their own season of growth trust in this truth and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon taking each

day as it comes embrace change without fear knowing it leads to Greater

blessings I desire to surround you with people and resources that nurture your growth walk with me knowing that no one

can overpower or condemn you I defend you against all accusations if only you

could see the Heavenly Warriors beside you the light guiding your path and the obstacles crumbling before you you would

realize that the cosmos itself moves to bless you clasp tightly to my teachings

for they illuminate the path Ahad head piercing through the darkness that seeks to obscure your way my words are a

guiding Beacon Illuminating the hidden depths of unknown Realms unveiling profound truths and Timeless principles

that lead to Serenity and Enlightenment entrust your entire being unto me for I

am omnipresent cradling your heart and steering your journey with unwavering

love and divine wisdom I solemnly vow to Shield you from all harm

even as you Traverse the shadowed valleys and tread upon paths dimly lit I am your unwavering Guardian a

stalwart Sentinel watching over you ceaselessly rest assured do not succumb

to the grip of Fear whether it be the malevolence that lurks in the shadows or the Unseen ailments that threaten in

every trial and tribulation I stand steadfast by your side imparting the courage and resolve needed to

endure place your trust wholly in me my my cherished one lean into my promises

for they shall affirm your path granting you the sublime peace and unmar Grace to

Traverse life’s journey with unwavering faith I hear your request and here I am

ready to pour out my blessings upon you fear not for I am with you always meet

each challenge with unwavering faith and know that I am by your side empowering

you to overcome tell me do you believe in me hold on on to that belief tightly for in

my love and forgiveness you will find Solace and strength to endure I see the

struggles you face the wounds inflicted by those with ill intentions they were but tools in the

hands of the enemy seeking to bring you down but remember I have chosen you for

a purpose you have witnessed my Miracles firsthand and I have showered you with

my love time and again hoping it would resonate deep within your soul now is

the time to cast aside the lies and withstand the attacks of your adversaries believe in the truth of my

words and the Wonders I have performed in your life my love for you knows no

bounds and I will never forsake you you are precious to me beyond measure even

if others fail to recognize your worth know that you are cherished in my eyes

feel the depth of my love enveloping you and let your heart be stirred by the countless times I have reached out to

you you protecting and caring for you understand this those who trust in me

are destined for assured Victory on this day take these words to Heart Embrace

this promise and inscribe it deep within your being for I am set to perform great and wondrous deeds in your life nothing

will remain the same no good thing will you lack I will cause you to flourish in all areas your life will be a testament

to overflowing blessings and through faith you will attain all that you have dreamed and desired beloved daughter

beloved Son place your trust in me for I assure you great blessings are unfolding in

your life these blessings shall not only enrich you but shall also extend to your

siblings friends and Beyond rejoice and ready yourself for soon doors you

thought closed will open wide the burdens you’ve carried will be lightened and your spirit will find new Strength

embrace the anticipation of Miracles for they are on the horizon waiting to manifest in your life each step you take

in faith brings you closer to the realization of your deepest desires let

Hope be your Guiding Light Illuminating the path ahead with possibilities and

opportunities Beyond Your Wildest imagination in The Quiet Moments of each day find solace in our conversations

your words are music to my ears and your prayers are a sweet fragrance to my heart even when the World Turns its back

on you know that my love remains steadfast unwavering in its devotion you

are precious beyond measure and I bless you with the gifts of Family Purpose and vitality guard these Treasures with care

for they are precious gifts from me do not worry about tomorrow for I hold your

future in my hands anchor yourself in my love and you will find strength to weather any storm take refuge in my

light for in it you will find peace amidst the chaos of this world extend

Grace to your enemies and let love be your guiding principle your family is

under my protection and their fears will be dispelled by my presence trust in me

for I am faithful to fulfill all your hopes and dreams do not fear the changes that lie ahead for they are ordained by

me for your benefit open wide the doors of your heart and invite my presence to dwell within you what I speak today will

surely come to pass your needs are known to me but I Delight in hearing your voice lifted in prayer

cry out your dreams for I Delight in granting the deseras of your heart to those who walk in righteousness with me

visit me every day I’ll be here waiting for you share your tears with me and

I’ll share in your sorrow because I feel deeply too I love you immensely and it

pains me to see you so disheartened surrounded by life and Beauty yet so overwhelmed by pain that my vast love

eludes you today I come to you not with judgment or blame but with a heart

overflowing with love and comfort believe in me for I am your source of

forgiveness love eternal life healing and salvation as you feel the gentle

caress of a Divine Breeze or catch the scent of fragrant flowers in the morning air know that a time of sacred abundance

is drawing near your home will soon overflow with Divine blessings and a beautiful season of restoration awaits

you and your family promise me that you believe my precious one for I assure you

that everything you’ve hoped for and prayed for in my name will come to fruition Abundant Blessings Open Heavens

and a wealth of goodness will saturate every corner of your life and your home peace and joy will be your constant

companions enveloping you and your loved ones in warmth and Tranquility in every season I s is A Mighty Fortress

undefeated and unconquerable no force can withstand the power of the most high

when you cry out to me in desperation bearing your soul with raw transparency

you invite my miraculous intervention and transformation inevitably follows

like delicate blossoms emerging From the Ashes after a tempest your life will Bloom with beauty and New Beginnings you

have shown wisdom in seeking me in times of need but our relationship should not be confined to moments of Crisis will

