God Says: Don’t Skip, I Can’t Ignore You, My Child | God Message Today | Today Message |

my beloved child I continually hear your

thoughts and I rejoice when they contain

gratitude you can even thank me for

things you wish were different this Act

of Faith frees you from the grip of

negativity in everything give thanks

this is my will for you I am renewing

the attitude of your mind making you new

living in close communion with me

entails embrace ring change and newness

I am in the process of transforming you

through the complete renewal of your

mind this is an extensive Endeavor you

will be under construction until the day

you meet me face to face yet unlike the

lifeless materials used to construct

buildings you are living breathing

thinking material I have endowed you

with the remarkable capacity to reason

and make choices I want you to employ

this Divine gift to cooperate with me as

I mold you this necessitates shedding

your old self your former way of

thinking and behaving and Dawning the

new self to make wise Godly choices you

must come to know me as I truly am seek

me within my word and invite my spirit

to illuminate it bringing forth its

truths in Vivid Clarity the more you

choose to align your life with my will

the more you will resemble me and the

more you will relish walking in the

light of my

presence remember your true citizenship

lies in heaven one day I will transform

your humble Earthly body into one that

mirrors my glorious form you will have

all eternity to bask in your perfected

glorified body thus do not become overly

preoccupied with your current physical

condition many of my followers cling

tenaciously to their Earthly lives even

when they stand at the very threshold of

paradise yet once they release their

grip and pass through the Ethereal Veil

into heaven they experience an ecstatic

joy that surpasses all

imagination rest assured your times are

in my hands I have orchestrated all your

days and I know precisely how many you

have left because your body is a

sanctuary of the Holy Spirit I

anticipate that you will take good care

of it however I do not want you to

obsess over its condition this can

foster anxiety and divert your attention

from my presence instead receive each

day as a precious gift from me seek the

joys and responsibilities that I have

placed upon your path take hold of my

hand in joyful trust for I am ever

beside you whenever sorrow grips your

heart I want you to anticipate the

return of Joy this perspective lessens

The Sting of your grief for you

recognize that it is but a passing Cloud

sorrow has a tendency to C cast its

shadow over the timeline convincing you

that you will remain unhappy

indefinitely however this is a falsehood

the truth is that all my followers have

an infinite Wellspring of joy ahead of

them guaranteed throughout eternity no

one can rob you of this

inheritance your journey through this

world is replete with Peaks and valleys

the low points can be arduous but they

serve a profound purpose pain and

adversity help you transform and grow

stronger as you place your trust in me

my unwavering love descends upon you

when your spirit waines it is I who

discern your path this is one of the

blessings of weakness it underscores

your dependence on me if you find

yourself weary or bewildered you can

turn away from those feelings and direct

your heart wholly towards me pour out

your heart unreservedly then rest in the

presence of the one who knows your path

perfectly leading you to the very Gates

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