God Says: Don’t Take This Lightly | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

strength when life’s problems are too

much for you to handle your mind often

goes crazy as it searches for answers

quickly you look at your skills and

think about who you can ask for help

anxiety sets in when there are no quick

answers come back to me in those times

to find peace and rest instead of

rushing forward without a plan look for

my face and ask for help

and I want you to trust me and my plan

waiting patiently for my timing even

when it’s not clear what to do next

anxious striving makes you tired but

quiet confidence makes you strong

believe that I will not leave you when

you need me the most keep the lines of

communication open with me about what’s

going on with you and be ready to wait

without pushing for a quick solution the

people who wait for me will get stronger

that’s what I’m teaching you how to be

persistent the road you’re on is steep

and at times it may seem like it will

never end when you look back you can

remember times of ease and relaxation

but when you look forward you see a path

that keeps going up with no end in sight

it can be hard to keep going every day

that’s something I know people in your

culture value fun and entertainment so

the idea of a hard life seems strange

but self-pity can catch you if you’re

not careful remember that I am in charge

and that your problems are not a mistake

or a punishment instead see them as

valuable chances to show me how much you

depend on me the problems you’re havi

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