you open your heart to me each day making me your first priority the center of your affection with your thoughts

continually fixed on me your joy reveals the depth of your passion and pursuit of

me anything less than full surrender fails to capture the magnitude of my

glory and might have you sensed a void an emptiness yearning to be filled with

my presence then let go so completely allowing me to enter and reign in your

life like never before those who once caused you harm will experience a change of heart towards you and doors you

thought were sealed shut will swing open wide leld desires will be fulfilled as

loneliness gives way to meaningful companionship within the Vibrant Community I am building around you my

words will prove a true and promised changes will swiftly come to pass Advance with bravery and resolve for the

greatest is yet to unfold every hurdle you’ve overcome is a step closer to

realizing your dreams do not succumb to fatigue or allow despair to obscure your

vision I Am with You leading the way like a towering giant smoothing the path

you’re destined to walk my love for you is boundless my child remember every

Endeavor and sacrifice will be acknowledged and the choices you make will shape your faith fate thus do not

waver stand Resolute in faith act with courage and strive for your aspirations

never forget that I am beside you fortifying you guiding you and supporting you as you journey toward the

rewards that await I bless you my beloved child in the sacred name of Jesus as you press forward Envision the

tapestry of your life unfolding with each step you take see the threads of your experiences weaving together to

create a masterpiece of resilience I and Triumph each challenge you encounter is

but a brushstroke in the portrait of your destiny painting a picture of strength and perseverance in moments of

Doubt remember the countless blessings I have bestowed upon you reflect on the times when my hand guided you through

the darkest valleys and lifted you to the highest peaks These Memories Are Not

Mere happen stance but evidence of my unwavering presence in your life do not

be distressed by threats or falsehoods I am with you you delivering you from the assaults of malice from The Perils of

scarcity death and disease hold fast to my words embrace

the blessings I bestow and affirm your faith in me today I desire to reveal the

depth of my love for you feel its authenticity in your heart and observe

the Myriad ways I seek to amaze you and capture your attention yet be vigilant for you have

adversaries who Envy the peace within you they seek to rob you of your blessings but they cannot extinguish the

light of your joy your unwavering Faith or Your Righteous path they feel

defeated even before they confront you for they know that I am your Shield

their strategy is to seow doubt and cast baseless threats upon you they gather

around seeking to convince you of falsehoods denying my love for you questioning your status as my beloved

child and attempting to discredit my existence but your spirit knows the truth trust in me and together we will

overcome all obstacles a season of Plenty is nearing in your life soon the day will come when the results of your

efforts the tears you’ve cried and the prayers you’ve whispered kneeling will come to

fruition this is the year to reap and gather abundantly to treasure and wisely

use the blessings I bestow upon you to value and not waste what you’ll receive

from from now on look at your life you are genuinely favored realize that your

situation is more favorable than many who oppose you the most significant blessing you have is your life itself I

am offering you the chance to come closer to me daily to deepen your understanding of me to embrace my

teachings and to be enriched by them it’s important for you to recognize that

through this life I grant you you can also experience the joy of being forgiven and the Priceless gift of

Salvation you have the gift of Life which enables you to follow my directives to listen to my guidance and

to be liberated from any curse or harm that tries to take away your joy or

disrupt your peace what a wonderful blessing it is to be alive to breathe to love to perceive

to cry and to feel because tears are shed not only in sadness but also in

happiness and even when you feel sadness those tears rolling down your cheeks will remind you that you are still alive

and as long as you have life you can come to me and receive the opportunity you need to succeed to overcome to leave

behind what is causing you harm and during this significant period as you’ve been growing closer to me you’ve started

to see and believe in the truth of my word it shall happen it won’t

fail however there is something a miss and I’m pointing it out to you not to

make you feel bad or to give up but so that you come to me if you listen to me and obey your blessings will multiply

receive and accept these words I am giving you if you want the doors and windows of Heaven to open for you

connecting you to the Divine and Supernatural realm if you want this transformation you must cleanse your

heart of Grievances and negativity I value your faith immensely but don’t let

the bitterness of complaints weaken your genuine belief avoid holding on to negative emotions or cynical thoughts

they might grow and unexpectedly diminish your vibrant Faith keep complaints away from your speech steer

clear of friendships that breed rumors doubt and bitterness surround yourself

with wise and positive companions today I invite you to make a choice a choice that will shape the course of your days

ahead will you choose to trust me to walk hand inand with me through the shifting tides of life

or will you turn away missing out on the Abundant Blessings that await you I have chosen you and called you by my grace to

fulfill the purpose I set for you even before the world began just as the sun

rises in all its Splendor so will your future Ascend and you will see your most

cherished dreams come to fruition believe in this with all your heart for it is entirely possible your

age or imperfections do not hinder my blessings upon on you I have poured out my spirit of power and love upon you

empowering You To Boldly Proclaim all that I have done in your life silence is

not an option for you as you share this message with the world expect my blessings to accompany you every step of

the way I have not given you a spirit of timidity but one of power love and

self-control you are saved by my grace so there is no room for fear or hesitation do not cower away overwhelmed

by thoughts of defeat from your adversaries stand up courageously face your challenges head on and meet future

obstacles with unwavering faith and determination by embracing this Victorious mindset your conflicts will

crumble those causing you distress will depart from your life and your financial circumstances will be transformed have

faith in the new era of Freedom abundance Divine provision and miraculous blessings that await you it

is through Hearts like yours that I reveal my might and bring forth Miracles I am preparing great opportunities for

you stay ATT tuned to my teachings so you can recognize when your blessings arrive value even the smallest blessings

