God Says: Don’t Skip Otherwise Satan Wins | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

my beloved I will make your small Brave

act bigger which will make your heart

stronger I am the loving and calm God

take this beautiful truth to Heart Mind

and Spirit the god of love and peace is

always with you do you want more love

come to me and I’ll give it to you in

huge amounts in times of worry or fear

come into my peaceful presence and rest

in the arms that will always always be

there for you I want your character to

become more like mine so work on making

your relationships with other people

loving and peaceful if someone is

bothering you try to see myself in them

because I made everyone in my own image

letting my love flow through you is the

best way to deeply love someone my

spirit lives inside you ask him to love

other people through you if you want to

live in peace learn to forgive quickly

even when it’s yourself do everything

you can can to stay close to me the God

of Peace and Love make me your main

focus when your mind is free pay

attention to what you think about a lot

of people’s thoughts wander to worries

work or fun things in the world there is

a reason for some of these thoughts and

not for others as I sit here I am fully

aware of my thoughts which is different

from most people I want to help you

train your thoughts to keep going to me

think about who I am the firstborn the

Savior and the King of Kings think about

how much I love you no matter what

because this is a hard habit to form ask

the Holy Spirit to help you and he will

you must be willing to work with us

though set aside times to talk to me

when you can be alone and away from all

the noise in the world simple prayers

like Jesus draw me close to you can help

you keep your mind on me it’s also

important to read a lot of scripture

which is all about me as you do these

things your mind will slowly become

fresh again again I am the Lord God

Almighty and I am very holy this three

times repetition of how holy I am makes

it clear that I am completely free from

sin you should enjoy The Wonder of my

loving presence but you should never

lose sight of how holy I am realizing

how holy I am can bless and protect you

it helps you remember how lucky you are

to have me as your savior and friend

keeping you from being careless in your

relationship with me if you’re

interactions with me aren’t perfect

remember how holy I am and quickly turn

away from your sins just like King David

did after committing terrible sins when

you realize you failed don’t give up

quickly turn back to me from where you

were going with open arms full of love

and without any judgment I will welcome

you trust that my love will never fail

you some might think it’s crazy to trust

in a love that never fails when

governments businesses schools churches

and even yourself fail all the time you

can only find true never-ending love in

me because it’s what I’m made of

relationships between people can fail

sometimes but as your eternal lover I

will never let you down this is possible

because I am the infinite perfect God

who became a man so that I can

understand and care about your Humanity

my kindness never fails so put your hope

in me and the amazing in gift I give to

those who believe in me eternal

salvation and right living this hope

will make you stronger and make me happy

because I love people who put their hope

in my unchanging love with confidence

and peace share this video with your

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