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dear child trust in me for I am here to

carry your burdens and ease your worries

bring to me all your troubles even those

you believe are irretrievable and

overwhelming place at my feet your most

complex dilemmas those from which you

see no way out observe as I unravel and

resolve them for your faith in me is the

key to a profound and life-altering

transformation do not be swayed by

naysayers who declare your efforts

futile or stand as barriers on your path

you are not alone I Am with You towering

like a mighty giant guiding you forward

if foes attempt to intimidate you

remember they hold no power over your

fate you are not at the mercy of your

adversaries you are safely held in my

blessed Embrace I am the beacon of light

leading you out of Darkness the compass

guiding you towards peace and prosperity

I will reach out to lift you from the

depths taking upon myself your burdens

and calming your fears you are never

alone in this journey of life I Walk

Beside You providing support and

protection with every step you take

therefore have faith in me and I shall

Aid you in me you shall find the way the

truth and the life for I am the Gateway

through which you shall enter my grace


blessings through this Gateway you shall

discover the abundance and joy that your

heart Ys for no matter how arduous your

past may have been the present is a new

day for you an opportunity for rebirth a

new life brimming with purpose and

meaning it is time to release all your

rebellions and resentments and allow my

love and forgiveness to flow through you

lamenting past mistakes shall no longer

serve any purpose let go of what could

not be open your mind and heart to this

time of change and renewal allow me to

strengthen you and lighten the weight of


burdens it is my desire for you to walk

lightly and freely toward a new dawn

filled with accomplishments and

successes Embrace patience and my love

do not let the criticism of others

affect you learn to forgive those who

have wounded you giving them the

opportunity to redeem themselves and

grow compassion and mercy are virtues

that shall fortify you making you

greater with each passing day so forgive

those who offend you love and offer

another chance to those who have closed

their doors everyone shall see that I am

within you and you are within me I am

with you coming to assist you in scaling

this mountain so that you may reach the

summit and Triumph in your life

I shall provide you with the strength

and resilience necessary to achieve all

that you set out to do in this life so

do not give up my child do not allow

these difficult situations to rob you of

your dreams and hopes remember that even

in the darkest moments the Light Of Hope


extinguishes no one reaches the promised

land without First Crossing a desert

facing adversities and trials but have

confidence that you are not alone in

this desert I am by your side serving as

your constant guide and support I shall

be like a protective Cloud during the

heat of the day providing you with shade

and relief amidst the

trials and during the night I shall be

your Pillar of Fire offering you rest

warmth and

Direction child please do not doubt my

words place all your trust in me and you

shall experience astonishing and

Abundant Blessings beyond your

circumstances once again I say to you

trust in me and do not fall into to the

enemy’s trap he will try to confuse you

making you believe that your life has no

purpose that your problems and worries

are greater than your faith but you must

remain steadfast clinging to my word for

if you abide in me you can ask for

anything and it shall be given to you

remember that in the face of life’s

adversities the best response is prayer

and meditation on my word so my child

take my hand and you shall achieve

things you never imagined you you shall

overcome all worries and adversities and

your Victory shall become a reality my

child daughter seek me always in prayer

do not cease to converse with me in the

morning and at night seek me at all

times with all your heart treasure my

word and I shall reward you with great

blessings press on without growing weary


child press on daughter and rest assured

that all your burdens and concerns shall

vanish for I shall fulfill my promise to

bestow upon you peace joy and

happiness keep moving forward my

child Advance daughter do not stop soon

you shall hold in your hands the

blessings you deserve beloved do not

forsake your path or leave the place

where I have positioned you do not allow

obstacles to make you doubt your path or

release the promises of blessing that I

have bestowed upon you for what you are

experiencing Now does not define your

Destin Desy it is a sign that something

magnificent is about to occur in your

life rise up and continue for with each

step you take you draw closer to the

blessings you desire do not grow weary

nor let what your eyes see discourage

you let alone the opinions of others

limit the potential I have placed within

you a potential that shall Lead You

toward a blessed and prosperous future

so trust in me do not let doubt Cloud

your spiritual vision the problems you

are currently facing do not compare to

The Majestic blessings you shall soon

receive even though your days may be

filled with challenges remember that

each obstacle is merely a stepping stone

to the greatness that lies ahead hold on

to your faith for it is the Assurance of

the Wonders yet to come my child my

beloved regain your strength and

hesitate not for now is the time to move

forward as you stand on the cusp of

realizing the promises I have made to

you do not become weary or think that

your journey will only be filled with

hardships or that you lack the ability


succeed remember always that you are

neither a failure nor a defeated Soul

pay no heed to the words of others avoid

being swayed by the harmful words of

those who ignore my

teachings be mindful that those driven

by Envy will always long for the

blessings you possess as they are

jealous of

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