I bestow upon you for they have the potential to grow exponentially with my touch you will be amazed by the

abundance I have in store for you your joy and thriving bring me immense

happiness you are more precious to me than any treasure and I desire for you to live a

life of fulfillment and achievement will you agree to this my child no force can hinder the blessings

I have in store for you I am constantly Watching Over You shielding you with my love and surrounding you with my angels

to keep you safe from harm your future rests securely in my hands for I am your

Mighty and loving God adoring you with an everlasting love that brings patience and care as as my plans for you

unfold promise me dear one to trust in me and not be swayed by the rumors and

words of others as the new day Dawns you will rise leaving behind the sadness

they have imposed upon you depression will not hold you captive for my love

will lift you up and carry you through in moments of loneliness when sadness envelops your soul and tears wet your

pillow each morning listen for my voice in it find the strength to carry on just

one more day have hope dear one for I hold a future filled with goodness joy

and peace in my hands one I desire for you hold tightly to my love as you press

forward one step at a time along your path despite the obstacles fix your gaze upon the sure

promises I’ve spoken over your life when new threats or challenges surface

remember the supernatural courage and power that reside within you because as

I dwell there in moments of danger recall my ability to deliver you have

Mountain Moving Faith beloved for I have chosen you and spoken Destiny over you

even from the painful lessons of loss or lack great Riches of the spirit will emerge seek me early through prayer each

morning humble yourself daily at my feet and watch what happens as you learn to

delight yourself in my presence I will grant the longings of your heart both known and unknown in my perfect timing

these words have come to you by Divine Design at this appointed Time treasure them within for they hold Clues to my

plans for this next chapter of your life now is your moment the fullness of time for you seize it with both hands and

watch what I will do for you and those you love turn to me now and know that you are dearly loved this place right

here is your home your Refuge here you can feel safe find peace and rest deeply

allowing me to guide you into something extraordinary tonight I will visit you

in a dream you’ll find yourself standing by a river with Crystal Clear Water

gazing into my eyes as you walk Barefoot over this miraculous water it will cleanse you of

all your Sorrows angers and frustrations when you wake up tomorrow

you’ll feel renewed infused with new Strength this transformation is a gift for those

who choose to believe again who recognize their faults and ReDiscover their faith you don’t need to search

Elsewhere for comforting words I am right here with you my words are life

and goodness embrace them let them fill your heart and you’ll be filled with my

Holy Spirit I am your sustenance and your blessing the genuine answer your heart seeks declare your belief in me

say it out loud think it write it down with all all your faith I am the real light coming today to brighten your life

to chase away all Darkness from your heart your home your family I commend

your courage and unwavering resolve the path you tread is not devoid of

challenges it is adorned with trials and obstacles that demand fortitude and

determination along this arduous Journey detractors May emerge seeking to dampen

your dreams and quench your aspirations yet let not their voices sway you do not

yield to negative influences that endeavor to divert you from the Abundant Destiny I have ordained for you my

cherished child do not allow the limiting beliefs of others to deter you from pursuing your dreams let not their

words dampen the fiery Spirit within you stand Resolute and unyielding in the

face of opposition your endeavors and sacrifices hold immeasurable value and significance keep the flame of my spirit

Burning Brightly within you nurturing the grand aspirations I have planted in

your heart know that every ounce of effort and every sacrifice you make will be met with my boundless reward keep

your feet firmly planted on the path I’ve chosen for you refusing to be distracted and stay focused on the

destiny I have set before you another day May Dawn filled with

empty fantasies trying to divert your gaze but fill yourself up with truth and stand unshaken none can lead you astray

for I have prepared you in advance for such a time as this banish toxic thoughts and crushing doubts know that

not only do I meet your needs but I also care deeply about the emotions of your heart the hollow Promises of this world

pale in comparison to the supernatural rest that my spirit freely offers I

heard your plea for help met you in the depths of worship when you cried out in

desperation fear not my child for the one within you is greater than any challenge you face together we navigate

this journey hand in hand beloved I have heard the Cry of your heart for

deliverance and even now relief rushes toward you like a gentle stream stand

ready With Arms Wide Open to receive the joy of Miracles crafted especially for

this day a blessed Destiny awaits you as favor upon favor is bestowed along the

path that your faith is carved out today I want you to understand that there is nothing you can hide from my love there

is nothing I do not know about you even in your darkest moments I will always be

there to illuminate you with my light and guide you towards truth and Redemption I’ll be with you always

holding you securely when you’re feeling weak I’ll Empower you with a strength That’s mighty a k to that of a robust

