God Says: Don’t ignore This, If You Love Me | God’s message today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I want you to knowe

that I am the Beacon of Hope in the

lives of all who Journey Through This

World facing its challenges and the

Darkness it sometimes brings I am here

shining brightly to guide and comfort

each soul and you my precious child are

a vessel through which my light can

radiate Illuminating the world with the

love and compassion of the holy spirit

that dwells within you I invite you to

ask my spirit to work through you as you

walk through each day with joyful trust

knowing that I am always right by your

side my radiant presence shines to light

your path so let your light shine as

well and brighten the World by

reflecting who I am my followers like

you shall walk in the light despite the

shadows and uncertainties of this world

know this my dear one you can always

find me you are never truly alone even

in the darkest of times while the future

may seem obscure know that I am more

than enough for you I go before you

lighting your way and your task is

simply to trust me and follow the light

I provide no matter how faint it may

seem my light will be sufficient for

your journey today one day you will

stand in my heavenly presence and there

you will experience the glory of my

light Darkness will be banished and

Clarity will rain in that Eternal Realm

you will not need the light of a lamp or

the Sun for I will give you a radiant

light Beyond Your Wildest imagination

live closely with me and you will have

the light of life when your sins weigh

heavy on your heart turn to me to

confess your wrongdoings know that I

have already seen them in the light of

my presence in this Sacred Space you

will find forgiveness cleansing and

healing I have clothed you in my

righteousness and nothing can separate

you from my love whenever you stumble or

fall I am there to lift you up human

nature often leads you to hide from your

sins seeking refuge in darkness where

self-pity and blame take hold but I am

the light of the world and my

illumination eradicates Darkness come

close to me and my light will envelop

you dispelling darkness and filling you

with peace in closeness to me you are

safe and

revitalized in the intimacy of my

presence you will feel a profound sense

of belonging no matter where you are in

the world from the very beginning I

intended for you to experience a deep

connection with your creator just like

the days in the garden with Adam and Eve

I cherish the communion we share in the

garden of your heart as you draw near to

me we work together to push back the

darkness for I am the light of the world

embrace me and you shall find peace and

purpose beyond measure

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