my child change is coming I will open

doors no man can shut this is a season

where I am bringing you into your

destiny I understand what you are going

through and I promise to be with you in

every trial of Life remember your

destiny is not determined by the economy

or how you were raised or your education

your Destiny is determined by me your

heavenly father type Amen to affirm your

belief you held on during the toughest


times I gave you strength to endure that

at times you did not even know it was me

when things changed for you many left

you and wrote you

off but not only did you Ino of the

storm you grew in the storm you are

different I did not create you you to

fit in I created you to stand out now I

am about to bless your

faithfulness I am about to take you to

levels you never even thought were

possible type yes God if you

believe as the sun rises painting the

sky with Hues of warmth and promise we

are reminded of the eternal love that

surrounds Us in every ray of light and

every gentle breeze there lies a message

from the Creator a message of Hope

blessings and unwavering love life

itself is the greatest gift bestowed

upon us a canvas for us to paint our

dreams and

aspirations each breath we take is a

divine blessing a reminder that our

journey is

sacred in the tapestry of existence

every one of us is a the unique thread

interwoven by the hands of a loving

Creator in our journey we encounter

challenges that may seem insurmountable

moments that test our strength and

resilience but remember dear friends

every challenge is an opportunity for

growth it’s during these moments that

the divine presence is most palpable

guiding us through the storm to emerge

stronger wiser and more

compassionate Faith the Cornerstone of

our connection with the

Divine it’s the unwavering belief that

no matter the circumstance we are held

in the loving arms of

God when we surrender to this higher

power Miracles unfold and hope becomes

an unbreakable thread that stitches

together the fabric of Our Lives the

Divine message is not only about

receiving but also about

giving acts of kindness are the language

of the Soul a reflection of the Divine

love that resides within each of us and

spreading love and compassion we become

conduits for miracles lighting up the

world with the Divine spark as we

navigate the tapestry of life let’s not

forget the power of

gratitude gratitude is the key that

unlocks the door to

abundance when we express thanks for the

blessings both big and small we create a

harmonious resonance with the universe

attracting more reasons to be

thankful God’s message transcends

boundaries embracing the rich tapestry

of human

diversity in celebrating our differences

we discover the Common Thread that unit

unites us all the thread of Love through

love we find the true essence of our

shared humanity and in that Unity we

find strength as we wrap ourselves in

the warmth of divine blessings let the

Eternal Flame of Hope burn brightly

within our

hearts hope is the beacon that lights

our path guiding us through the darkness

and Illuminating the way to a brighter

more or fulfilling future dear friends

as we conclude this journey of divine

inspiration let the message of blessings

and Hope from God resonate within you

may you carry this light into your

everyday lives spreading love kindness

and hope to all you

encounter remember you are cherished

creation of the Divine and your journey

is a sacred dance with the cosmos

until we meet again stay blessed stay

hopeful and may the divine grace be with




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