Buffalo I’ll light your way when darkness surrounds you my love will find you anywhere where no depth too profound

for my reach Like a Shepherd tirelessly searches for his stray sheep I will

endlessly search for you drawing your wandering heart back into my warm embrace no distance is too great no

obstacle too challenging for me to overcome because my love surpasses the skies and outreaches the vast Cosmos so

today I want you to be assured of my deep love for you and that my blessings

are continually yours I will lavish you with my gifts and Grace abundantly with my favor and

protection you will journey through life my strong hand will shield you during

hard times and support you in moments of challenge even if you stumble I’m right

there to pick you up granting you the Vigor to press on you are never alone

I’m committed to fulfilling my promise in your life my presence will surround you like a mantle and give you comfort

in the darkest hours I trust you comprehend the depth of my love for you you are not a mere

coincidence you are my cherished creation selected by me since the dawn

of time you are undoubtedly aware of this as I’ve showered you with numerous signs

along your journey it would be unjust to disregard my words or Overlook the

Miracles I intend to manifest in your life and the lives of your loved ones sometimes you may find yourself

halting by unseen barriers but rest assured I will bless you and nothing and

no one can obstruct my plans for you I have forgiven you and purified you and

if there’s anything you still conceal from me reveal it to me without delay

there exists no excuse or hindrance that should deter you from embracing my love

and forgiveness it is my Earnest desire to bestow blessings upon you and not even

your own actions can thwart my intentions with the immense love I hold for you I will dismantle any obstacles

you attempt to erect I have dispatched my word to fulfill its purpose in your life and it shall not return to me

unfulfilled it shall Aral Laden with abundant fruits and miracules

manifestations accompanied by victories and joys I am eager to unveil something

wondrous to you and once you grasp its significance you will never stray from the Embrace of this beautiful love so

dear child hold on to hope for it is the anchor of your soul in turbulent times embrace the

journey with courage and optimism knowing that each trial you face is an opportunity for growth and

transformation your destiny is written in the stars and I am guiding you towards a future filled with abundance

joy and Divine Purpose trust in me and together we will

create a masterpiece of your life a testament to my boundless love and grace

in the Eternal flow of existence blessings Cascade towards you like an unending River every facet of your life

is a testament to my unwavering power and faithfulness stay vigilant and Resolute in your trust in me today I

bestow upon you gifts and fortify you with Spiritual armor ensuring no trial

or obstacle impedes your journey step forth boldly into the world proclaiming

your Victory and embrace the Abundant fruits of your blessings with unwavering

confidence for I your heavenly father am the Wellspring of all blessings this

message is uniquely for You Feel My Love Today come back tomorrow I have more to

share with you tell me you love me great things are on their way to you and I

want you to believe you’ve been strong in hard times and I want you to keep it up I know you’re tired and your spirit

feels drained but I urge you to keep going a new period of peace is near stay

firm in your beliefs keep fighting stand strong to win and receive the answers you’ve been praying for this is not the

moment to abandon all and surrender do not relinquish your happiness to those enemies who oppose your blessings for I

have seen all the faith courage and power within your heart you are just a step away from reaching a place where

armies of warrior angels are ready to support you in your ongoing

battles great blessings immense happiness and wonders are on their way to you they come with responsibilities

that will bring joy instead of burdens you will achieve Victory and soon reach the place you once thought was far off

it is my plan to place you in a new setting surrounded by kind-hearted people in peace free from debt and

working eagerly toward the wonderful objectives that will soon be part of your life accept these gifts through

faith the joy and happiness that that are yet unseen and unfelt keep fighting joyously for your dreams until they are

realized except with faith today I implore you once more do not relinquish

the fight your Victory is Within Reach and I am by your side every step of the

way my beloved one immerse yourself aresh In My Embrace

and I will bestow upon you the strength akin to that of a mighty Buffalo with fortitude in your heart you will

courageously weather even the most formidable Storms remember always that my spirit

dwells within you guiding you through Uncharted territories and empowering you

to surmount every Challenge and hardship that crosses your path Forge ahead dear

child do not falter or crumble when the path diverges from your expectations

persistently March forward holding fast to unwavering faith and commitment

progress steadily with an unyielding Spirit towards your aspiration know that that every promise I make serves your

highest good therefore battle with unshakable belief and endure through trials show your tenacity in each stride

you take even if the fruits of your efforts seem distant now trust that your

earnest prayers and labor will bear fruit in Divine timing my child every stride you’ve made every obstacle you’ve

conquered will be honored your trials and tribulations have readied you for this very hour so muster your strength

and be Valiant for a resplendant and hopeful future lies before you your

unwavering faith is not merely a token gesture but a blazing fire that purifies

strengthens and guides you it comforts you in times of Sorrow heals the wounded

and spreads the message of my redeeming love far and wide with this Faith you

wield the power to shape worlds to stand boldly against evil and to overcome

every obstacle that comes your way no enemy can devour you when you anchor

yourself in my unending love which remains constant through every season of Life your love is what I long for in

return offer me your heart undivided and whole keep your gaze fixed ahead on the

path of obedience where blessings Without End await you are you seeking

Solutions know that I have placed them within your reach do you need strength my word is the source if it’s Living

Waters you crave let your faith unlock the supernatural Realms waiting for your exploration these wonders will touch

countless lives through you as you remain faithful you and your family are secure in my hands allow me to bring you

comfort I see your tears and feel your sorrow let me wrap you in joy and

securely embrace you with my warmth all bitterness will melt away as I fill you

with the sweetness of My Affection I want you to feel better my precious one

today it seems you need me more than ever yet I ask for nothing in return

only your trust stay steadfast and patient my child for just as a seed

needs time to take root and grow your blessings too require time to unfold

trust in the process and embrace the Transformations that lie ahead know that

I am working tirelessly on your behalf surrounding you with individuals and resources that nurture your growth and

protect you from harm oh if only you could see with spiritual eyes the Heavenly hosts that stand guard around

you or sense the shift in both Heaven and Earth as they align to support you

soon I will reveal to you in dreams the grand plans I have for you so that you may taste a glimpse of Heaven here on

Earth I move the entire universe for your blessing my beloved for your sincere faith is a beacon of light in a

world filled with Darkness each day may bring new new challenges but my love for

you remains unwavering and unchanging before you embark on your daily Journey remember to declare your

love for me for in that simple Act of devotion Miracles are born trust in my

power and know that everything will be fine good news is on the horizon and I

am here to guide you every step of the way with unwavering faith and a Heart full of love you can achieve anything

for through me all things are possible I applaud your unwavering dedication which

fuels every righteous choice you make through discipline you Excel staying the

course and allowing the truth of my presence to transform your mind will and

emotions though it may be challenging to navigate against the currents of the world you persevere adjusting your Sals

to catch the Divine winds that Propel you forward I commend the shift in your

attitude as you increasingly yield to my transformative power remember I am

always near ever present to guide support and Lead You My Love For You knows no bounds as constant as the

Sunrise and faithful as the changing seasons in me you find a stronghold to

weather even the fiercest storms I am your father your friend closer to you

than a brother your rock of security when all else seems uncertain today as

always I walk beside you showering upon you blessings that exceed Earthly

limitations how I Delight in lavishing my beloved ones with extravagant

expressions of love these words I speak to you carry the essence of life Health

joy and restored purpose I’m lifting every harsh chain that has wounded your hands and easing the loads that weigh

down your spirit for far too long opposing forces have battered your journey pushing you toward the Storm

Center threatening to pull you into a pit of hopelessness today I bring you Liber

ation I shall breathe my Divine breath upon the Tempest of malevolence the clouds Laden with fear and anxiety

dissipate the words I speak to you are alive possessing the power to initiate

genuine miracles in your life the changes you have yearned for the opportunity to start a new for which you

have fervently prayed they are forthcoming however heed this warning

you are no longer at an age to squander time avoid misusing the grace and mercy

I’ve given you feed your soul with good words and let your heart soak in Divine

sweetness pay attention to the advice you’re receiving this year is for action

for applying the valuable lessons you’ve learned every morning when you wake up you’ll focus on me and listen with your

spiritual ear if you can’t see me look for me I’m as close as your faith as

reachable as your prayer I’m ready to fulfill the desires of your heart to to

experience extraordinary Miracles this year listen closely to my guidance my

cherished one and trust your heart to me and act with Integrity Surrender Your Life to my care

and stay attuned to my voice the powerful changes I foretold are on the brink of fulfillment trust that my

promise to you will manifest Liberation from debts provision of employment and

strength are on the horizon rise from where you stand my beloved and face the

tasks I set before you without complaint or hesitation understand that within your

efforts lies a fountain of blessings your faith is the key that unlocks doors

once thought impassible the Colossal Stone obstructing your path has been shattered fear not press forward with

unwavering determination for my presence accompanies you filling and guiding you

every step of the way pause with me for a moment don’t Rush away or Overlook my words linger

here soaking in the Stillness you need not speak simply be

present I hear The Whispers of your heart even when your lips remain silent

I comprehend the reasons for your seeking me it brings warmth to my heart knowing you trust me enough to lean on

me and release your worries into my care your decision to heed my words fills me

with joy your expression of Love touches me deeply though you come to me with

tears and feel you have little to offer know that you give me the most precious gift your sincere heart my beloved

children never forget I have selected you to dwell in opulence and success to

savor the fullness of all the goodness and Splendor I have crafted smile brightly fear not the trials of the

world or the schemes of the adversary persevere my daughter and stand firm in

faith my son let gratitude over flow from your heart knowing that the blessings I have promised are drawing

near embrace them with open arms and an open heart for through faith all things

are possible I see the weight you carry upon your shoulders and I cannot overlook your struggles you need not

face them alone for I Am by your side I am not distant nor am I indifferent to

your plight I am near always ready to be your strength and support I understand

the burden of your worries the sleepless nights and the tears shed in solitude hear me now you are not alone every

concern you bear is of great significance to me I am not unaware nor do I turn away I am attentive to every

detail of your life Mark a specific moment to bask in my presence with all your concerns your family your work your

entire being indeed I cherish you you are immensely precious to me everyone in

your household is dear to my heart that’s why I urge you not to replace me with anyone else in the reverence that

is solely mine if you seek Triumph joy and resilience you must embrace my word

you cannot Overlook my messages I’m planting Clear Directions in your soul so that with faith and certainty you can

find the way out and solve your troubles and Sorrows but if you lose sight of this unending love that yearns for you

and watches over you if you let the negative influence of other plant doubts and Discord in your mind and among your

family the worries that once overwhelmed you will return you’ll forget the source

of your deliverance so listen closely bring your plans to me commit your ways

to my guidance have trust and patience and I’ll handle all your concerns I’m

not saying I’ll make everything effortless but I will Empower you through every challenge you’ll be

endowed with authority intelligence and wisdom you’ll receive immense blessings

and my potent light will shine on your household and your loved ones continuously amen I long for your heart

to be filled with the enduring essence of divinity a gentle chime echoing my

unwavering promises to You When Trials come I urge you to Center yourself and

listen with all your being as you seek me each morning know that I seek your joy envisioning for you

a future brimming with peace peace and divine success I yearn for your family to be liberated from negativity free

from Discord and Division in your tender and pure heart I desire to perform

countless wonders for it is in this state that I wish for you to dwell you

will witness how your adversaries and false companions stumble before you those who mock you and claim wisdom yet

falder who boast of affluence but dwell in spiritual desolation my blessings

will always accompany you yet you will encounter opposition some will Challenge and test you but engrave this truth upon

your heart do not fear them they may appear righteous outwardly but are full

of sin within you are my beloved child and I am your Defender you are never

alone do not allow the challenges of today to dishearten you nor permit discouragement to take root within your

spirit what may appear as a setback now could very well be the precursor to a magnific

Victory therefore stand Resolute in the face of criticism and refuse to let fear

obstruct the pursuit of your dreams place your trust in me and in the inherent strength that lies within you

to overcome any obstacle you are undoubtedly a Victor for the divine presence within you surpasses any force

in this world understand my beloved as you navigate through these turbulent

times I am by your side guiding each step of your journey remember I have instilled within you a

spirit of resilience and surrounded you with steadfast companions to support you

along the way seek solace in their presence strengthen one another through

unwavering faith and draw sustenance from the Wellspring of my grace even

though your hurts Run Deep take heart for I bring healing balm I appreciate it when you include me speaking to me

matters more than eloquence or length simply talk to me for from your heart bringing your true self that sincerity

means everything nothing else is required even Faith the size of a small seed can move mountains in the throne

room hopes are answered and destinies are shaped from there I send peace to

calm your mind and reveal the depths of my love I understand your struggles and will respond according to my Divine will

working in all things for your good so when waves of fear or Affliction threat

threaten to overwhelm you remember the truth and boldly declare God is my

father my shepherd my guide and provider he always comes through for me even now

he prepares the rescue my love for you deepens continually and I am here to reaffirm my unwavering Devotion to you

as you navigate life’s trials know that I am with you clearing away your guilt

forgiving your transgressions and showering you with my Holy Spirit those who oppose you will falter and none can

snatch you from my hand Lean on Me trust in my promises and receive the mercy I

offer your strength and support do not lie in this world or in those around you

if you seek enduring blessings and transformation I’m your greatest Ally love me deeply prioritize me in your

life and spend time with me daily draw strength from my presence find courage

and face your challenges with renewed Vigor though life may not be easy trust in me sincerely and I will breathe life

and joy into your soul I Crown you with Victory clothe you in righteousness and

Empower you to overcome every obstacle with my guidance you will succeed and stand firm in your faith becoming a

Beacon of Hope for others it brings me joy to clear your path open doors for

you hear your prayers provide answers Empower you and lead you through every

challenge you face in in times of trouble my voice will light your path leading you to peace even in the darkest

valleys I will never leave you alone you are mine and I am yours bound together

in a love deeper than the sea and wider than the universe itself I have not forgotten you I have

seen your tears and your reward is coming blessings Beyond imagination await you my beloved I have prepared

wonders for you that surpass all Earthly understanding so humble yourself before

me for pride is a doorway for the enemy walk in humility listening closely to my

spirit’s Whispers continue to learn from me as we journey together this year

deepening our relationship with each step I am pouring out my glory in these last days and those who believe will

walk in power Purity and Authority drink deeply from my presence and let your

soul expand with my love then go out and shine brightly as a

Beacon of Hope in this dark world show my goodness gentleness and compassion to

those around you manifest my glory on the earth knowing that you have all of Heaven at your command as this New Year

unfolds before you I beckon you to embrace my promises with unwavering

faith and bold declaration thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it

already exists in Heaven’s courts these words etched in eternity Are Not Mere

wishes but Divine decrees spoken over you my beloved blessing is the essence

of Joy it is holding on to faith and peace amidst life storms and Sorrows

even in the depths of Despair lift your head and smile for you walk hand in hand

with the Sovereign who guides your steps being blessed is finding contentment in the simple blessings of each day and

entrusting your journey to the care of your heavenly Shepherd I will fulfill the the desires

of your heart and provide for your every need I will grant you wisdom to strengthen your spirit daily and to walk

Faithfully in the path of my teachings know with certainty that days filled with blessings are drawing near and they

will surely come to pass trust in me for you know that the promises of your Almighty father are always fulfilled pay

attention to the present moment it is not an obstacle not a hardship not a

battle that you cannot overcome I Infuse you with my Divine strength stand firm

move forward and with the courage and power I impart to you you will conquer

every adversary and overcome every obstacle promise me this hear me my

child no bad news will overwhelm you a doctor’s diagnosis will not defeat you

the threat of Discord in your family will not steal your joy though challenges may seem daunting and

negative words may weigh heavily upon you know that I am watching over you and

everything that concerns you matters deeply to me in my love you will find Refuge from the storms of life should

Strife come knocking at your door my love will shield you when sadness threatens to overwhelm you my arms will

be a sanctuary of comfort banishing sorrow and infusing you with boundless Joy you will radiate such contentment

that those around you will Marvel at the trans within you even your adversaries

will Retreat unable to shake your unwavering peace know that you are surrounded by a

Heavenly Host With Angels standing guard over you and your loved ones day and night Embrace this truth with all your

heart for my love for you is real and tangible surpassing all understanding it

is as real as the air you breathe more wondrous than any dream you could imagine rest assured my beloved child

you are cherished beyond measure feel the warmth of my love wrapping around you giving you life in its purest form

your gratitude each morning as you awaken fills my heart with joy you

entrust your days to me knowing that I hold your destiny in my hands even when

others mock your faith in an unseen God your unwavering belief touches me deeply

you know I am real Watching Over You atoned to your every need when condemnation tries to sneak back in be

ruthless in sending it away don’t entertain that Darkness for a moment trust only in what I say about

you I call you beloved radiant redeemed chosen accepted qualified and equipped

with every good thing fix your Gaze on me my precious one know that nothing can

separate you from my love no force in heaven or on Earth can ever snatch you from my grasp not tribulation distress

persecution famine danger or sword can overcome you in all these things you are

more than a conqueror because my love for you endures forever I am on your side who can stand against you hear this

declaration no weapon formed against you will prosper the accuser’s lies will

crumble before you my purpose for you stands firm the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy but I have come

to give you Abundant Life which report will you believe the slanderous lies that curse what I’ve blessed or my

triumphant Proclamation that silences every voice speaking ill of you my cherished one through the storms and

trials you have remained steadfast even when the enemy sought to seow Discord in

your relationships and cast Shadows over your home stay Resolute my child though

the challenges may leave scars upon your soul draining your strength and dimming your resolve know that I am here to

restore and renew all that has been broken in your life keep pressing forward dear one for though the enemy

has sought to halt your progress time and again you still stand upheld by the grace that strengthens you remember the

struggles you face are not the end of your story when others pronounce defeat I will intercede with my mighty hand and

my heavenly hosts declaring rise up your prayers have been heared and your life

is about to be transformate yet be mindful many May doubt even as the they witness Miracles is unfolding before

their ease but you my child stand firm in your faith unwavering in your trust

one day all will behold the change in your life and come to understand the magnitude of your God therefore fix your

gaze upon me upon my words and hold fast to my promises place not your trust in

fallible Mortals or in fleeting Earthly Treasures your heart belongs to me and

it is in me alone that you will find true fulfillment and sustenance your life will be a testament to my goodness

and power adorned with signs and wonders you’ll see how I redeem and use those

who are willing vessels your journey will inspire many to hunger and thirst for me despite the challenges your life

will be marked by Adventure Beauty and joy in every moment you have a choice to

Grumble or to glorify to stumble or to dance remember I hold your future so

choose intimacy with Me Above All Else here your soul will soar shining

brighter in the darkness let your hope Blaze fiercely for trials refine your faith like fire refines precious metal

one day you’ll stand before me and I’ll say your devotion brings me joy enter into the fullness of joy that

has been yours since the beginning your eternal glory once hidden now awaits in

the Kingdom of Light the door is open and the Palace of the king awaits you my

precious child and friend friend let the kingdom I have prepared for you since before time began envelop you in its

Embrace trust in the turbulence of my love guiding you safely to the place you now stand your life a living Testament

to the boundless goodness and miraculous power I bestow upon you do not be disheartened by the trials ahead for I

Am With You Always guiding your steps today you shall bask in the warmth of My Affection knowing that my plans for you

are flawless throughout the years I have watched over your journey with tender care feeling

every beat of your heart and hearing every sigh you’ve released I have been your constant companion through every

trial every circumstance and every misstep my love for you remains steadfast and unwavering there has never

been a moment when I chose to distance myself from you for no transgression or imperfection could diminish my boundless

love and compassion for you I have been present at every moment of your

existence witnessing your internal struggles your hidden fears and your unspoken Sorrows I am acquainted with

every thought you’ve harbored every tear you’ve shed every laughter you’ve shared every obstacle you’ve conquered and

every Triumph you’ve celebrated I have rejoiced in your successes and grieved with you in your Sorrows my heart beats

in harmony with yours overflowing with joy whenever I see you flourish and grow

your happiness is my delight and your sorrow pierces me deeply prompting me to offer Solace and comfort difficulty

cannot deter the plans and purposes I have decreed for you beloved you are uniquely equipped for such a time as

this designed to thrive through turbulent times as you Feast on Heavenly Mana nourished Soul prospering whatever

may come before drifting off tonight simply say I do believe I place my trust

in you how I yearn to teach you rest to welcome you deeper still as a little

child safe in my heavenly father’s arms your faith purified emerges with simple

sincere trust I have always been near walking by your side as your dearest companion you never have to Journey

alone no matter how long the road may seem we can talk openly sharing every

hidden dream together and unlocking the path toward realization have you not recognized me as your ABA father your

tender protector who will never leave you orphaned or abandoned sometimes when life overwhelms

it may feel like I am distant allowing afflictions to go unchecked but remember

I cannot lie every promise I’ve made to you is true and every purpose and plan

for your life will come to fruition in its perfect time I have drawn Close to You crowning you with my spirit as

confirmation of your sunship guaranteeing your Eternal inheritance Before Time began I envisioned you

intricately cra crafting every detail of your being with boundless love and purpose you’re not a mere coincidence

but a masterpiece fashioned by my own hands your heart’s deepest desires are known to me and amidst life’s Tempest

fear not for I Am by your side just as I commanded the Stars into motion and

named each one so too do I know you intimately I am your Refuge amidst the storms your deliverer from every trial

trust in my plans for they are plans of prosperity and Hope hope crafted solely for your well-being yes the journey may

be arduous and weariness may attempt to weigh you down but I implore you to persevere your perseverance will be

rewarded for my faithfulness knows no bounds did I not part the seas to lead

you to safety my power remains steadfast ready to intervene on your behalf at any

moment do not forget my Covenant sealed with the rainbow in the sky a symbol of

my enduring faithfulness know that my promise Es are unshakable enduring

beyond the passing of time itself you are my precious lamb and I am

your Shepherd even in the darkest valleys fear not for my presence is your

comfort I will prepare A Feast for you in the presence of your adversaries overflowing your cup with abundance with

the faith you hold so dearly you will rise above any challenge living each moment with certainty as a cherished

child of the universe’s creator your steps are Guided by faith your face

a glow with happiness my child your genuine gratitude touches me profoundly your

heart is kind and beautiful tomorrow I eagerly anticipate our time together

enveloping you in my love as the first light of dawn breaks I am ever present

Always by your side today I shower you with blessings of Peace strength and

wisdom I hear your prayers your heart’s quiet with Whispers bring me joy Here In My Embrace you find Solace and

acceptance you are valued deeply flaws and all I see your efforts to grow to change to become the best version of

yourself though you faced hardships I have chosen a path of blessings for you

no longer will you walk alone through darkness my spirit and my words impart Heavenly wisdom upon you guiding your

choices and protecting you from those who seek to harm today as you seek me

you shall emerge strengthened my authority will shine through you reflecting in your eyes filled with joy

your gratitude and smile will open doors and break chains Abundant Blessings

await you my beloved child in this moment when it feels like darkness is

closing in and all paths are fading remember even in the darkest of times my

light shines brightest do not be afraid challenges bring forth opportunities

adversity nurtures growth and resilience my cherished child the plans I have for

you surpass your wildest imaginings trials and tribulations are The Crucible

where I shape your character and unveil your hidden strengths though you may feel isolated in your struggles I am

beside you every step of the way trust in my provision and guidance you will

find that even in scarcity I can unlock the gates of abundance in times of

confusion I will lead you to Clarity let not your heart be troubled by the demands of today for my grace is

boundless and more than sufficient for you my love knows no bounds and my power

can overcome any obstacle or hardship I hold you dear my child my beloved

daughter and I implore you to keep the flame of Hope Burning Brightly within your heart arise and commence your day

you shall not walk alone I shall bring good-hearted individuals into your life

who do not judge you but Aid in your spiritual growth motivating you Harmony

and unity shall Prevail in your household however distance yourself from

those who seek to lead you astray those who sow doubt and Division in your soul

it is true you possess faith yet some in your family have not fully embraced it

they haven’t given their hearts to me yet I want to use you to show them my love and bring them a message of hope

I’m giving you the strength and bravery to look after your family with care always recognize your need for me seek

out my presence dive into my word and my Holy Spirit when the world seems too tough remember that there is always hope

for you and your family a solid promise of my protection love guidance and

plenty of blessings for all of you accept my affection and love now tell me

do you embrace my wonderful bless ING with happiness and belief I will remove

the obstacles in your way tear down the barriers hiding your grand future fear not sudden catastrophes nor be dismayed

by unjust criticisms pay no heed to those who seek to sabotage your emotions

with insults and accusations I hold you securely sheltered in the secret place

of the most high every morning awaken in the shadow of my protection where harm cannot reach

you declare your TR trust aloud and anchor every anxious thought to this solid foundation I dwell here enveloped

in my father’s tender care nothing touches me that hasn’t first passed through him now as you Ponder consider

which of my words have taken root deepest within you tonight what promises

or truths bring you comfort in this very moment share them with me as I surround

you with peace Beyond understanding I also cherish our fellowship ship pour

out your heart’s meditations to me each syllable brings me pleasure and joy you

have spoken well keep persevering greater realities await just

Beyond the Horizon if only you believe without wavering you’ve poured out your heart in prayer facing numerous trials

with unwavering patience like clay in the hands of a Potter I Am shaping you

molding you into the person you were meant to be even when you may not feel or see it I am at work within you

soothing your fears and refining your character and perspective on life change

is underway my dear one through many tearful nights and moments of patient waiting I have been with you and when my

blessing finally arrives when my answer is at your doorstep you will see just how much you have grown and

transformed I am fully aware of the struggles you have faced and it is time for you to experience the peace and joy

that you so deserve that day is Drawing Near when you will be ready to welcome me into

your home and your heart I will touch the hearts of your loved ones even those who seem distant bringing about a

beautiful transformation today take notice of the changes happening around you see the

seeds of love that you have planted beginning to sprout and flourish a time of joy is on the horizon and the days of

sadness and hardship will fade into distant memory your days of struggling with Despair and emotional turmoil are

coming to an end I have promised you a future filled with prosperity and I am making it happen dive deep into my

teachings renew your trust in me and fortify your resilience dare to dream

big and make ambitious plans for it is your time to start a new leaving behind the hurdles of the

past trust me completely this time my child your faith and dedication will lead you to unprecedented success

approach me today with open arms for I am here ready to listen to your prayers and unlock Heaven’s Bounty for you I

will unveil that great blessing but stay tuned to my words until the very end do

not let doubts creep in your perseverance has been remarkable and it will not go

unrewarded the fruits of your steadfast faith and endurance are just around the

corner I understand your journey and the true desires of your heart you’re not chasing after fleeting

Treasures fame or recognition your battle is genuine you seek only enough

to care for your family to break free from debt and to support those you love I’m here to bless you that’s my

purpose I’ll unlock the heavens and shower you with true blessings until you’re overflowing with the resources

you need liberated from burdens and living in peace

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